Seattle mayor vetoes city council’s budget plan to slash police funding


The council of the city of Seattle, the praetor, Marcus Tullius Durkan is about to be prevented, he is tried, the budget that is large compared to 100 the cops, they are brass, and cut back the wages of the top division, the legislators it has been provided that the resolution, to come, saying, ‘over the bridge, with the intervals of the enemy, the answer of the police “in the way of the leaders in the minority.

Durkan Friday instructed reporters to the information meetings and reductions in the revised 2020 budget allowed before this month by the city council could be infinite in number, and the need to join efforts and unite with the council members to “make modifications on the outside considerate and determine what” Seattle, reported on the matter.

“In Seattle count of the folks in our work over to” Durkan instructed reporters.

Although Seattle, 7-1, and fell into a big city to escape the pressure from the city’s 100 police officers, about 1,400 cops who fell into the work that some Black Lives of about 50 pc Buy conform to the search. This also slash salaries for police officers would I division 40 and drive PC Desktop Background groups for the homeless, KOMO reported.

The proposed strikes – perhaps by a report that four million annual budget less than $ 400 million to $ division in the 12 months – led to high officials in the city, Carmen Greatest, is to step down after two years in that job.

Then put the brakes Durkan’s veto, as has just $ 14 million to the group at the expense of stress. They call for a new and those which are spoken on the advice of the members of the city, in front of which there is something in honor of which he would be no longer to be the laws of the 30 days, I will recount to vote, as well as this is needed is a new set forth with the two-thirds vote by parts of the ward, not willing to obey the Durkan, the provisions of the Seattle edits matter.

At the press conference, appeared side by Deputy Chief Michael Durkan Diaz latest and greatest to one main division after this month formally stepped down. Diaz is famous uptick in violent crimes, while at the same time will result in murder, arson and aggravated assault against 2019, reviews the newspaper.

Involving images in a variety of motives then exposed as an example, which has elevated 55 pc June 1, Diaz said.

“This 6 have resulted in 33 accidents and fatalities,” Diaz said. “We can not proceed.”

Council President M. Lorena Gonzalez, meanwhile, said he disagreed with Durkan’s veto, they vowed to work with the Democratic majority in “time to grow transformation” of the city’s police division that is “permanently trauma and bad for our black, brown native . “


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