‘Star Trek: Enterprise’s’ Borg Queen’s Origin Story

Unlike the opposite “Star Trek” exhibits within the 80s, 90s and 2000s, “Star Trek: Enterprise” did not get a full seven seasons to inform all of the tales its manufacturing workforce wished to inform. In reality, it was canceled so abruptly that the writers needed to scramble to create an ending that wrapped up the crew’s story.

Though “Enterprise” by no means obtained a fifth season, planning for it was effectively underway when the collection was canceled. The manufacturing workforce had a sizeable checklist of story concepts for the fifth season, which included some expansive overarching storylines.

One of the tales they wished to tackle within the fifth season was a definitive canon rationalization for the origin of the notorious Trek villain the Borg Queen.

The Borg Queen’s Origin Story

Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens are a husband-and-wife sci-fi writing workforce that labored on the final two seasons of “Enterprise.” They wrote 5 episodes of the show collectively. They have been a part of the manufacturing workforce slated to work on “Enterprise’s” fifth season earlier than everybody discovered in regards to the cancellation.

In an interview with TrekFilm in 2007, the dynamic duo revealed that they’d pitched a narrative in regards to the Borg Queen’s origin for season 5.

Well we pitched this story to have Alice Krige again as a Starfleet medical technician who made contact with the Borg from Season two, and we might see the delivery of the Borg Queen.

Their pitch tied into the season two episode “Regeneration.” In that episode, a workforce of Starfleet researchers within the Arctic found a pair of Borg drones buried beneath layers of ice. Since first contact with the Borg hadn’t but occurred, formally, the researchers did not know what the drones have been. They excavated them and tried to revive them. The Borg’s nanoprobes allowed them to regenerate they usually assimilated the researchers.

The episode confirmed that the occasions depicted within the film “Star Trek: First Contact” modified the Prime timeline. The Borg drones within the Arctic had been trapped there in the course of the tried assimilation of Earth, which was proven in that film.

The Reeves-Stevens’ pitch would have proven the actress who performed the Borg Queen in “First Contact” getting assimilated by the Borg drones in “Regeneration.” This would kick off a causality loop that will result in that drone turning into the Borg Queen and initiating the assimilation of Earth.

They did not give any extra particulars about how their story would have defined the Borg Queen’s distinctive place within the Collective.

The Borg Queen’s Role within the Collective

The Borg Queen was launched in “First Contact.” However, that film established that she was current for different acquainted occasions in Trek historical past, notably Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s assimilation.

The Queen is the one Borg who can suppose independently of the Collective. She serves because the organizing voice of the Borg, although she is not fairly their chief.

The “Star Trek: Voyager” episode “Dark Frontier” revealed that the Borg Queen is not only one entity. It’s the title given to any entity that serves because the host of the Borg’s collective consciousness. That episode additionally revealed that there are a number of Borg Queens who all share the identical consciousness. Later episodes of “Voyager” established {that a} new Borg Queen emerges when one dies.

The Borg Queen’s function within the Collective has been hotly debated by followers since she was launched in “First Contact.” The Borg was all the time introduced as a single consciousness with none outlined chief. So, the introduction of an obvious chief of the Collective was onerous for followers to simply accept.

Many followers consider that the Borg Queen is just a manifestation of the Collective. These followers consider that she just isn’t, in actual fact, a person in any respect. She is just an embodiment of the desire of the Collective that may communicate for the Collective. In this interpretation, the Borg Queen is not actually a particular drone in any respect. Any drone might be the Queen, and that drone would not have its personal distinct consciousness. Its consciousness could be the Collective.

However, many different followers consider that the Borg Queenis a person together with her personal ideas, emotions and motivations separate from the Collective. These ideas, emotions and motivations are pushed by the Collective, but additionally separate from the Collective. Some argue that this interpretation was confirmed by episode six of “Star Trek: Picard.”

That episode revealed that each Borg ship has a Queencell, from which the Queen can management the ship and the Collective. Some followers consider which means each Borg ship had a Queen who served as a sort of captain. Others consider that the Queencell was a approach for Borg Queens to journey between ships in order that they might be instantly current the place wanted and shortly take management of a ship. Either approach, in response to these followers, the existence of the Queencell appears to substantiate that the Queen is a person with the flexibility to enact her personal will by way of the Collective.

The actual function of the Borg Queen within the Collective has by no means been clarified within the Trek canon. If the Reeves-Stevens’ had an opportunity to inform the story they’d deliberate in “Enterprise” season 5, they may have answered this controversial query as soon as and for all. Unfortunately, they by no means obtained the possibility.

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