New ‘Survivor 42’ Secret Scene Hints at Taku 4 Alliance

A brand new secret scene from “Survivor 42” episode 3 accommodates a little bit of worthwhile details about the season which will inform followers shifting into episode 4 and past. Watch the scene under and browse on to find extra about how the Taku 4 would possibly come to dominate the sport at giant.

‘We Need to Win This Challenge, Point Blank and Period’

By episode 3 of “Survivor 42,” the orange Taku tribe of had been dwindled to 4, after the emotional evacuation of Jackson Fox from the sport on Day 3, and the following elimination of Marya Sherron the next episode, on Day 5.

The secret scene, which takes place on Day 7, reveals the 4 remaining members of Taku – Jonathan Young, Maryanne Oketch, Lindsay Dolashewich, and Omar Zaheer – retrieving that day’s tree mail to learn concerning the upcoming immunity problem. All tribemates are in settlement that going to Tribal Council can be disastrous for them. For one, Taku is the smallest tribe at this level: they’re 4 to Ika’s 5 and Vati’s six (they are going to stay the smallest tribe in episode 4, as each Ika and Vati will now have 5), so in such a small tribe, there far fewer targets than regular. In addition, they’ve all developed an extremely shut bond and can’t afford to lose one in all their very own.

Maryanne additionally hinted that the 4 of them supposed to maneuver ahead as a bunch as soon as they hit the merge.

“Right now,” Maryanne stated within the clip, “I actually really feel that we have to win this problem, level clean and interval. We haven’t any different possibility. The 4 of us are so tight and we don’t need to cannibalize ourselves, we need to all make it to the merge, and we need to all go ahead. So we should win.”

“We should [win],” Omar agreed whereas speaking to Maryanne. “There’s no selection about it.”

What Maryanne uncared for to say is that she had briefly misplaced her vote as a result of Beware benefit that she discovered earlier within the episode. To complicate issues, Omar later misplaced his personal vote resulting from selecting to “Risk” his vote on the Summit. That will undoubtedly play a big position in episode 4; if Taku does should go to Tribal, solely two individuals – Jonathan and Lindsay – will have the ability to vote in any respect.

Their tight bond is additional evidenced by the truth that Maryanne selected to share not solely the additional vote she received from the Summit in episode 1 with the opposite three, but in addition how she advised them she had misplaced her vote, probably till the merge. Clearly, she at the least considers the opposite three very shut allies.

Of the cryptic be aware relating to the problem, Jonathan stated, “I hope it is the water.”

As viewers of the episode will bear in mind, Taku ended up blowing the opposite two tribes out of the water that immunity problem (nearly actually), largely as a result of energy of Jonathan, who fairly actually carried the remainder of the tribe on his again from the water to shore. There, he promptly accomplished the remainder of the problem, saving them from Tribal Council, at the least for that evening.

The different two tribes would stay struggling within the water for the following 22 minutes, and manufacturing finally determined to allow them to cease and skip proper to the land portion of the problem.

Taku Is the Only Tribe That Stands United

The unity of the Taku 4 stands in stark distinction to Vati – whose 5 remaining members simply went via an arduous, contentious, and deeply divided Tribal Council which nearly resulted in a rock draw – and Ika – who appear to be cut up between the older and youthful members, a cut up usually exacerbated by the chaos attributable to the younger and duplicitous Tori Meehan. It nearly appears as if inevitably, as soon as the merge hits, whoever stays of Vati and Ika will really feel no allegiance to their former tribe. It seems as if this is not going to be the case with Taku.

If “Survivor 42” continues to play out as “41” did, there can be two extra pre-merge immunity challenges. After that, the “pretend merge” will take impact, by which half of the 11 remaining contestants can be secure, but everybody will go to Tribal collectively; at that time, the Hourglass twist can even come into play. If the energy of Taku (specifically, Jonathan) will proceed to carry, they solely must win two extra immunity challenges to make it to the merge (or at the least, the pretend merge).

What do you suppose? Will Taku actually have the ability to stand united as soon as they attain the merge, even when they reach successful the following two immunity challenges? Could they actually be the ultimate 4? Only time will inform.

Tune in to “Survivor 42” Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS.


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