Marilu Henner Has a Memory Shared by Only 100 Worldwide

On Hallmark’s Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, Aurora’s mother Aida Teagarden (performed by Marilu Henner) has a powerful reminiscence. The character feedback in Reunited & It Feels So Deadly: “Besides, you understand, I keep in mind all the pieces.” This is definitely a nod to Henner’s superb reminiscence in actual life. The actress has hyperthymesia, which signifies that she will be able to keep in mind all the pieces that occurred to her, twelve months out of a 12 months. It’s a uncommon mind situation that fewer than 100 individuals all over the world have been identified with.

Henner Can Remember Everything that Ever Happened to Her in Clear Detail

Marilu Henner’s Amazing Memory SkillsQueen Latifah determined to have a little enjoyable with Marilu Henner’s superb reminiscence. Take a look as Queen Latifah and viewers members check her abilities. SUBSCRIBE: About Queen Latifah: Queen Latifah is a musician, award-winning actress, file label president, creator, entrepreneur and Cover Girl. Join Queen Latifah each weekday for an hour of enjoyable…2014-06-23T18:33:59Z

Henner has a uncommon reminiscence referred to as “extremely superior autobiographical reminiscence” (HSAM) or hyperthymesia. In an interview with Queen Latifah, Henner talked extra about her reminiscence. Henner mentioned that most individuals keep in mind about eight to 11 days in any 12 months, whereas individuals with HSAM keep in mind twelve months out of a 12 months. She mentioned that most individuals when remembering an older reminiscence will usually change to 3rd individual. She was evena advisor for CBS’Unforgettable,which was about a girl with HSAM.

“HSAMers, we’re all the time in first individual searching from our eyes,” she defined. She added that she’s not a trivia professional — her reminiscence solely works for her personal experiences.

During the interview, Queen Latifah examined Henner and requested her what occurred on particular dates in her life. First she requested her about January 17, 1994.

“That was a Monday,” Henner mentioned. “That was the very well-known earthquake in Los Angeles… I used to be pregnant with my son Nick. … It felt like a 747 was making an attempt to land on our home. … There was a nice aftershock on March the twentieth … and I used to be really having my child bathe that day.”

Next she requested her about September 9, 1979. Henner was capable of instantly recall that day.

“I used to be with my sister Crystal on the Emmy Awards,” she mentioned. “…Taxi received its first Emmy Award.”

She Offers Advice for Improving (*100*) Memory

She did have recommendation during her interview with Queen Latifah on how others can enhance their recollections.

“At evening if you’re brushing your enamel, simply scroll by your day,” she mentioned. “Just do a little montage of your day. Is there something value remembering right this moment? And simply that second time by is gonna make you sear it onto your mind a little bit higher. Plus in the event you’re a visible kind of individual…take a little image of the day. Not a selfie that is gonna provide you with cosmetic surgery later, however some kind of photograph of the day.”

She Said She Had This Great Memory Since She Was at Least 6

Marilu Henner discusses speaking about her reminiscence on “60 Minutes” – EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORGFor her full interview, see

In an interview with the Archive of American Television, Henner mentioned she had the reminiscence since she was no less than six-years-old.

“It was type of time journey for me and I cherished it,” she mentioned about her skill to recollect what occurred to her previously.

She mentioned every time she sees somebody she hasn’t met in a very long time, she will be able to recall what they ate once they final noticed one another and different particulars of their final assembly.

She mentioned that in 2009, she spent 4 daysbeing examined on digicam and proving her distinctive reminiscence abilities. She’s continued being examined by medical doctors since then, she added.

“What they found is that we’ve got 9 areas — they’ve taken 300 measurements of our brains — however they’ve found there are 9 areas which can be 10 occasions bigger than the conventional mind. And if you see the scan it is type of freaky, nevertheless it’s cool.”

Fewer than 100 People Have Been Diagnosed with HSAM

People who keep in mind each second of their life | 60 Minutes AustraliaImagine with the ability to keep in mind each minute element of your life. You can recall what the climate was like, what you had been studying or what you wore to the retailers at any minute, any hour or any day stretching again a long time. It seems like some type of parlour trick, nevertheless it’s really a actual and…2018-09-21T09:30:03Z

The first individual identified with HSAM was Jill Price after she contacted a physician in 2000, Time reported. In truth, fewer than 100 individuals on this planet have been identified with HSAM, Time reported in 2017. But one physician did say Time that greater than 600 individuals had contacted him saying they thought they’d the power (though in the end, solely 60 had been identified out of the group.)

Price had wished assist for her situation as a result of she could not management her recollections, saying that she’d robotically have a flashback of what occurred to her when a date was on TV or wherever else.

Price mentioned: “It is continuous, uncontrollable, and completely exhausting.”

Not everybody thinks of HSAM that method, although. Henner sees it as a present.

“I’ve all the time considered it as a present,” she advised the Archive of American Television. “I’m thrilled that I’ve it. It’s by no means been a burden. I get requested on a regular basis, ‘Well what about a unhealthy breakup and stuff?’ And I all the time say, ‘Hey, recollections’ tied to adrenaline. You’re gonna keep in mind the highs and the lows. If you do not course of the lows, they turn into these emotional boogeymen that kind of stranglehold your life, so why not course of them? But I’m involved in bringing again these sweeter little Our Townmoments that all of us have.”

The reminiscence is totally different from a photographic reminiscence, Time reported. So the individuals with this reminiscence would possibly nonetheless not be good with names or particulars like remembering the place they left their keys.



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