MTV Responds to Leroy Garrett Video & Cast Members React

There’s been a lot going on in “The Challenge” world in the last couple of weeks and the conversation at the forefront has been Leroy Garrett coming forward with a video detailing the impact of the racist rant Camila Nakagawa aimed at him on “XXX: Dirty 30” and his disappointment at producers and the network’s inaction afterward.

A few days later, MTV and Bunim/Murray Productions released a brief statement on “The Challenge” social media accounts, which stated, “MTV and Bunim/Murray were saddened by Leroy’s recount of his experience on The Challenge in 2017. We apologize to Leroy, a beloved member of our family.” The statement continued:

While we sought to support cast and address the incident on air at the time, it’s now clear we didn’t do enough. We have learned from this experience and are continuing to double down on our education programs for all cast and crew to ensure a safe, respectful and inclusive set free of discrimination and harassment in any form.

Former Cast Members Replied to ‘The Challenge’ Instagram Post Sharing the Statement

Simone Kelly, who last appeared on “XXX: Dirty 30,” wrote, “How convenient, I have yet to receive an apology! Mind you, I spoke on my experience & this situation in the video I did over a year ago & it went completely unnoticed. But okay @ChallengeMTV smh.” She’s previously spoken out about racism she said she experienced on “The Challenge.” Latoya Jackson, whose last season was also “XXX: Dirty 30,” wrote, “late to the party, meh.”

Sarah Rice, who hasn’t returned to the show since the infamous final of “Rivals III,” wrote in part, “education programs DO NOT address the individual hurt and trauma these shows often cause the cast and crew. It is critical that Bunim/Murray and MTV provide the necessary (and appropriate!) aftercare for their participants.” She added:

As this situation and many others have shown, many people are hurting and struggling. I look forward to learning how these companies plan on supporting cast and crew, and hope this incident inspires change in a very broken system.

Camila went on Instagram Live after Leroy released his video and spoke about the incident again, apologizing and telling her followers she was educating herself and taking “anti-racism courses.” Leroy thanked everyone for their support a few days after sharing his thoughts and urged his followers to hold the network accountable moving forward and to avoid fighting “hate with hate.”

Kam Williams Also Spoke Out in Support of Leroy, Her Boyfriend, in an Instagram Live

After the November 17 episode of “Spies, Lies and Allies” aired, Leroy’s girlfriend and “Challenge” star Kam Williams went on Instagram Live to comment on the situation. She expressed her support for Leroy and said she was very proud of him for speaking up, especially as she knew how much it had been weighing on him.

She said she was happy to see the diversity among the cast on her last season, “Double Agents,” but added that she’d also love to see more diversity behind the camera. She said if there had been a “Kam” producer or crew member on “XXX: Dirty 30,” they would have definitely spoken up when the incident with Camila took place.

She said she’d also love to see the show continue to be more diverse across every community, not just the Black community, but said her focus was not to criticize what was done in the past but to make sure that the situations wouldn’t be repeated moving forward. Her full video, titled “Let’s Make A Change,” is available here:


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