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25 Best Comedy Movies of Bollywood you can’t miss to watch


Ready for the 25 best comedy movies of Bollywood that you will like for sure and also recommend to your friends. Believe it or not, these are the funniest Bollywood films of all time. Comedy is the most addictive drug you ever consume. But the best part about that, there are no side effects.

List of Best Comedy Movies of Bollywood


Prem is a very good person at heart and helps his friends, but he is not reliable in the eyes of the family. Because of which the family finds a good girl for his marriage.

Meanwhile, a girl named Pooja comes to Prem’s house and after staying for a few days, they fall in love.

Now Prem’s family wants to marry him with Pooja, but Pooja has two uncles whose marriage can be concluded only after her blessings.

How Prem celebrates these two uncles and whether or not both of them get married is to be seen.

Lead Roles: Asin(Pooja Malhotra), Salman Khan(Prem), Paresh Rawal(Balli), Mahesh Manjrekar(Ram Kapoor), Ajay Devgan(Raju), Kangana Ranaut (Kiran)


India is going to have a final cricket match between Pakistan. In such a situation, India’s main batsman Viraj Sharma goes missing 48 hours before the start of the match.

Indian officials receive a videotape in which a man claims that he has disappeared Viraj and threatens not to cancel the match.

To avoid media, Gayatri Shubh Mishra, a special officer sends Kabir Shergill the IPS to UAE and gave him the target to bring back Viraj in 36 hours. Although, you know that Varun Dhawan always makes best comedy movies in Bollywood and famous for his sarcasm.

Casting- Saquib Saleem(Viraj Sharma), Mona Ambegaonkar(Gayatri Shubha Mishra), John Abraham(Kabir Shergill), Tarun Khanna(Saeed Naqvi), Varun Dhawan(Junaid Ansari), Nargis Fakhri(Samira Dalal)

Total Dhamaal(2019)

Before dying, a man tells where the money is hidden and then all the people look after him.

Some go to the plane, others board the bus, everyone crosses the river jungle and desert to the zoo where the treasure is hidden. Many monkeys, chimpanzees, lions, elephants also run and have fun in this race.

This film gives us the message that money is not necessary for us, whereas living together and sharing happiness is more important.

Cast- Ajay Devgn(Guddu), Madhuri Dixit(Bindu Patel), Anil Kapoor(Avinash Patel), Riteish Deshmukh(Deshbandhu), Javed Jaffrey(Manav), Johny Lever(Jhingur), Boman Irani(Police Comm), Sanjay Mishra(Johny)

Entertainment(2014 Best Comedy Movies of Bollywood)

When Akhil comes to know that he is an illegitimate child of a rich hero businessman Pannalal Johri and he dies suddenly.

Hearing this, he goes abroad so that he can claim his father’s property worth 3000 crores.

But as soon as he reaches, he finds out that his father has given all the property to a dog named Entertainment. Probably this should be included in the list of Best Comedy Movies of Bollywood that you can watch with family.

Cast- Akshay Kumar(Akhil Lokhande), Tamannaah(Saakshi), Johny Lever(Johny), Mithun Chakraborty(Saakshi’s Father), Sonu Sood(Arjun), Prakash Raj(Karan)

Golmaal 3(2010)

Both Pritam and Geeta are in love with each other, but Geeta’s father does not let these two get married, due to which both of them reach the world of the underworld and form their own gang.

When their gangs find out that their leaders once fell in love with each other, all the men of the two gangs try to reunite them.

Now they all have to see if they can convince them together or not we should see in this Bollywood comedy movie which is best to watch with family.

Casting- Ajay Devgn(Gopal), Tusshar Kapoor(Lucky), Arshad Warsi(Madhav), Kareena Kapoor(Daboo), Shreyas Talpade(Laxman), Mukesh Tiwari(Vasooli)

Phir Hera Pheri(2006)

Raju finds out from a clever woman Anuradha that her money can double in 21 days. After this, he makes a settlement of ₹ 30 lakhs, and when there is less money, he also sells his bungalow for 20 lakhs, after which Raju, Shyam, and Baburao all three come on the road.

Then after this, these three plan to steal guns, which cost about 3 crores rupees.

When they go to steal, they know that the money is in the circus. Now after that you will have a lot of fun seeing what happens there.

Cast- Paresh Rawal(Baburao), Akshay Kumar(Raju), Sunil Shetty(Ghanshyam), Rimi Sen(Anjali), Bipasha Basu(Anuradha), Rajpal Yadav(Pappu), Sharat Saxena(Tiwari), Johny Lever(Munnabhai)

Bhaavnao Ko Samjho(2010)

If you want to see all the best comedians of this century in one film, you cannot get a better movie than this.

There is no big star in this movie, but there are 51 stands up comedians that will make you laugh out loud until your stomach hurts.

This is an epic and evergreen Hindi comedy film ever made in Bollywood.

Cast- Sunil Pal, Dinesh Hingoo, Ahsaan Qureshi, Johny Lever, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Kapil Sharma, Banwarhlal Jhol, Navin Prabhakar, Aarti Kandpal

Munnabhai MBBS(2003 Best comedies of Bollywood)

Murali Prasad Sharma, popularly known as Munna Bhai, knows that his parents are going to visit Mumbai. His parents feel that their boy is a doctor and suddenly Munna’s father meets Doctor Asthana who is his old acquaintance.

Munna’s parents want to get her married to Chinki Asthana, who is the daughter of Doctor Asthana, but because Doctor Asthana knows about Munna’s reality that he is not a doctor.

Munnabhai MBBS is another famous medical comedy film of bollywood.
Wo bahar casualty me koi marne ki halat me raha to usko form bharna zaroori hai kya?

He tells the reality of Munna to his parents and embarrasses him, from this day onwards Munna decides that he will be taking admission in the medical college and will become a doctor for sure. I found this as the most inspirational comedy movie of Bollywood ever made by Sanjay Dutt.

Casting- Sanjay Dutt(Munnabhai), Arshad Warsi(Circuit), Sunil Dutt, Boman Irani, Gracy Singh, Jimmy Shergill, Rohini Hattangadi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Kurush Deboo

Akhiyon Se Goli Maare(2002)

In this film, Govinda is a rich man who has nothing to do with crime but when he loves Kiran, the girl’s father forces him to become a punk as he marries his girl to a man who wants that which is criminal.

Later, when he becomes a criminal, Bhangari Dada changes his mind and says that he does not want to marry his girl with a criminal.

We cannot remove this movie from our list of best comedy movies of Bollywood as it has proven itself.

Cast- Govinda(Raj), Raveena Tandon(Kiran),Kader Khan(Bhangari), Johny Lever(Subramaniam), Shakti Kapoor(Shakti Dada), Asrani, Razak Khan


There are two brothers named Uday and Majnu who want to marry their sister Sanjana to a good and capable boy, but as soon as a relation comes, Majnu drives her away and who wants to marries in the Criminal family house anyway?

Meanwhile, a very nice boy named Rajiv arrives, who brings Sanjana out of the fiery building. Uday finds that boy very good and plans to marry their sister Sanjana to him.

This film gives us a message on the go that no matter how big the evil is, it appears small in front of the good.

Cast- Akshay Kumar(Rajiv), Nana Patekar(Uday Shetty), Katrina Kaif(Sanjana), Anil Kapoor(Majnu), Feroz Khan(RDX), Paresh Rawal(Ghungroo), Mallika Sherawat, Om Puri, Supriya Karnik


In this film, Bhola falls in love with Bindu but he has neither the money nor any special identity to convince and take her heart.

What he does is that Bindu goes to listen to a song with his friend Guru (who has a very good voice). When the guru is singing the song, Bhola only runs his lips.

This plan works and becomes successful in winning Bindu’s but the next day she comes to know about the matter. This is the oldest motion picture in our list of best comedy movies of Bollywood you ever watch.

Cast- Kishore Kumar(Vidyapathi), Saira Banu(Bindu), Sunil Dutt(Bhola), Mehmood(Master Pillai), Keshto Mukharjee(Calcuttiya), Om Prakash(Pratap Singh), Dulari(Mrs Pratap)

3 idiots(2009)

This is the story of two friends (Madhavan and Sharman Joshi) who go out to find their old college friend Aamir Khan. Meanwhile, he also has to attend a funeral where he gets the address of Aamir Khan.

At the beginning of this journey, they remember old memories in which the energetic face of Aamir Khan and only the scary face of their principal virus appear. When both of them reach Rancho’s place, they realize that their friend has become a well-educated doctor.

Casting- Aamir Khan(Rancho), R. Madhvan(Farhan), Kareena Kapoor(Pia), Sharman Joshi(Raju), Omi Vaidya(Chatur), Mona Singh(Mona)

Khosla Ka Ghosla(2006)

KK Khosla is a common man living in New Delhi who lives a very simple life and stays simple. Then he thinks what will happen after he dies?

He is very surprised to know that no one cares about his life but all are showing interest in his property.

One day when Khosla goes to the place where he has bought a plot to build his house, he finds that someone else has captured it and on the contrary Khosla is asked for 15 lakh rupees.

Casting- Tara Sharma(Meghna), Boman Irani(Kishan), Anupam Kher(Kamal Kishore Khosla), Parvin Dabas(Chiraunjilal), Ranvir Shorey(Balwant), Navin Nischol(Bapu), Vinay Pathak(Asif Iqbal)

Raja Babu(1994)

Today, even though the name of Kapil Sharma is famous in the era of comedy, in the 1990s, comedy meant only one name, Govinda.

Raja Babu is a poor orphan who is adopted by a Rahis family. He is very good and he gets all the work but he lacks urban living.

Later, Raja Babu falls with Madhu, a city girl but his father does not like this and he is thrown out of the house.

Casting- Govinda(Raj), Karishma Kapoor(Madhubala), Shakti Kapoor(Veeru), Aruna Irani(Mrs Janki), Prem Chopra(Lakhan), Gulshan Grover(Banke), Sameer Khakhar(Amavas), Kader Khan(Kishan Singh)

Bhagam Bhaag(2006)

Champak Chaturvedi is the director of a drama troupe in which both Bunty and Babli fight to become a hero while one of them has to become a villain.

Due to their fight, the film’s heroine Anjali leaves the drama, after which both of them are driven away to find new heroines for themselves. The first person who brings the heroine will be made the hero.

On hearing this, both of them go out to find the heroine and bring out lots of laughter and joy in this best Hindi comedy film.

Cast- Akshay Kumar(Bunty), Babla(Govinda), Paresh Rawal(Champak), Tanushree Dutta(Anjali), Lara Dutta(Munni), Rajpal Yadav(Gullu), Shakti Kapoor(Guru), Arbaaz Khan(Vikram), Manoj Joshi(Don), Jackie Shroff(London Police)

Kya Kool Hain Hum 3(2016)

Kanhaiya is a person who loses his balance upon seeing the red color. One day when one of her employees arrives in his office wearing red clothes and attempts to seduce him in order to make relations, he runs away to save himself.

Kya Super Kool hain hum is another film in Best Comedy movies of Bollywood
Kya Kool Hain Hum 3

After kicked out from home, he moves to Thailand with his jobless friend Rocky where Micky advises them to get some work in the adult industry.

The best adult comedy in the list of comedy movies of Bollywood that was proven as a big blockbuster in the Indian cinemas.

Casting- Tusshar Kapoor, Mandana Karimi, Aftab Shivdasani, Claudia Ciesla, Krishna Abhishek, Meghna Naidu, Darshan Jariwala, Gauhar Khan, Gizele Thakral

Bade Miyan Chote Miyan(1998)

Arjun Singh and Pyare Mohan are two honest police inspectors who work together. Arjun’s sister Seema falls in love with the Pyare.

Two clever thieves, Bade Miyan and Chhote Miyan look exactly like Arjun and Pyare who commit crimes again and again but always these two honest police officers have to listen.

At the end of the film, these two Bahupriya prove to be helpful to the policemen, due to which these thieves are also made police officers.

Casting- Amitabh Bachhan(Bade Miyan), Govinda(Pyare), Raveena Tandon(Seema), Ramya Krishnan(Neha), Madhuri Dixit, Satish Kaushik(Sharafat Ali), Divya Dutta, Avtar Gill, Sushma Seth

Son Of Sardar(2012)

This is the must-have movie in the list of most hilarious Bollywood movies by Ajay Devgn.

Jaswinder Singh Jassi falls in love with Sonakshi Sinha on a train going from New Delhi to Phagwara when she comes to India to occupy her land after 25 years. Later he comes to know that Sonakshi is his enemy’s sister and to get her he must win her heart so he goes to her house.

They cannot kill him inside the house, so they wait for Jassi to leave the house. Meanwhile, there is a lot of comedy that you will not be able to stop laughing.

Casting- Ajay Devgn(Jassi), Sonakshi Sinha(Sukhmit), Sanjay Dutt(Billu), Juhi Chawla(Parmeet), Salman Khan(Pathan), Mukul Dev(Tony), Arjun Bajwa(Bobby)

Journey Bombay To Goa(2007)

Lal is a dreamer who wants to become a big man by starting his own business while another Das only talks big and does not take decisions to improve his life. The two somehow raise Rs 5100 and open the Vada Pav Center. With luck, Lal wins ₹ 2 lakh, after which both of them start a travel agency.

Because they do not have the money to buy a bus, they use a part of the old cars to get a new bus built. Trusting Das, Lal gives the entire amount of victory to him, but the quality of the bus is quite strange.

Lal brings people to board the bus but seeing the bus, they all ask for their money back but they have no choice but to board the bus during which the journey becomes even more exciting.

Cast- Raju Srivastav(Anthony), Sunil Das(Lal), Vijay Raaz(Das), Asrani(Post Master), Tinnu Anand(Bibhuti), Anirudh Agarwal(Junglee), Aasif Sheikh(Dr. Kushal), Bharat Kapoor(Inspector), Ahsaan Qureshi

Jolly LLB 2(2013)

This is the story of Jagdishwar Mishra, a lawyer from Kanpur who comes to Lucknow to fulfill his big dreams.

After coming here, he has to face a lot of problems due to which his behavior changes and he becomes very sour.

Jolly sees Kiran in his path, which he is very happy to see. Meanwhile, he makes such a mistake, due to which he has to confront a very big and famous lawyer Mathur.

Casting- Huma Qureshi(Pushpa), Akshay Kumar(Jagdish Mishra), Saurabh Shukla(Judge Tripathy), Annu Kapoor(Sachin), Sayani Gupta(Hina), Manav Kaul(Iqbal), Kumud Mishra(Suryaveer)

Go Goa Gone(2013)

Hardik, Luv, and Bunny are roommates living in the same room who plan to go to Goa when Hardik leaves his job and Luv’s girlfriend leaves him. Believe me, this is one of the best Bollywood movies of Saif.

After reaching Goa, these three go to an island where the party is going to be done with great pomp. The next day, as soon as these people get up, they find themselves surrounded by carnivorous cannibals.

This is the beginning of adventure because a virus has spread on this island which has turned normal humans into zombies.

Cast- Kunal Khemu(Hardik), Saif Ali Khan(Boris), Vir Das(Luv), Puja Gupta(Luna), Anand Tiwari(Bunny), Soha Ali Khan, Pitobash Tripathy, Hardik Malaviya(Hardik), Abhishek Kapoor, Ross Buchan(Nikolai)

Bol Bachhan(2012)

In order to save a child falls into the well, Abbas breaks the lock of the temple. When Prithviraj comes there, Ravi calls Abbas’ name as Abhishek so that there is no religious quarrel between them.

Hearing this, Prithviraj takes Abhishek with him and is happy with his work but when Prithviraj sees Abbas celebrating Eid, he suspects.

Later Abhishek reveals that Abbas is his twin brother whose second mother gave birth. How many lies you have to speak in order to hide a lie? That is shown in the funniest comedy movies of Bollywood.

Casting- Abhishek Bachhan(Abbas Ali), Ajay Devgn(Prithviraj), Prachi Desai(Radhika), Asin(Sania Ali), Amitabh Bachhan, Krishna Abhishek(Ravi Shastri), Archana Puran Singh(Zohra), Neeraj Vohra(Maakhan), Jeetu Verma(Vikrant)

OMG – Oh My God(2012)

Kanjilal Ji Mehta is a shopkeeper who makes new idols and sells them at very high prices, claiming them as old prizes, and does not believe in God, so do not let his son’s yogurt handi program be completed.

For this reason, Siddheshwar Maharaj curses him, due to which his shop breaks down during the earthquake.

Seeing this, Kanjilal Mehta goes out to file a case against Siddheshwar Maharaj and Bhagavan but no lawyer is ready to take his case, due to which he has to fight his case on his own.

Roles- Paresh Rawal(Kanjilalji Mehta), Akshay Kumar(Krishna), Mithun Chakraborty(Leeladhar), Sonakshi Sinha(Dancer), Poonam Jhawer(Gopi Maiyya), Govind Namdev(Siddeshwar), Mahesh Manjrekar(Lawyer), Om Puri(Haneef Bhai)

Singh is Bling(2015)

Raftaar Singh is a good and funny man who always keeps everyone happy but he is not educated. It is expelled from the house saying that if he has to stay in the house, he will have to do business with Kripal Singh or marry a fat girl named Sweety.

After this, Raftaar goes to Goa to meet Kripal Singh, where he lies that he is very good at English so that he can go to the airport to pick up Sara.

Now, Raftaar and her friends meet Sara but Sara does not understand Hindi, so he accompanies a translator Emily with him which adds too much fun in this list of best comedy movies of Bollywood by Akshay Kumar.

Lead Roles- Amy Jackson(Sara), Akshay Kumar(Mr. Singh), Lara Dutta, Prabhu Deva, Rati Agnihotri, Kay Kay Menon(Mark), Yograj Singh, Yuri Suri, Yo Yo Honey Singh

Hindi Medium(2017)

In the film, Raj Batra is a common man running a shop in Delhi who lives in a house with his wife and 5-year-old daughter. Now because their girl is growing up, they want their daughter to be admitted to English medium school.

But parents should also speak English before getting admission in that school. In view of this, Raj hires a home tutor at his house who teaches him to answer every question that is asked during the interview.

But they fail in that test after which they go to Vasant Vihar to get their daughter admitted under RTE scheme. There they have to live as poor because that facility is only for poor families.

Cast- Irfan Khan(Raj Batra), Saba Qamar(Meeta), Deepak Dobriyal(Shyam), Dishita Sehgal(Pia), Amrita Singh(Principal), Neha Dhupia(Mrs. Suri), Tillotama Shome(Consultant), Sanjana Sanghi(Meeta)

The Last Lines-

I hope this list of Bollywood comedy films was helpful for you. Check out some good Hollywood comedies to watch if you like Jim Carrey, Robert Drowney Jr, etc.

Now it’s your turn to tell us some best comedy movies of Bollywood that you had watched once.

Share the love among your family and friends.

25+ Best Comedy Movies of Hollywood You can watch Right Now


Today we are going to give you the complete list of Best Comedy Movies of Hollywood which you will snicker in the wake of viewing. There are 25+ most hilarious English comedies you ever saw.

Best Comedy Movies on Hollywood


After an infection lands on the planet, practically all individuals transform into zombies and attempt to dispose of the ordinary people.

Zombieland Horror Comedy of hollywood

A kid named Columbus who has endured is going on a battle with zombie and in transit, finds a man named Tallahassee with whom he continues. In the wake of going somewhat further, they meet two sharp sisters who fill the excursion with more rush.

Meanwhile, the 4 survivors namely Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita, and Little Rock follow the strategy of killing these cannibals and make their way to reach Los Angeles safely.

Casting:  Emma Stone(Wichita), Woody Harrelson(Tallahassee), Jesse Eisenberg(Columbus) and Abigail Breslin(Little Rock), Bill Murray, Amber Heard(406), Derek Graf(Clown Zombie), Ric Govea(Amusement)


This is the account of two closest companions named Seth and Evan who are senior secondary school understudies.

The two of them go through a tiring day with a geek companion whose name is Fogell. So they can inebriate two young ladies Becca and Nicola with liquor to lose their virginity.

You can’t miss watching this hilarious movie if you made a mood to watch out all the Best Comedy movies of Hollywood.

Casting: Jonah Hill(Seth), Michael Cera(Evan), Christopher Mintz-Plasse(Fogell), Emma Stone(Jules), Martha MacIssac(Becca), Aviva Baumann(Nicola) 

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

1970s Hotshot television anchor Ron Burgundy welcomes upstart reporter Veronica Corning stone into the male-dominated world. But very soon this influential woman journalist tries to get our favorite Burgundy out of the journalism field on the strength of her energy.


Meanwhile, Burgundy begins to prick and in view of this, he starts a quarrel and prepares an obscene slip against Veronica. That ruins his career. However later he gets a chance to give cleaning on his statement.

Casting: Will Ferell(Ron Burgundy), Christina Applegate(Veronica Corningsone), Steve Carell(Brick Tamland), Paul Rudd(Brian Fantana), David Koechner(Champ Kind), Jay Johnston(Eyewitness)

Due Date (one of my favorites)

At the point when Peter Highman is going to Los Angeles on a trip with his baggage, his significant other illuminates him that he has become a dad. His significant other brought forth the kid in 5 days. The genuine experience begins when Ethan, who is going with Peter, is conveying his dad’s remains.


Because of this human, Peter’s assets stay in the vehicle after which he needs to leave the flight and the two of them go to Los Angeles from the car themselves. Meanwhile, you will appreciate watching what occurs.

Casting: Robert Drowney Jr(Peter Highman), Zach Galifianakis(Ethan), Todd Philips(Barry), Michelle Monaghan(Sarah Highman), Jamie Foxx(Darryl).

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates 

This story is of two youthful, daring, and carefree siblings, who are master in demolishing wedding capacities. Because of their remarkable impressions and jaunty mind-set, they intrigue the lady of the hour, and afterward, the marriage makes sure to be broken.


At the point when their more youthful sister gets hitched, their dad requests that they proceed to get a young lady with them. So them two are occupied with them and the marriage gets finished expertly.

Both of these give advertisements on the internet and get girls. But after that what happens will be a lot of fun for you. The scene is filled with lots of laughter and comedy.

Cast: Aubrey Plaza(Tatiana), Anna Kendrick(Alice), Zac Efron(Dave Stangle), Adam DeVine(Mike Stangle), Stephanie Beard(Jeanie Stangle), Jake Szymanski(Stable Guy), Alice Wetterlund(Cousin Terry)

Easy A

Olive is gradually getting youthful, so she imagines that she ought to likewise make a connection. She intends to go out on the town, however, she doesn’t need her closest companion to know this.

That is the reason when her closest companion gets some information about her weekend. She deceives add some flavor to her old hat exhausting things.


Yet, Amanda covertly heard the discussion and communicates this lie all through the school. This puts Olive on the map along with our list of best comedy movies of Hollywood.

Casting: Emma Stone(Olive) & Juliette Goglia(Young Olive), Amanda Bynes(Marianne), Aly Michalka(Rhiannon), Dan Byrd(Brandon), Penn Badgely(Woodchuck) & Braeden Lemasters(Young Todd)

We are the Millers

The movie starts with David who wants to bring some USA from Mexico. To do this, he creates a fake family consisting of Jennifer Aniston and two teenage girls.


What a strange family this is, you will only know after watching your film. Initially, everything is fine, but later it is going to open today because it starts behaving precisely like our family.

Whether the curtain will rise from their rule will be a matter to be seen.

Jennifer Aniston is having remarkable timing in this funny Hollywood movie, you will ultimately be immersed in her actions whenever you start watching.

Casting: Jennifer Aniston(Rose O’Reilly), Jason Sudeikis(David Clark), Emma Roberts(Casey), Will Poulter(Kenny), Ed Helms(Brad), Kathryn Hahn(Edie)

Tropic Thunder(2008)

From Tom Cruise to Robert Downey Jr. you will see large entertainers in this best action, adventure comedy movie in the starting till the end.

It is just like watching The Avengers of the comedy war zone.


In this film, there is such a considerable amount of parody at the hour of war that you will giggle and go frantic.

You can watch this funny film with anyone you want whether family or companions as there are no age restrictions.

Casting: Robert Downey Junior(Kirk Lazarus), Tom Cruise(Leg Grossman), Ben Stiller(Les Grossman), Jack Black(Jeff), Brandon T Jackson(Alpa Chino)

21 Jump Street

Two friends go on to become undercover police officers to catch students who run a drug racket in high school. Jenko mostly takes art and humanities classes, while Schmidt focuses on the science department.


As the excursion advances, Schmidt’s sentimental enthusiasm for Molly awakens and he makes everybody his companion in an AP science class. More importantly, he tells about his experience of how he moves in examines.

Casting: Holly Robinson(Officer Judy), Channing Tatum(Jenko), Jonah Hill(Schmidt), Ice Cube(Captain), Dave Franco(Eric), Brie Larson(Molly), Rob Riggle(Mr. Walters)

The Wolf of the Wall Street(Business Hollywood Comedy)

Leonardo DiCaprio’s most brilliant 5 Oscar-nominated movies that kept the comedy alive in the 21st First Century. It is such a great movie that you can also plan to run a business together to laugh.


Alongside satire, it is additionally an instructive business film in which Leonardo has determined what is the way of thinking of affluent individuals and what is their frame of mind which you can likewise get rich by receiving.

If you are looking for most hilarious Hollywood movies then this one should be there to make you laugh hard and gave you financial education.

Casting: Leonardo DiCaprio(Jordan Belfort), Jonah Hill(Donnie Azoff), Margot Robbie(Naomi), Matthew McConaughey(Mark Hanna), Kyle Chandler(Patrick), Rob Reiner(Max Belfort), Jon Favreau(Manny Riskin)

Ted 2

The film has a teddy bear who can think, talk, smoke, and even drink like humans. Apart from this, there are other things a human being can do. Ted falls in love with his coworker Tami-Lynn and they both go to church and get married.

However, they have no children and the court later breaks their marriage by saying that Ted is not a human being and his job and home are also taken away.


How will Ted and his friends face and find a solution to the problem, you will know after watching this best comedy movie of Hollywood?

Casting: Mila Kunis(Lori), Giovanni Ribisi(Donny), Joel McHale(Rex), Aedin Mincks(Robert), Laura Vandervoort(Tanya), Matt Walsh, Mark Wahlberg, Seth Farlane

Mr. Bean’s Holiday

In the beginning, Mr. Bean goes on vacation in the South and seeks peace and sunshine there. Their journey is not completed as quickly as they think and they have to face many misconceptions.

They have to go through paths they never thought possible and in the end, Mr. Bean spoils director Karson clay’s last film and appears at the Cannes Film Festival.


This is one of my favorite and best comedy movies of Hollywood and you will also find this much interesting if you are looking for fun with logic and sense.

Casting: Rowan Atkinson(Mr. Bean), Emma de Caunes(Sabine), Willem Dafoe(Carson Clay), Jean Rochefort(Matire’D), Karel Roden(Emil), Steve Pemberton(Vicar), Lily Sastry

Scary Movie 3

If you also get angry at not getting logic or sense in the movie, then this movie will turn your anger into laughter. There are also such comedy scenes in this film where the character gets scared but makes you laugh.


This teen slasher is the most loved parody film and trusts me in the event that you saw this, at that point. You will lose faith in phantoms.

Casting: Anna Faris(Cindy Camp), Regina Hall(Brenda Meeks), Marlon Wayans(Shortly Meeks), Shawn Wayans(Ray), Simon Rex(George)


In this Hollywood comedy film, Annie is the only woman whose life is very messy, but when she realizes that her best friend Lillian is going to engage. She thinks of becoming a housekeeper in her marriage.

Now, what kind of maid she becomes and seeing what happens there is going to be a lot of fun. Because Annie tells the other maids to do back-and-forth actions with her.


On the off chance that anybody feels that female satire is impossible, at that point you should watch this motion picture after which each individual will quit talking.

Casting: Melissa McCarthy(Megan), Kristen Wiig(Kristen Wiig), Maya Rudolph(Lillian), Rose Byrne(Helen), Wendi McLendon(Rita), Ellie Kemper(Becca), Chris O’Dowd(Rhodes), Rebel Wilson(Brynn)


2 days before their wedding Doug leaves Las Vegas in a car with his three close friends to have a pleasant and memorable party. But when these three friends wake up in the morning, they do not remember anything and see that Doug is not in his place.


They plan to find their fourth friend who is going to get married and go back to the same path from where they came to Vegas so that they can take their man back to Los Angeles.

Casting: Justin Bartha(Doug), Bradley Cooper(Phil), Zach Galifianakis(Alan), Ed Helms(Situ), Ken Jeong(Mr. Chow), Heather Graham(Jade), Bryan Callen(Eddie), Mike Vallely(Neeco)

Horrible Bosses

This is the story of those friends who plan to kill their boss, the first character Nick is the second Dale and the third Kurd. Their bosses always jump on them and bother them.

Quitting jobs is also not an option, such a criminal advises them, named Jamie Foxx, then they start making plans to kill their boss.


But each time their boss is cleverly saved. Whether they are able to execute their bosses or not, you will know only after watching the film.

Casting: Jason Bateman(Nick Hendricks), Jennifer Aniston(Julia), Jason Sudeikis(Kurt Buckman), Charlie Day(Dale Arbus), Kevin Spacey(Dave Harken), Jamie Foxx(Dean), Colin Farrell(Bobby Pollitt)

American Reunion

This film is the fourth film of the American Pie series and its story is such that five friends attend and plan to meet after completing 13 years of their graduation.


Although this film is a story ahead of the American Pie series, even if you have not seen any of the movies of the American Pie series, there will be no loss in your entertainment.

Because this film has been written in a different way so that the first time the viewer can enjoy this movie and filled with laughter.

Casting: Jason Biggs(Jim Levenstein), Seann William Scott(Steve Stifler), Alyson Hannigan(Michelle), Mena Suvari(Heather), Thomas Ian Nicholas(Kevin Myers), Eugene Levy(Mr. Levensein), Jennifer Coolodge(Stiffler’s mom)

Dumb and Dumber 2(One of my favorite Hollywood comedies)

Harry Dune tells his companion Lloyd Christmas that he needs another kidney to be alive and that the organ can be given to somebody near him.

So they two go out to discover the kidneys yet nobody is happy to surrender their organs. At that point, Harry understands that he had a long girl who disappeared and she can give his kidney.


They wander everywhere throughout the nation to discover him.

Furthermore, whatever vehicle they get, they meander utilizing the equivalent and arrive at a spot where there are intelligent peoples.

In Hollywood, every comedian salutes to Jim Carrey for their leadership role in this Best and epic funniest Hollywood movies of all time.

Casting: Jim Carrey(Lloyd Christmas), Jeff Daniels(Harry Dunne), Kathleen Turner(Fraida Felcher), Lauria Holden(Adele), Rob Riggle(Travis), Rachel Melvin(Penny), Brady Bluhm(Billy)

Game Night (2018)

Max and Annie’s week after week game evenings climb a score, when Max’s sibling Brooks organizes a Murder Mystery Party – complete with counterfeit hooligans and government operators. So when Brooks is seized, everybody thinks of it as a component of the game.


Be that as it may, as the candidates set out to tackle the case, they start to discover that neither the game nor Brooks are what they appear. Companions before long wind up remaining on their heads as each go prompts another sudden turn during a restless night.

Casting: Jason Bateman(Max), Rachel McAdams(Annie), Jesse Plemons(Gary), Kyle Chandler(Brooks), Lamorne Morris(Kevin), Billy Magnussen(Ryan), Sharon Horgan(Sarah), John Francis Daley(Carter), Kylie Bunbury(Michelle)

The Dictator

General Aladdin begins to rule Wadiya, an oil-rich North African country, at the age of six when his father was killed after 97 bullets and a hand grenade explode.

After a homicide endeavor when the body-twofold on one side, Tamir kicks the bucket. After which Aladdin’s most believed guide uncle requests that he move to New York.


Lamentably, Aladdin has, in any event, a cordial greeting from the banished Wadians, who need their nation to be liberated from its dictatorial guideline. Whatever happens, this is the must-have film in the list of best comedy movies of Hollywood.

Casting: Sacha Baron Cohen (Aladeen), Tamir(Ben Kingsley), Anna Faris(Zoey), Megan Fox, Johm C. Reilly(Clayton), Aasif Mandvi(Doctor #2), Rizwan Manji(Patient), Bobby Lee(Mr Lao), Victoria Beltran(Virgin Guard)

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel is a famous hotel in 1930s Europe where you can go skiing and this hotel gives you all the comforts.

Here every one of your needs can be fulfilled, including the sexual needs of older women.


All goes well that a close confidant of the hotel owner Gustav dies mysteriously after which he sees himself as the owner of a prized painting and victim of suspicious murder.

Cast: Ralph Fiennes(M. Gustav), Saoirse Ronan(Agatha), Bil Murray(M. Ivan), Edward Norton(Henckels), Willem Dafoe(Jopling), Tilda Swinton(Madame D), Adrien Brody(Dmitri), Jeff Goldblum(Kovacs)

Bad Neighbours (It’s Hilarious)

Mac and Callie, who have just had a daughter, shift to the big city and welcome their daughter there.

Everything is going well until Delta Psi, his neighbors of the beta fraternity do not come to his door.

But when they see them, Mac and Callie also get into the socks and try to show themselves the best so that they can mingle with the rest of the people.


Later, the police also come after which a fierce battle ensues between these two which makes the scene more hilarious.

Casting: Zac Efron(Teddy Sanders), Seth Rogen(Mac Radner), Ross Byrne(Kelly Radner), Dave Franco(Pete), Christopher Mintz-Plasse(Scoonie), Ike Barinholtz(Jimmy)

A Million Ways to Die in the West [2014]

Albert Stark, a small sheep farmer, realizes that the western shore is trying to kill him. After which he loses his girlfriend, who was the most successful business of the time.

While Anna arrives shortly thereafter, a lovely, pistol-wielding girl who is very helpful in bringing back the spirit of Albert. Also, teaches him to shoot.


Casting: Seth MacFarlane(Albert), Charlize Theron(Anna), Amanda Seyfried(Louise), Liam Neeson(Clinch), Sarah Silverman(Ruth), Giovanni Ribisi(Edward), Neil Patrick Harris(Foy), Evan Jones(Lewis), Alec Sulkin

Withnail & I

Two unemployed, ill-fated actors Marwood and alcoholic Withnail spend their journey between their unemployed office and liquor contracts.

When Withnail’s gay uncle Monty takes leave to visit him, both of them face such things in the English village which they have never seen such as Bad weather, torrential rain, etc.


Casting: Richard E. Grant(Withnail & I), Paul McGann(Marwood), Richard Griffiths(Monty), Ralph Brown(Danny), Michael Elphick(Jake), Dwargh O’Malley(Irishman), Noel Johnson(General), Michalel Wardle(Issac Parkin)

The Other Guys

Gamble and Horwitz, the two detectives of the NYPD, sit at the desk all day every day. Instead of showing their strength and bravery, which makes them no longer in the headlines.

Gamble rejoices at his paper pusher’s job; he wants to leave another Howitz desk and make his name by going back to the street.

The Other Guys is one of the best comedy movies of hollywood
The Other Guys

Luckily they get a chance to prove themselves when a small case turns out to be a very complicated problem. Now its time to see whether they can prove themselves to the police or not.

Casting: Will Ferrell(Detective Allen), Marc Wahlberg(Detective Terry Hoitz), Derek Jeter, Eva Mendes(Sheila Gamble), Adam McKay(Dirty Mike), Dwayne Johnson(Danson), Samuel L. Jackson(P.K. Highsmith), Michael Keaton(Captain Gene Mauch), Steve Coogan(David Ershon), Ray Stevenson(Roger Wesley)

The Boss

Michelle, an incredibly well off CEO, is always fun and discovers her way into each circumstance, yet when she has insider trading.She thinks about herself poor, broken and homeless person since she is in government jail.


When she comes back from jail, she finds an individual who can help Claire, as her old friend. With this, Michelle makes another plan of action. Yet tragically there is quite a lot more than they don’t presume.

Casting: Melissa McCarthy(Michelle), Kristen Bell(Claire), Peter Dinklage(Renault), Ben Falcone, Tyler Labine(Mike), Kathy Bates(Ida Marquette), Ella Anderson(Rachelle), Timothy Simons(Stephan)


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