Ryan McPartlin’s New Mystery Has Hallmark Producers Attached

A new mystery series is in the works with Ryan McPartlin at the helm. Some Hallmark mystery producers are also attached, but it’s not yet clear if this will air on the Hallmark network or not. Here’s what we know so far.

Ryan McPartlin Is Leading the Mystery Movie Centered Around a Hair Salon

According to a listing on ACFC West, McPartlin is executive producing in the mystery movie called “Cut, Color, and Murder.” Although he’s not listed as also starring, additional sources such as Twitter’s SleepyKittyPaw have noted that he will likely star and it’s going to be a series of movies, with “Cut, Color, and Murder” being the first installment.

ACFC West noted that filming begins November 15 and will wrap on December 3.

The listing does not indicate which network will be airing the series.

McPartlin has previously starred in a Hallmark movie called “Chance at Romance,” which premiered in 2014, along with having guest appearances on “Home & Family.” He starred opposite Erin Krakow in the 2014 movie.

His other credits include “Once Upon a Main Street,” “LA’s Finest” (Patrick for 26 episodes), “Twinkle All the Way,” “Hunter Killer,” “Ghosted,” “Devious Maids,” “The Flight Before Christmas,” “Do It Yourself,” “Salvation,” “Sequestered” (Ryan for 12 episodes), “Mystery Girls” (Det. Duane Freeman), “Hart of Dixie” (Carter Covington), “The Right Kind of Wrong,” “Holly’s Holiday,” “Daybreak” (Eric), “CSI: Miami” (Josh Avery), “Chuck” (Devon “Captain Awesome” Woodcomb for 88 episodes), “Living with Fran” (Riley for 26 episodes), “Passions” (Hank Bennett for 379 episodes), and more.

‘Aurora Teagarden’ & ‘Hannah Swensen’ Crew Will Be Involved

The Twitter account @SleepyKittyPaw, which is known for having accurate, early information about Hallmark productions, noted in a tweet that many Hallmark producers are involved with this series, including people connected to “Mystery 101,” “Aurora Teagarden,” and “Hannah Swensen.”

The ACFC West listing notes Stacey N. Harding will direct, Kristofer McNeeley is also an executive producer, and other producers are Mick Mackay, Shawn Williamson, and Jamie Goehring. Ryan McMaster is director of photography. The movie is going to film in British Columbia.

Harding was first assistant director for “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist,” “The Christmas Aunt,” the new “Charmed” series, “The Arrangement,” “Arrow,” “Timeless,” “Just in Time for Christmas,” “Cedar Cove,” and more.

McNeeley is an executive producer for “Mystery 101,” “Baking Spirits Bright,” “Christmas Sail,” “Hearts of Winter,” “Killer Cove,” “Jingle Around the Clock,” and more.

MacKay has been a first assistant director for “Snowpiercer,” “Lucifer,” “Supergirl,” “A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas,” “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: A Bone to Pick,” “Fringe,” and more.

Williamson was a producer for “Space Force,” “Gingerbread Miracle” (executive producer), “Christmas Sail,” “The Good Doctor” (co-executive producer), six movies in the “Mystery 101” series, 15 movies in the “Aurora Teagarden” series as executive producer, “Hannah Swensen Mystery” (executive producer), and more.

Goehring was also executive producer for “Gingerbread Miracle,” “Christmas Sail” (producer), “Hannah Swensen Mysteries” (executive producer), “Mystery 101” (producer of six movies), “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries” (producer of 15 movies), and more.

McMaster was director of photography for “Another Life” which just premiered its second season on Netflix, “Mystery 101” (Deadly History), “Sweet Mountain Christmas,” “Christmas Town,” “NarcoLeap,” “Lucifer,” and more.


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