Network Ideas & Star Trek: Enterprise

Jackson Archer, T’Pau & Spike?

Theme Song by U2

Season 1 Almost Set on Earth

Weekly Boy Bands?

Executives had been pitching concepts recurrently, nevertheless it was clear to Berman and Braga the group did not perceive “Star Trek,” they stated. On “In Conversation,” Berman and Braga laughed about one govt who did not know what a hull was. But one thought executives pitched appeared so weird, Berman and Braga could not perceive it.

Hair-Raising Issues With Archer

In commentary on the “Star Trek: Enterprise” boxed set version, each Connor Trinneer (Commander Trip Tucker) and Dominic Keating (Lieutenant Malcolm Reed) joke concerning the requested modifications to Archer’s hair. They stated the community was sad with Scott Bakula’s (Captain Archer’s) hairstyles so would name and provides notes, asking for modifications recurrently.

A Hostile Network


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