On ‘Queen Bee’s’ birthday, check your knowledge about the actor

Leighton Meester is a model, actor, musician, and songwriter from the United States, who’s greatest recognized for her look in the tv drama collection Gossip Girl as Blair Waldorf. Leighton Meester has been in the business since she was a younger woman. Her curiosity in appearing grew after she appeared in an area stage manufacturing of Wizard of Oz when she was a teen. She then opted for modelling and appearing in ads. She has labored with large manufacturers equivalent to ‘Herbal Essences,’ ‘Vera Wang,’ ‘Jimmy Choo,’ and ‘Ralph Lauren’ as a part of her modelling assignments. Although she started her profession as a model, she later moved into appearing. On Leighton Meester’s birthday, take this Leighton Meester quiz to see how properly you already know the actor.

Leighton Meester quiz: 

1.       In which American state was Leighton Meester born?

a.       Ohio

b.       California

c.       New York

d.       Texas

2.       With which tv collection did Leighton Meester make her debut?

a.       Law and Order

b.       How I Met Your Mother

c.       Darkest Night

d.       Suits

3.       In which yr was Leighton Meester cast to play the position of Blair Waldorf?

a.       2005

b.       2006

c.       2007

d.       2008

4.       How many seasons did Gossip Girl run for?

a.       4

b.       5

c.       6

d.       7

5.       What was the identify of Leighton Meester’s debut studio album?

a.       Heartache

b.       Heartstrings

c.       Heartbreak

d.       Heart With You

6.       In which yr did Leighton Meester’s debut studio album launch?

a.       2012

b.       2013

c.       2014

d.       2015

7.       What marked Leighton Meester’s Broadway debut?

a.       The Three Musketeers

b.       Frozen

c.       Romeo and Juliet

d.       Of Mice and Men

8.       Who is Leighton Meester’s husband?

a.       Adam Brody

b.       Adam Sandler

c.       Adam Wright

d.       Adam Fuller

9.       How many kids does Leighton Meester have?

a.       1

b.       2

c.       3

d.       4

10.   In which yr did Leighton Meester have her final little one?

a.       2016

b.       2018

c.       2020

d.       2021


1.       Texas

2.       Law and Order

3.       2007

4.       6

5.       Heartstrings

6.       2014

7.       Of Mice and Men

8.       Adam Brody

9.       2

10.   2020



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