Maryanne Oketch Reveals ‘Personal Vendetta’ Against Hai Giang

“Survivor 42” was a season that caused many heartening friendships and in any other case fascinating relationships. However, there is just too a lot that goes on behind the scenes for viewers to know all of it.

Recently, season winner Maryanne Oketch revealed that she had developed a “private vendetta” towards fellow contestant Hai Giang earlier than the season even started. Here’s what you have to know:

Hai Became Maryanne’s ‘Number One Enemy’ for Two Primary Reasons

In her 5 hour-long “Deep Dive” session with Rob Cesternino Monday, Maryanne revealed that within the pre-game portion of the sport, earlier than contestants have been even capable of converse to at least one one other, she shortly developed a “private vendetta” towards Hai. “Hai was my primary enemy, I didn’t like Hai in any respect,” she revealed. “And that was for a number of causes.”

For one, Hai was sporting a Northwestern University sweatshirt, “I do know Northwestern, as a Canadian, which implies it is a good faculty,” Maryanne stated. As a consequence, she instantly focused him as “tremendous sensible,” “tremendous strategic,” and “a giant risk [to] my recreation.”

However, she then challenged herself on this, questioning “how a lot of that is my very own bias” given the stereotypes related to Asian males. Additionally, it later turned out that it was not Hai’s sweatshirt; it was his boyfriend’s (Hai by no means attended Northwestern). The “actual cause” for her vendetta, nevertheless, was the “p*** story,” as she referred to as it (a part of which she revealed in EW’s pre-game “Most Embarrassing Memories” video).

In the Deep Dive, Maryanne revealed that, as a consequence of a urinary tract an infection and an incapacity to urinate correctly, she drank an enormous bottle of water shortly earlier than cast pictures have been to be taken.

Survivor 42 episode 7

However, she revealed, when she was lastly capable of go, “it was a catastrophe. Pee went in every single place. Like, in every single place.” This included the attractive white floral romper she was sporting. Naturally, she obtained anxious concerning the odor, so tried to mitigate this by dousing herself in bug spray.

At that time, it was none apart from Hai Giang (who in fact by that time she didn’t but know), who she believed had snuffed out her secret. “So I’m sitting subsequent to Hai,” she defined. “And it has been some time, and Hai simply cringes, stands up, goes and takes the very same bug spray I used to be utilizing, and opens up the substances.”

Having the pre-conception that Hai was clever, and figuring out that ammonia, which is commonly an ingredient utilized in pesticides, can be a key aspect in urine which supplies it its distinctive – and unsightly – odor, got here to the conclusion that he was checking to see if Maryanne certainly smelled like pee.

Maryanne Was ‘Traumatized’ During the Cast Photo Shoot

Survivor 42 cast

This all led to a comedic collection of occasions which in the end culminated in Maryanne smearing herself with dust with a purpose to get manufacturing to alter her romper (this plan failed, because the dust stain was solely on the again of the romper, which the cameras wouldn’t catch). Finally, as they have been taking the group cast picture, Maryanne was on pins and needles, paranoid that everyone was smelling her pee. At one level close to the top, manufacturing requested her to swap locations with Tori Meehan. At that time, she defined:

I’m depressing, my jaw drops, I get up and do the stroll of disgrace, and I can see the stench of pee following me. And everybody, I can simply mentally really feel them cringe as a result of they’re smelling the pee, and so they all know that I’m gonna be ‘p*** woman.’ I’m the woman who cannot even pee her pants.

“I used to be actually traumatized,” she stated. “I used to be actually crying.”

“So if you happen to have a look at that cast picture and also you see my smile, zoom in. You will see eyes of ache, as a result of that’s somebody who’s at the moment having pee and dust of their romper.” That, she stated, is the “p*** story that introduced me into the sport. And additionally why I didn’t like Hai.”

Interestingly sufficient, she additionally revealed that after manufacturing had wrapped months later, Hai as soon as joked that he wanted to pee so badly he was “about to pee [his] pants.” Maryanne responded, “Oh that is so humorous, a pee story! And now I had [a] pee story of my very own, however it’s mortifying.”

Of course, it goes with out saying that by now, maybe partly as a result of he had no concept about her “pee story,” Maryanne bears no ailing will towards Hai, and the 2 are shut mates.

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS. Season 43 might be premiering in September 2022.


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