“Star Trek: DS9’s” J.G. Hertzler Shares About His Costars

Star Trek followers might not acknowledge J.G. Hertzler’s face, however they definitely acknowledge his performing abilities. In the Trek-verse, he is finest referred to as General Martok, later Chancellor Martok of the Klingon High Council, in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Hertzler additionally showed up in Star Trek: Voyager as a Hirogen hunter andStar Trek: Enterprise as two totally different Klingons. He even made his approach into trendy Trek with a one-off position in Star Trek: Lower Decks.

Heavycaught up with Hertzler in an unique interview this week. We chatted about his days on Deep Space Nine, his favourite costars, and a few of his most memorable behind-the-scenes moments.

Robert O’Reilly is His Favorite Costar & Real Life Best Friend

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Hertzler has spent lots of time on and off the set with fellow Klingon Robert O’Reilly, who performed Gowron. The two had lots of scenes collectively throughout their time onDeep Space Nine and so they all the time had a blast on set.

When they began doing the conference circuit, they usually appeared collectively, generally in full Klingon make-up. They spent most of their time doing panels collectively, riffing off one another and the opposite company.

All the time they spent collectively doing Star Trek issues cast a bond between the 2 that has lasted for a number of years.

Theyeven have a band collectively referred to as Garage Brothers From Another Planet. They carry out old-school rock and roll covers. They’ve performed at a couple of conventions together with Star Trek Las Vegas and Creation Entertainment’s conference in London.

Nana Visitor Made Him Feel Welcome

Actress Nana Visitor, who played the character Kira Nerys on the television series

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Hertzler admitted that when he first began working with the cast ofDeep Space Nine commonly it was intimidating. His character did not develop into a recurring character till the fifth season. By that point, the primary cast had been working collectively for thus lengthy that they have been mainly a household. They had computerized chemistry due to their extremely tight bonds, and Hertzler mentioned it was actually laborious to stroll into that because the outsider.

Additionally, within the episode they have been filming,his character was bossing everybody round and being actually harsh. Hertzler felt like he was strolling into unfamiliar territory and taking up, which was very uncomfortable for him.

For any individual else coming onto the bridge, it is laborious to try this as a result of they’re like an enormous monster and it is solely you.”

Hertzler mentioned Nana Visitor, who performed Major Kira Nerys, “welcomed me aboard the show and the ship. [She] went out of her method to make me really feel welcome and that I deserved to be there.”

Colm Meaney was the Resident Jokester

Colm Meaney attends "The Iceman Cometh" Broadway Meet The Press at Delmonico's on April 11, 2018 in New York City.

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Hertzler revealed that Colm Meaney, who performed Chief Engineer Miles O’Brien, was identified for goofing off on set. Once, when Hertzler needed to give a really critical, impassioned speech, Meaney was within the background of the scene joking round with René Auberjonois, who performed Odo. The two have been so disruptive that finally Avery Brooks, who performed Captain Sisko, yelled at them.

Hertzler went on to say that Meaney was all the time the jokester on set, however he was an incredible actor.

“He might do that like falling off a log. He’d carried out Next Gen the complete time, so there was nothing new for Colm. So he might simply are available in and wing and nonetheless do it.”

Hertzler continued, saying that Meaney’s portrayal of O’Brien was essential to the show. He commented that O’Brien introduced “extra power and energy to the show… [he] added lots of character and humanity.”

Hertzler additionally mentioned that he “had an incredible quantity of enjoyable with Terry Farrell.”

More tidbits from our unique interview with Hertzler are coming quickly.

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