Another Black Man(Rayshard Brooks) Killed by US Police, Atlanta

Atlanta(USA), the United States, blacks and the police shot back. The casualty was 27 years of age Rayshard Brooks. Atlanta Police Chief Erica Shields has surrendered following the episode. Atlanta police shot and slaughtered another dark man white fighting about the demise of George Floyd in the US.

Streams were shot and killed on Friday. He nodded off in the vehicle causing traffic to clog out and about before the breeze is an eatery, as indicated by the US meter equivalents to, was obstructed by the specialists and wouldn’t slowly inhale analyzer Check. The CCTV film of Wendy’s cafĂ© shows this. Thousands to place the lanes in Atlanta following Brooks’ passing.

Medication runners to the emergency clinic yet couldn’t be spared the Fulton nation locale at one has requested a different examination concerning the episode.

Rayshard Brooks shot by Atlanta Police [Video]


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