A struggle has damaged out on-line between singer-songwriter Sia and the autism neighborhood over her upcoming movie, Music.

The controversy was sparked by the discharge of the trailer for the movie, which depicts a younger girl with autism, performed by dancer/actress Maddie Ziegler. The portrayal was deemed “offensive” and “inaccurate’ by the Twitter mob, deteriorating into an insult match and calls from numerous organizations to not watch the video or the movie.

Sia wound up tweeting that she is “so confused” by the negativity towards the film that she wrote and directed. Earlier, she had a special perspective in saying the trailer launch.

”The information you’ve got been ready for!” Sia tweeted on Thursday morning. She touted the work of Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr. and her longtime collaborator, Ziegler, on the movie. Ziegler’s involvement was the spark, as audiences grew upset upon studying that Ziegler was portraying a particular wants baby.  

Source: deadline.com


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