The opener of Saturday Night Live was a skewering of the competing city halls between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Jim Carrey returned as Biden, this time boring his viewers with lengthy winded solutions and a genteel demeanor that had him ultimately placing on a sweater, ala Mr. Rogers. Alec Baldwin returned as Trump, mispronouncing Savannah Guthrie’s identify (“Santana”) and refusing to denounce QAnon and conspiracy theories.

“You imply the group that thinks Democrats are a cabal of Satan worshiping pedophiles, that I’m their Messiah? I do not know something about them,” Trump stated.

“Yes you do Mr. President,” Guthrie says.

“Well, I do know that they’re in opposition to pedophilia and I agree with that. If anybody is in opposition to pedophiles, it’s me, the person who was shut private buddies with some of the well-known pedophiles on earth,” he responded. Rest in energy, Jeffrey.”

That was a reference to Jeffrey Epstein.

The skit began with a narrator saying, “On Thursday, Vice President Biden held a city corridor as scheduled on ABC. At the identical time, NBC laid a thirst lure for President Trump

“One tall corridor was a considerate cogent dialogue of the problems, going through our nation. The different featured President Trump.”

More to come back.

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