Top 10 Scariest Movies on Netflix to Watch Right Now

We are back with the list of top 10 scariest movies that are streaming on Netflix right now. This is the result after examining thousands of scary movies available on the internet. We had taken out the best thrill and suspense for you that will make you bite your teeth and your body starts shivering. If these films don’t scare you then you may definitely check the Hulu horror movies 🎥 that are really creepy.

After watching the best horror movies you should probably watch some good comedies on Netflix to refresh your mood and come back to the real world.

Top 10 Scariest movies on Netflix

10. Sinister

Alison Oswald, the author who wrote about the real incident, is living in doubt because not a single book of hers has proved to be a best seller for 10 years.

Sinister is the first film in our list of top 10 scariest movies on Netflix

In the same way, some of his record movies are found, in which some families have been murdered. Then, he takes an oath to find out their secret.

He goes to the same place that was cut off and starts doing his work there.

Now as the film progresses, he realizes that it is not right to live in the house where she is staying.

Then he changes the place and he comes to know that the families who were murdered earlier also changed their buildings.

Casting- Ethan Hawke(Elison Oswalt), Juliet Rylance(Tracy), Fred Thompson(Sheriff), James Ransone(Deputy), Clare Foley(Ashley), Vincent D’Onofrio(Professor Jonas)

09. The Autopsy of Jane Doe (Best autopsy Horror movie on Netflix)

The body of an unknown woman found in the scene of the bloody murders, Sharif says that the girl was trying to run away but she was killed but she did not see any signs of coercion and identified as Jane Doe.

The body is sent for postmortem and Tommy and Austin perform the autopsy and are baffled because the wrists were broken but there was no trace of anyone touching them.

Her tongue was severely cut had no molars in her mouth, his lungs had become absolutely black and looking at his body it seemed that he had been set on fire.

Casting- Emile Hirsch(Austin), Brian Cox(Tommy), Ophelia Lovibond(Emma), Michael McElhatton(SHeriff), Olwen Kelly(Jane Doe), Jane Perry(Lieutenant Wade), Parker Sawyers(Trooper Cole)

08. Calibre (Real World Scary)

A militant Edinburgh businessman Marcus takes his boarding school friend Vaughn on a hunt while Vaughan never hunts.

The two stop at a pub in the village where they meet Logan, he tells them about the bad situation in the village and introduces the two women Kara and Lona.

The next day the two go hunting, but Vaughn forgets to take a bullet for his rifle, so he borrows some bullets from Marcus.

Both of them see a reindeer whom Vaughan shoots at his head to hunt, but he turns around and shoots a boy.

Casting- Jack Lowden(Vaughn), Martin McCann(Marcus), Tony Curran(Logan), Kate Bracken(Lona), Kitty Lovett(Kara)

07. Terrifier(Clown Horror)

On the night of Halloween, two friends Tara and Dawn are returning from the party, when they find a strange man wearing clown clothes who follows them to the pizza shop.

Both of them learn that their car has been punctured in 1 tire, so Tara calls her sister Vicky. While waiting, Tara asks the paste control worker Mike so that he can use the apartment toilet.

When she becomes like an apartment, she gets a cat lady who has a doll in her hand which the woman calls her newborn baby.

Art returns to the pizza shop and kills 2 employees before reaching Dawn. This should be in the list of scariest and creepiest Netflix movies you had ever seen.

Casting- Jenna Kanell(Tara), Samantha Scaffidi(Victoria), David Howard Thornton(Art the clown), Catherine Corcoran(Dawn), Pooya Mohseni(Cat Lady), Matt McAllister(Mike), Katie Maguire(Monica)

06. Eli

Eli Miller is a young boy with a rare disease that causes severe allergies to outsiders. Due to this disease, he has to stay in a closed room. His parents take him to the doctor Jatara so that he can be treated by the child. There he lives in a big old bungalow where he gets all kinds of facilities and is free.

This joke is only for a few days because, after that, he starts to realize the supernatural powers, due to which his life becomes harmless.

Before the doctor treats him in a very painful manner. There he also has a friend named Haley. Only she is a girl who believes that there is a ghost in that plot.

Casting- Charlie Shotwell(Eli), Kelly Reilly(Rose), Max Martini(Paul), Lil Taylor(Dr. Isabella), Sadie Sink(Haley), Deneen Tyler(Nurse Barbara), Katie Gomez(Nurse Maricela)

05. Gerald’s Game

Jassi and Gerald go to a secluded lake plot to spend some time.

While Gerald is taking Viagra, his wife feeds the dog outside and leaves the door open which later proves to be terrifying.

Gerald ties handcuffs in both his wife’s hands and tells her to shout loudly as if she is being raped like other scariest movies on Netflix for burning calories.

Jessie at first gets it all right but later she gets upset and refuses to do so.

Then suddenly Gerald gets a heart attack and he falls there, then the dog from the mountain comes and bites one of his hands.

Jessie faints and when she wakes up, she has a lot of old memories in her mind when she was 12 years old, she used to live with her parents in the same lake plot.

Casting- Carla Gugino(Jessie), Chaira Aurelia(Young Jessie), Bruce Greenwood(Gerald), Carel Struckeyn(Moonlight Man), Henry Thomas(Tom), Kate Siegel(Sally), Adalyn Jones(Maddie), Bryce Harper(James)

04. The Shining

In the beginning, Writer Jack Torrence goes to an interview with Winter Care Taker at a hotel in the Rocky Mountains.

The hotel, which opened in 1909, was buried on the same land where Native Americans were buried and closed in the winter season.

Besides, Jack makes up his mind that by staying alone in that hotel, he will use the same time in writing. Hotel manager Stuart tells Jack about the history of the hotel and tells him to be careful.

He asks them to save the hotel’s honour and tells the story of Charles Grady, the old caretaker, how he had cabin fever and killed himself and his family.

Even after hearing this, Jack likes to ready to stay in the hotel and carries out his responsibility well.

Then his family also comes there and the whirlpool of the hotel orders ice cream from telepathy and startles Danny.

He says that there is a shine in the hotel which has many secrets and not all are good, so he asks to stay away from room number 237.

Starring- Jack Nicholson(Jack), Shelly Duvall(Wendy), Danny Llyod(Danny), Scatman Crothers(Dick), Barry Nelson(Stuart), Philip Stone(Delbert), Joe Turkel(Lloyd), Anne Jackson(Doctor), Tony Burton(Larry)

03. The Ritual

Five friends plan to go on a group trip but one friend asks to go hiking but is shot.

Six months later, in memory of Rob’s death, the remaining four friends go hiking where Dom collapses and his knee is hurt.

Hutch then decides that they will go the short way through the middle of the forest.

As they move, they find a torn elk hanging from tree branches. There are strange marks on that tree as well.

While walking, they reach a deserted cabin where no one is there. They plan to stay in the same cabin after escaping from wild animals. Inside it, they find gold diamond gems on which strange human symbols are made.

The next day when the group wakes up, it is known that there are marks on Luke’s chest as if someone has punctured his chest and Phil worships Effigy.

Starring- Rafe Spall(Luke), Arsher Ali(Phil), Robert James-Collier(Hutch), Sam Troughton(Dom), Paul Reid(Robert), Jacob James Beswick(Fiend), Maria Erwolter(Sara), Hilary Reeves(The Curate)

02. Bird Box

After the time of destruction, Mallory celebrates two unborn children removing bandages from their eyes as they are going down the river and they will die if they remove their blindfolds.

5 years later, Pregnant Maluri comes to see her sister Jessica.

There is a piece of news on TV that a lot of people in Romania have made a joint together and this is happening all over Europe.

Although, Jessica goes to checkup with Malorie.

On the way to the hospital, Malorie sees that a woman is hitting her head on the wall glass, which causes a stir and people get upset.

When Jessica sees him, she loses control of herself and her car overturns and Malorie gets hurt, after which Jessica jumps in front of a truck and dies. The serious and real incidents make Netflix movies scariest.

Roles- Sandra Bullock(Malorie), Trevante Rhodes(Tom), Sarah Paulson(Jessica), John Malkovich(Douglas), Danielle Macdonald(Olympia), Machine Gun Kelly(Felix), Rosa Salazar(Lucy)

01. Malevolent

Two siblings living in Scotland and make a small team of paranormal investigators to visit those who think there is a ghost in their living area.

Her team medicates that Angela has the powers of her dead mother to expose her to ghosts. Jack remains part of the bag because he has to repay the loan.

In a recent investigation, his experience is really strange. Angela, like her mother, begins to hear the voices of those who commit suicide who are not there at all.

Moreover, her new client Mrs Green tells her about her girl’s habit of screaming and says that you have to stop them from shouting.

Starring- Florence Pugh(Angela), Ben Lloyd Hughes(Jackson), Celia Imrie(Mrs. Green), Scott Chambers(Elliot), Georginia Bevan(Beth), Stephen McCole, Shelley Conn

Bonus Horror Movies/Series on Netflix

The Perfection

Lizzie starts to get sick after eating at a street corner stall and catches up with Charlotte. She then takes Charlotte and ibuprofen.

When her condition starts to deteriorate, she starts throwing the nuggets and spirals in panic, which causes the other riders to get scared.

Due to which both of them have to get off the bus and after getting down, Lizzie sees that there are insects in her arm and coming out of her skin.

Casting- Alison Williams(Charlotte), Logan Browning(Lizzie), Steven Weber(Anton), Alaina Huffman(Paloma), Mark Kandborg(Theis), Graeme Duffy(Geoffrey), Eileen Tian(Zhang Li)

The Haunting of Hill House

In the summer of 1992, Hue and Olivia move to the Hillhouse with their 5 children to sell their old home and build new homes that Olivia has prepared map.

However, there are a lot of problems in building a new home, so they have to stay for a long time, due to which the movement of paranormal powers increases and it is very important to evacuate the apartment.

It is really one of the scariest Netflix movies that you can not watch alone at home.

A strange incident occurs again after 36 years with Crain’s brother and father, after which they all live together in the old Hillhouse.

Roles- Michiel Huisman(Steven), Carla Gugino(Olivia), Henry Thomas(Hugh Crain), Victoria Petretti(Eleanor), Oliver Jackson, Kate Siegel(Theodora), Elizabeth Reaser, Timothy Hutton, Violet McGraw

1922(Best Netflix Horror movie)

Wilfred James is a farmer who lives in the Hemingford with his wife and 14-year-old son. He gets into a fight with his wife whether to sell the land or not, he wants to sell the land but his wife refuses to sell it and asks him to go to Omaha while doing farming.

Due to this, Wilfred murders his wife and in carrying out this work, he also takes his son along. Also lets his son’s girlfriend come, after which the three-party together and Arlette get drunk.

Taking her to the room, Henry closes his mouth and Wilf cuts his throat with a butcher knife and plans to bury his body in his cornfield, but Henry asks for his body to be destroyed.

So later he prepares to throw his body into the well and to fill the well, first they drop a cow in it, which will not doubt the body.

After Sherif leaves, his bread is also dropped in the well, after which there are a lot of rats on their farm.

Roles- Thomas Jane(Wilfred), Dylan Schmid(Henry), Molly Parker(Arlette), Neal McDonough(Harlan), Kaitlyn Bernard(Shannon), Brian D’Arcy James(Sheriff Jones), Bob Frazer(Andrew Lester), Tanya Champoux(Sallie)


This was the list of scariest movies on Netflix that includes the latest horror films up to 2020 to date.

Now it’s your turn to tell me which horror movie you will watch first?

Also, check the most hilarious Hollywood movies if you are looking for some fun with entertainment.


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