Mohit Goel Dry Fruit: Freedom 251 maker arrested for 200 Cr Fraud

Mohit Goel, the business person known for arranging the dispatch of the notorious ‘Freedom 251’ telephones, was captured by the UP Police on Sunday night close to Meghdootam Parke in Sector 51, Noida. Goel has been blamed for duping a few dry organic product merchants for an aggregate sum of around Rs 200 crore, as per the UP Police. Goel was captured alongside five others on Sunday.

In 2017, Goel had endeavored to sell ‘Freedom 251’ cell phones for Rs 251, naming it the least expensive cell phone available. Be that as it may, the offer of the cell phones didn’t experience and Goel was captured in 2017 for submitting misrepresentation. He was even secured in a coercion case in 2018.

Goel has been running an organization called Dubai Dry foods grown from the ground Hub out of Corenthum, a head office complex in Sector 62, Noida. The police said that they got at any rate 40 composed grumblings of misrepresentation against the organization from dealers in Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and a few different states.

As per the Times of India, Goel ran the organization with the assistance of in any event four others. The organization utilized three outsiders, who functioned as receptionists.

The Noida Police, on Sunday, arrested Goel and his accomplice Omprakash Jaangid for the alleged fraud. Two cars, including an Audi, 60 kg dry fruits, and some documents were among immediate s recoveries made by the police. Other persons who ran the company include – Sumit Yadav, Rajiv Kumar, and Praveen Singh Nirwan. Efforts are on arrest them.

The Noida Police, on Sunday, captured Goel and his assistant Omprakash Jaangid for the supposed misrepresentation. Two vehicles, including an Audi, 60 kg dry products of the soil reports were among quicks recuperations made by the police. Different people who ran the organization incorporate – Sumit Yadav, Rajiv Kumar, and Praveen Singh Nirwan. Endeavors are on capture them.

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Additional Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Love Kumar said the organization has hoodwinked cash from a few people and an FIR was held up against it in December. The organization has misrepresentation bodies of evidence stopped against it in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and “some other” south Indian expresses, the official said.

A Noida Police articulation fixed the extortion sum running into “billions of rupees” and the number of people tricked by the organization as “thousands”. “During the examination, the Noida police group discovered two denounced Mohit Goel and Omprakash Jaangid and captured them,” Kumar told columnists.


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