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Women playing Never Have I ever

Women are playing ‘Never Have I Ever’ showing the Female Reality

Never Have I Ever the American show dependent on The Adventures of an Indian American at a Top school. The show puts...
Robert Fuller death

Robert Fuller found dead, body hanging on a tree in California

Specialists state the body of a Robert Fuller was discovered dangling from a tree early Wednesday morning in Palmdale, California.
Jennifer lopez son encourage her to speak out george floyd death

Jennifer Lopez’s son encourages her to speak out George Floyd’s death

Jennifer Lopez has shared the discussion she had with her children about the demise of George Floyd.The whiz...
Kendall Jenner reveals her photoshopped photo and supports black lives matter

Kendall Jenner in action at her Photoshopped ‘Black Lives Matter’ image

Kendall Jenner, 24, is eliminating any confusion air about an altered picture getting out and about. Inside the now-dubious picture, Kendall is...
Shawn Mendes and lizzo supports black lives matter movement

Shawn & Lizzo highlighting the “Young Black Changemakers” on his IG

As the Black Lives Matter development proceeds, VIPs are effectively attempting to have any kind of effect.A few...
Kangana supports black lives matter

Kangana Ranaut urge celebs to support black lives matter Movement

The Indian actress Kangana Ranaut has lashed out at the 'lip service' of Bollywood famous people indeed. After Abhay Deol, Kangana has...
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