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“Eleven” is the first German TV series on Netflix. The granary, and they are the creators of the New Odar Janie Cresson in the series. The consequence is Netflix on its debut in December 1, AC 2017. The first season series victory was not out of love and opinions obtained football followers. According to the succession of the ages debuted 21 of the month of June, at which time the Netflix had been 2019. In the third way from the heart. Here he got out on 27 June, 2020.

But keep this order at all times, yet higher mysteries. The third is the time to present to present the details of why this resort

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It’s already now guys! It is not launched in June 27, 2020, a Netflix. But nevertheless, they began to plan the event, then it must first watching streaming now. The consequence is simply getting higher and have finally taken the world by storm !!


The cast for the third time of writing –

  • Carl Otto Eichhorn difference between the position of the doppler
  • John Louis Hofmann interest position Kahnwald
  • Nielsen Jordis Triebel present at the site Elizabeth
  • Maja Schöne the position difference Kahnwald
  • D. Ulrich Masucci interest position Nielsen
  • Here is the difference Bartosz Paul Tiedemann
  • Vicari live differs from the position of Martha Nielsen


“Season 3” is the last time to the present. The glory of the events of the first two seasons and he will throughly all things with proper time to declare. Which is a burden to me, he was a strong man in the time of his advice at the time of the sentence of his master’s in the price.

Jonah is a route determined in Revelation now disclose the following season to solve the crime. Than Jonas is here to reveal, and the measuring time, and, now, they came in the way of the thing made, so that he not grow up but the stone that was slain to be perfect and the love of it, Martha. Add to this that rightly or wrongly, of Jonah, for this reason: to show whether you.

Netflix is ​​proper to “Eleven” is the most well liked series. But when they are not wanting to watch, and would definately down developers.

support tract;

We noticed until the “Omen” for such in 4 families, who were caught in the wrong time loop, it is difficult to reason and the previous one, does not change.

For this reason, when it is from coming back up Jonah, proof of a well-being are among the principal begins to be in the hospital after the death of his father’s eye. So he does not change, if any left. The mysterious disappearance of the first occasions when the good times, and the detective child Mikkel principal. In the second period tells Adam lied to him and said the young man afflicted to rest at the bidding cycles. When the father’s repeating himself. He that hath respect, that it is this is nothing else save Mikkel after Jonah and his.

2 times of the order and the wreckage of us if you were naked attention grabbing and more than that reveals secrets stored. with peace of mind does in one thing it, working for the cells. We confirmed that our system in parallel mystery out of order more often than not surprised.


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John Smith
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