Squid Season 2 Is Coming Soon: When to Expect the Legendary Drama Continuation


If you’ve been living in the same world as everyone else in the world and are in tune with the latest trends and social media channels. You must know about the Korean hit from Netflix i.e Squid Game. The brutal show took the world by storm due to the theme and the back story. It left the fans wondering whether there will be a renewal by Netflix. Rumors have been circulating about a series 2 release date.

This is a spin on the Russian classic Battle Royale. The participants are all people that are in deep debt and in trouble paying it. They all participate to play a game. In short, they volunteer to enter the game and from there onwards, all hell breaks loose as they start playing the games. They soon learn that losing means dying in the squid game. Even just the Netflix trailer of the series is nerve-wracking as it takes you to its own universe of brutality.

Squid Game Season 2 release date

You may have to unblock Netflix to view the show because it may not be available all across the globe due to geo-restrictions. You can watch the series unblocked and unblock online movies and shows using VeePN’s Netflix unblocker. The software is the most robust out there, it’s super easy to use and you can check out the free trial before you commit.

Depending on your point of view, the first season ends on a positive note. It turns out that Gi-hun, after winning the game, is dealing with the pain of what he’s done, and in the process, he meets the old man who helped create it. But alas, tremendous treachery has occurred.

After this man dies, Gi-hun discovers that the Game is still in progress (he sees a candidate being recruited) and makes a promise to put an end to it once and for all. It’s up to us whether we see this as the writers closing up loose ends or as fueling anticipation for a sequel. Our current thinking is that the show’s creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, is already hinting at the possibility of a series 2 release date.

The second season can deviate from the storyline and easily explain the back story of another character or take the very famous Gi-hun and build off his life after the game or something of the likes. The most likely plot would be Gi-hun trying to stop the game altogether and save all these people from losing their lives before even trying to make things better.

There’s also no certainty of a series 2 release date after the next Game in Korea. However, everyone is waiting the second season in 2022. Season 1 revealed that fatal Games are taking place all across the world, with wealthy men betting on the outcomes. Since Oh Il-nam (Oh Young-soo) was involved, another country’s Game may be the focus of a future season.

In a Variety interview, writer-director Hwang Dong-hyuk admitted that writing the first season alone took a lot out of him. Squid Game is Hwang’s first drama after a long career of large films. For 10 years, no one backed the show up till it became a huge hit this year when it aired on Netflix. The writer has admitted that he would like to partner with another writer to come up with the next season instead of doing it all alone.

Netflix usually takes a few months before they decide if a season needs to be renewed again. So we are hopeful that we will get to see a Netflix trailer pretty soon. We do know that almost all the cast except Gi-hun died so that means there will be a new supporting cast but if there is to be a season 2 then he is making a comeback with his crimson hair and ambition to shut down these brutal games and confront the makers.

Squid Game Netflix season 2

“The pressure on me is huge now, with such a big audience waiting for a season two. Because of all that pressure, I haven’t decided yet whether or not I should do another season” – Hwang

Quite honestly, with a show like the Squid Game, the story can go in any direction possible with the lead character having so many complex emotions. He can choose to go in any direction, he can even choose to stand by and be a part of the next games. It’s just how his character is.

Squid Game is sure to encourage users across the globe to use a Netflix unblocker and access the show if they can’t view it in their countries already. The show was so popular that it became the most-watched show on Netflix within days of its launch. We are not quite sure what lead to this sudden popularity because there are plenty of movies and shows in this category that we’ve witnessed over the years.

Perhaps it had to do with the finesse with which the actors played their characters or the fact that these gamblers and criminals resonated with the audience as being human and tied down by their circumstances pretty badly.

The show and the Netflix trailer did take the world by storm as the internet began creating popular memes around some of the most iconic dialogues and scenes from the show. The show was most popular amongst young adults and middle-aged fans. You could say the popularity has been increased since many viewers across the globe are still in quarantine and were able to binge-watch it.

If you haven’t watched the 1st season, we would suggest you take some time out and do so. It is worth a watch, even if you have seen all the memes and know all the spoilers. The actors have done a tremendous job and if you binge-watch it, you can finish it up on a lazy weekend when you don’t have much else to do.

So what are your theories regarding the series 2 release date and the plot of the season in general? We’d love to hear some fan fiction and popular opinion! Wherever you watch the show from, make sure you use a good VPN to unblock Netflix and watch the series with unlimited access. A VPN will help make sure that all your data is safe from any attacks when you are streaming so you can easily watch your favorite show without any fear of being hacked.

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