Best Horror movies on Hulu that gave you goosebumps instantly

Hulu is pretty much interesting when it comes to watching best horror movies. Probably, you can find some goriest horror movies on Netflix but for the best scariest films, you must visit Hulu.

Best Horror Movies on Hulu

Here are the 11 most horror films for Hulu that you can not watch alone at home. To your surprise, most of all the movies are based on real incidents and true stories.


A girl named Leah is affected by black magic, after which she starts plotting to kill her mother. She chants an old mantra to kill her mother for calling a demon Pyewacket.

Pyewacket is the first film in our list of best Horror movies on Hulu.

However, after this Leah forms a bond with her mother and regrets their actions, after which strange strange sounds start coming in their house and marks of mud appear on the floor.

One day Pyewacket comes to Leah’s bedroom where she is sleeping and drags her to the forest.

The next day when she wakes up covered with blood, she goes to her school friends to ask for help, in which her birth friend Janice is ready to go with her.

But at night, the Pyewacket attacks on Janice, after which she summons paranormal expert Rowan Dew, telling that Leah will have to chant the mantra at the same place where she spoke earlier.

Casting- Laurie Holden(Mrs. Reyes), Nicole Munoz(Leah), Chloe Rose(Janice), Eric Osborne(Aaron), James McGowan(Rowan Dove), Blanca Melchior(Pyewacket)


A young woman stays away from the city with her husband until their house becomes like new. A stranger comes to his mansion, a stranger who calls himself a doctor and becomes a guest without being called.

Mother is one of the scariest movies on Hulu in which main roles are played by Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Hardem

Later, his wife and two children also come as guests, then the mistress of the house starts having trouble. She thinks about how her husband is letting everyone come and just bothering her.

The wife is very angry but at the behest of her husband, she lets them stay. The real problem comes when the guests break the glass crystal which they were not even allowed to touch.

So this young woman expels them both outside the house and the husband goes to study. Then something happens which makes this Hulu film as one of the scariest movies in the list.

Cast- Jennifer Lawrence(Veronica), Javier Bardem(Him), Michelle Pfeiffer(Woman), Ed Harris(Man), Domhall Gleeson(Oldest son), Jovan Adepo(Cupbearer), Kristen Wiig(Herald), Emily Hampshire(Fool)

I Saw the Devil

Kyung-Chul, the Taxi driver finds a scared woman riding a bike on a deserted road in the dark night, but he does not help her.

Then when he walks a little further, he sees a severed head of the woman in the nearby pond.

"I saw the Devil" is another Best Horror movie on Hulu in which Lee and Choi Min-sikas are main casts.

A capable secret agent Kim Soo-Hyeon is fed up with killing his murderer, but things change completely when he meets the taxi driver.

He let the murderer go after beating the murderer very badly, after which the rat cat game starts again.

Casting- Lee Byung-hun as Kim Soo-Hyun, Choi Min-sikas Jang Kyung-Chul, Oh San-ha as Jang Joo-Yun, Jeon Gook-hwan as Squad Chief Jang, Kim Yoon-Seo as Jang Se-Yun, Chun Ho-jin as Section Chief Oh, Choi Moo-sung as Tae-Joo, Kim In-Seo as Se-Jung, Yoon Chae-young as Han Song-Yi


Lena, who has previously worked in the army, is currently playing the role of a biologist joins a mission to expose the activities that are happening in Area X.

Annihilation is our next movie in the list of best horror movies on Hulu right now.

She joins the mission to find out what a strange incident happened to her husband in Area X that has spread throughout America and goes to the Light House where she finds Ken’s remains and a videotape showing Kane giving his life in a grenade blast, but his husband’s appearance is seen.

Lena talks to her for a long time and confirms that she is not her husband, but an interview informs that Ken’s condition is getting better very quickly since Shimmer has disappeared. She sets the entire lighthouse on fire with Ken’s body, but Ken’s gunfight escapes.

Starring- Natalie Portman(Lena), Gina Rodriguez(Any), Jennifer Jason Leigh(Dr. Ventress), Tessa Thompson(Josie Radek), Oscar Issac(Kane), Tuva Novotny(Cass Sheppard), Benedict Wong(Lomax)

Hellraiser(Creepiest/Scariest Horror movies of Hulu)

Frank, the crazy devil behind sex, is unknowingly opening a way to hell when he is flirting with a box he bought from another country.

Hellraiser is very creepy as well good  movie to scare you.

Due to this act of Frank, such dangerous creatures come out which separates his body from the middle.

When Frank’s brother and his wife go to his old house, Frank suddenly becomes alive because they take something that causes Frank to come back to life.

However, the only Friend tells them that those men have to be brought back home so that they can rebuild themselves with their blood.

This is a must-have film in the list of creepiest and scariest movies of Hulu ever made in Hollywood.

Roles- Pinhead(Doug), Sean Chapman(Frank Cotton), Clare Higgins(Julia), Ashley Laurence(Kirsty), Andrew Robinson(Larry), Nicholas Vince(Chattering cenobite), Robert Hines(Steve), Oliver Smith(Skinless Frank)


Photographer Adam and Lawrence, who treat cancer, find themselves bound by chains from dirty to bathroom pipes when they become aware.

A best puzzle type horror film of the Tobin Bell and Leigh Whannell.

When he finds out that he is imprisoned by a serial killer, he has to solve a strange puzzle based on events related to his past in order to stay alive.

However, a video of Dr Gordan’s wife and young daughter torture is shown and forced to watch the video in its entirety.

Currently, Lawrence’s wife Alison and daughter Diana are taken captive and kept in their own home, live detective David Tapp is constantly watching so that he can get them out as soon as possible.

Also, how is he upset with Jigsaw because he got a videotape from Amanda’s game? Tapp and Steven save a man from dying, but Steven dies after being caught in a shotgun trap.

Cast- Tobin Bell(Jigsaw), Leigh Whannell(Adam), Carry Elwes(Dr. Lawrence), Danny Glover(David Tapp), Michael Emerson(Zep Hindle), Ken Leung(Detective), Shawnee Smith(Amanda), Monica Potter(Alison), Dina Meyer(Alison Kerry)

John Dies at the End

John and Dev are two long-time friends, who get a chance to celebrate their respect for ghostly activity in the United States. Shelley Morris calls both of these paranormal experts so that she can escape the ghost of her abusive boyfriend.

John dies at the end is also the good  scary film to watch on Hulu.

When they go to check on his house, they see Shelly’s different types of activities and go to the square because there they are locked in the basement among the many snakes.

There he becomes like a group of snakes like Albert Marconi, but both of them know that he is actually someone else, so Dave calls Doctor Marconi after which the ghost ends.

After this, Dev comes to a reporter to print a new article in a nearby national magazine and explain to him the extraterrestrial activities with him, after which Dave explains everything.

Casting- Paul Giamatti(Arnie), Chase Williamson(Dave), Rob Mayes(John), Clancy Brown(Dr. Albert), Doug Jones(Roger North), Glynn Turman(Detective), Fabianne Therese(Amy), Daniel Roebuck(Largeman), Jimmy Wong(Fred Chu), Jonny Weston(Justin)


The film begins at midnight in which a child is walking into the house and he comes to the bedroom from the voice of a woman who is having sex but as soon as he approaches the closed door everything suddenly stops.

Baskin is the creepiest movie in this list

Then when he goes to the living room, he sees that the same program is playing on TV, after which he turns off the TV.

After this, very strange incidents happen to like a hand is coming towards that child and the door closes completely. Then a strange man is carrying a bucket in which the mass is full. This month is for those 5 policemen who have come as guests in the hotel building.

A man is carrying dirty plates to clean whenever there is a sound of knocking at the back gate and a strange man walks away without saying anything and hands him a bucket full of meat.

Roles- Mehmet Cerrahoglu(Baba), Gorkem Kasal(Arda), Ergun Kuyucu, Muharrem Bayrak(Yavuz), Sabahattin Yakut, Fatih Dokgoz(Apo), Fadik Bulbul(Butcher)

Pet Sematary

Emergency physician Louis Creed, who lives in Boston, shifts to a small village with his wife, two children, and his daughter’s cat. When all these are wandering in the church there, they face a funeral procession carrying a dead dog, which they call Pet Cemetary.

Pet sematary is the scariest animal horror film of Hulu.

A student injured in a Louis Car Accident at the University Hospital fails to save Victor’s life, after which the student arrives in his dream and takes him to the back of the same cemetery where the dead dogs were being taken for burial.

Moreover, he warns the doctor to stay away from the danger of watching these scariest movies on Hulu so that you don’t scare.

Then on Halloween, the truck crushes the Church after which Louis is very angry and becomes violent. Then his neighbour Jud tells in the phone that a soul lives on the land, which people also know as Wendigo.

Starring- Jason Clarke(Louis Clarke), John Lithgow(Jud), Amy Seimetz(Rachel Creed), Jete Laurence(Ellie), Hugo Lavoie(Gaga Creed), Obassa Ahmed(Victor), Alysee Brooke Levine(Zelda), Maria Herrera(Marcella)


Probably, it is one of the scariest science-fiction and best horror movies on Hulu that you probably like if you are searching for logic in every little clip.

Mimic is the best science fiction horror films on Hulu.

This story begins with a turn where we have seen a large number of cockroaches and are spreading all over the world, due to which thousands of children have been lost their lives.

Therefore, to solve this problem, Dr Peterman, who was also an entomologist at CDC Recruitment and Dr Susan Tyler, who treats diseases using genetic engineering.

Doctor Susan finds out that many species of worm release an enzyme due to which the reaction in their body is much faster due to which they feel more hungry and that is why they are always looking for food and are killing people.

Main Cast- Mira Sorvino(Dr. Susan Tyler), Alix Kormozay(Remmy), Jeremy Northam(Dr. Peter Mann), Alexander Goodwin(Chuy), Josh Brolin(Josh), Giancarlo Giannini(Manny), F. Murray Abraham(Dr. Gates), Charles S. Dutton(Leonard)

The Exorcist

This haunting of Hulu is based on real events is considered as one of the best and scariest horror movies ever made in Hollywood in which a young boy Regan starts flying in the air and speaks inside the tongue.

The Exocrist is the real horror motion picture which is based on real incidents.

Female actress Chris MacNeil living in Georgetown lives with her 12-year-old daughter Regan. Regan Ojha plays with the board and after talking to her friend Captain Howdy starts behaving strangely like making strange weird sounds, using dirty language, and showing her strength.

When Chris is hosting a party, his daughter comes down the stairs and one of her guests says that she will die and goes to pee on the ground. After this, Regan’s bed starts shaking which further increases Chris’s fear and she calls Doctor Klein to treat her daughter but no disturbance is seen.

She then goes to the clergyman who says that it may be possessed by a devil who has entered the body of his daughter. When the pastor starts the ghost extermination activity when a lot of problems are encountered which are shown through this film.

Roles- Linda Blair(Regan), Ellen Burstyn(Chris), Max von Sydow, Jason Miller(Damien), Jack MacGowran(Burke), Lee J. Cobb(Lt William), Mercedes McCambridge(Pazuzu), Kitty Winn(Sharon), William O’Malley(Father Dyer)


I hope you enjoyed the list of best horror movies on Hulu and now you can start watching with your favourite one.

Also, tell me the haunted movie you are going to watch first as Pyewacket, The Exorcist or any scary movie. Just leave a comment below with the movie name.

When you finish, you probably like to watch some good Hollywood comedies to refresh your mood and coming back to the real world.

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