‘Star Trek’ stars who appeared on ‘Battlestar Galactica’

As a rule, reboots of beloved franchises are controversial — seethis Heavy articleon how followers rated the J.J. Abrams’ tackle each “Star Wars” and “Star Trek.” It is undoubtedly troublesome for brand new artistic minds to recapture what many followers keep in mind whereas updating the story for brand new audiences.

Perhaps essentially the most profitable reboot of an old franchise for tv lately was the reimagined “Battlestar Galactica,” or BSG for brief. The phrasereimagined is used rather than rebootfor BSG as a result of a lot of what was on this new collection was utterly completely different from the unique, which aired again within the Nineteen Seventies. Some of the names of characters and ships stay the identical, however the ships, results, lighting, tone, and story had been utterly completely different.

Fans of Trek, for essentially the most half, loved this area drama. Afew Trek fans even called it“a few of the greatest TV ever” and “totally good.” This is excessive reward for the show, which aired when there was no Trek on TV — roughly after the cancellation of “Star Trek: Enterprise.”

The connection between Trek and BSG couldn’t be extra direct. The new collection was created byRonald D. Moore, who penned many “Next Generation” and “Deep Space Nine” episodes and co-wrote arguably the most effective TNG movie, “Star Trek: First Contact.” Moore shaped the collection with the blessing of BSG’s authentic creator,Glenn A Larson.

Moore put collectively 4 seasons of BSG, which centered on the survival of the collection’ namesake ship and the small fleet of civilian vessels that adopted in tow. The villainous Cylons, who had been bent on destroying the human race, chased the fleet all through the collection. Interestingly,the original BSG was created in the wakeof 1977’s “Star Wars,” the place nearly something space-related was immediately standard the world over (together with Trek). But the tales of Moore’s BSGwere much more like something a fan would seeon “Star Trek.”

In some methods, Moore’s show was the antithesis of Trek, as his area storywas filled with religion. Roddenberrywas an atheistand felt that humanity would not want religion within the twenty third and twenty fourth Centuries. But, in fact, it was the artificial Cylons who had been essentially the most non secular on BSG.

Since Moore was the numerous connection from “Star Trek” to “Battlestar Galactica,” it made sense that expertise from Trek adopted to this new area opera alternative. Even after the tip of the collection in 2009 (and the prequel collection “Caprica” which adopted), many actors have joined the ranks of the Federation since. The following is a partial listing of those that appeared on each collection:

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Michelle Forbes

Trek followers will keep in mindForbesas Ensign Ro from TNG. Ro was among the many first Bajorans who Trek followers received to know, and Forbes appeared within the function a number of occasions (eight in all). Eventually, the plan was for Forbes to star in a brand new Trek show, which might observe Ro into service close to her house planet on a Cardassian area station.

However, Forbesfamously turned this roledown, which brought on Rick Berman and firm to create a brand new Bajoran for “Deep Space Nine,” Major Kira (performed by Nana Visitor). On BSG, Forbes portrayed the ruthless Admiral Cane, who clashed with the remainder of the fleet, and was finally killed by a Cylon agent.

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Nana Visitor

The actress who introduced the well-known Major Kira Nerys to life on DS9 is Nana Visitor. She appeared on BSG within the small function of Emily Kowalski, who befriended President Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell). Visitor appeared in just one episode throughout Season 4, but it surely was impactful.

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Rekha Sharma

Fans of “Star Trek: Discovery” knowRekha Sharmaas Ellen Landry, a detailed ally of Captain Lorca. Though she formally died in Season 1, Landry has popped up on a number of Mirror Universe episodes since. Sharma additionally appeared within the fan-produced “Star Trek Continues” collection. On BSG, Sharma portrayedTory Fosterand appeared on 32 episodes of the collection. Eventually, she served as an assistant to President Roslin.

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Kate Vernon

When the spouse of the Battlestar Galactica’s second in command was discovered alive, the temper aboard turned bitter. Kate Vernon’s character, Ellen Tigh, was a little bit of a troublemaker. When Vernon appeared on “Star Trek: Voyager,” she was additionally a troublemaker. Vernon was Admiral Archer on the episode “In The Flesh” and turned out to be an agent of Species 8472. Vernon additionally appeared within the fan-produced Trek movie “Axanar.”

Rick Worthy – Cylon # 4 (Simon) Comic Con 20112011-07-17T09:40:13Z

Rick Worthy

Fans of “The Man In The High Castle” will acknowledge Worthy, as would Trek and BSG watchers. He appeared on BSG as a Cylon agent (posing as a physician). On Trek, he gave the impression to be multiple times on various episodes, a lot of which he was underneath prosthetics. Fans can see the precise Rick Worthy (with out make-up) as Noah Lessing on the “Voyager” two-parter “Equinox.”

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Dean Stockwell

Most know him because the “different man” from “Quantum Leap,” however dean Stockwell has been engaged on tv for years. He was Cavil on BSG and appeared along with his old “Quantum Leap” costar, Scott Bakula, on “Enterprise.”

The U.S.S. Enterprise

Yes, it is true. Since Moore was linked to Trek, it made sense that there was some ship-to-ship crossover. Clever followers have identified thatthe Enterprise appearswithin the opening credit of BSG. This is just not in contrast to when J.J. Abramsinserted R2-D2 from “Star Wars”into “Star Trek Into Darkness.”


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