Eddie and Katherine kiss
Eddie and Katherine renewed their bridal ceremony vows on A Million Little Things. Pic credit score rating: ABC

A Million Little Things lastly returned for the Season 3 premiere.

When we remaining observed Eddie, he had been hit by a car. He was crossing the street and talking on the phone on the time.

What he did not know was that someone in a pink truck was watching him.

That related man confirmed up all through the street from his homecoming that occurred one month after he landed inside the hospital.

This was in all probability probably the most telling and however difficult information viewers had been left to grapple with all through remaining night’s premiere.

Regina and Rome are in a darkish place on A Million Little Things

As for various factors of the storyline on Tuesday?

Regina and Rome had been nonetheless reeling. Of course, they’d been mighty concerned about their good pal’s future. They had been moreover down about shedding their little one to the adoptive mother.

As each little factor was coming down about Eddie, the couple acquired a reputation {{that a}} new little one was going to be born in a metropolis not too faraway from their Boston dwelling. That teenager was theirs to undertake.

Ultimately, this was to not be. Regina was nonetheless mourning the dearth of the toddler she was beforehand instructed she may mother.

What about Gary and Darcy on A Million Little Things?

Gary and his new romance with Darcy seemed to be going merely great.

This couple had been having a mushy second when Katherine alerted them regarding the horrible issue that occurred.

Both had been quick to hitch her on the hospital to attend for irrespective of data would transpire concerning Eddie’s accident.

However, later inside the episode, Darcy overheard a dialog that bothered her. Gary was talking about his airport goodbye to Maggie, who was off to Oxford. But he on no account instructed his new girlfriend about his time alongside together with his old girlfriend.

The two talked it out, and afterward, the Gary and Darcy relationship stayed intact.

Maggie arrives in England on A Million Little Things

Maggie arrived at her new digs in Oxford, nonetheless she couldn’t pay the tab for the cab on account of she had not exchanged any British overseas cash upon arrival.

To pay her taxi debt, she went into her abode to ask her flatmate for a mortgage.

In a mixup, she confused the person named Jamie with Jamie’s girlfriend. The two had merely fought over an old girlfriend when Maggie entered the scene. She prompt the crying lady to cut bait if she couldn’t perception her boyfriend.

The precise Jamie was furious about this case. He did, however, lend Maggie the money to pay the cabbie.

Katherine affords with unsavory particulars on A Million Little Things

Katherine was surrounded by her mates on the hospital. After a while, she correctly instructed the gang to go away.

Then, she acquired phrase from a hospital worker that Eddie’s toxicology outcomes confirmed that he did not have alcohol or medicine in his system correct after the accident happened.

She was so relieved however so apprehensive about her husband that the first nurse took pity on her.

Against hospital protocol, the kind nurse let Katherine and Gary in to see the injured get collectively. Eddie was presumed to be in a comatose state, nonetheless when he put pressure on Gary’s hand, every of the company knew that this man was going to remain.

Sadly, when their youthful son was allowed inside the room after Eddie woke up, he jumped on his dad’s legs. Eddie did not actually really feel that and rapidly everyone realized that the accident had induced some horrible damage. He was numb from the waist down and would want to keep in a wheelchair.

Later, the couple and their son returned dwelling to a shock reception from their closest mates.

To cap points off, Eddie and Katherine renewed their marriage vows whereas Theo served as Best Man.

The aftermath of the Season 3 premiere of A Million Little Things

Numerous questions remained after the credit score rolled.

Was Eddie ensuing from have one factor unhealthy happen?

Did karma immediately develop to be part of his story?

Will he lastly be able to stroll solely to be run down by the particular person inside the pink truck?

Stay tuned.

A Million Little Things airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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