Looking Back at the Original T’Pring, Arlene Martel

Arlene Martel visitor starred in “Star Trek: The Original Series” because the austere however sensuous T’Pring, the betrothed of Leonard Nimoy’s Mr. Spock in “Amok Time.” Decades later, the actress was nicely conscious that she’d helped various boys mature into males along with her efficiency.

“I’ve had many males saying, ‘Do you know the way my erotic fantasies had been stirred by seeing this type of lady?'” she stated in 2010 throughout a dialog with StarTrek.com “You got such pap in regards to the blond, blue-eyed, giggly lady, and T’Pring was a girl that will be a problem, they stated. Men say to me, ‘When I used to be in my teenagers, I used to essentially fantasize about you.’ Well, that is very nice to listen to. I’m glad that they survived their fantasies and, extra importantly, that I did.”

Martel Made One Appearance as T’Pring, within the ‘TOS’ Episode, ‘Amok Time’

Martel chuckled on the reminiscence. The story, which she’d articulated dozens, perhaps even a whole bunch of instances earlier than her sudden demise in 2014, continued to amuse her. Beyond that anecdote, nonetheless, “Amok Time” was no laughing matter, no less than on display screen, in the absolute best methods. The episode, at all times a Top 10 favourite amongst followers, was a severe affair. In it, Kirk (William Shatner) defies orders so as to convey Spock – affected by the results of pon farr — residence to Vulcan and to his fiancée, T’Pring. She, nonetheless expresses disinterest in marrying Spock, and promptly invokes a Vulcan ritual that leads to a battle to the demise between Spock… and Kirk. In addition to representing Walter Koenig’s debut as Chekov, “Amok Time” marks Spock’s first utterance of the signature line, “Live lengthy and prosper.” For the document, he formally stated, “Live lengthy, T’Pau, and prosper,” to which T’Pau replied, “Live lengthy and prosper, Spock.”

Martel, who grew up within the Bronx, New York, attended the High School of Performing Arts, which will probably be acquainted to these acquainted with the film “Fame” and its long-running TV adaptation. According to the Internet Movie Database, she had already acted in additional than 20 reveals and flicks – together with two episodes of “The Twilight Zone,” an episode of “The Outer Limits,” and the movie “The Glass Cage” (written, produced by and starring “Trek” actor John Hoyt, with Martel credited as Arline Sax) – and was gaining a repute as a chameleon for her capability to change her look, when she auditioned to play Dr. Elizabeth Dehner within the second “Star Trek” pilot, “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” The function required contact lenses, however Martel’s “very delicate” eyes precluded her from sporting them, she stated, and Sally Kellerman, who handed away in early 2022, landed the half. The powers that be at “Star Trek” assured Martel that “Something else is arising,” and that turned out to be “Catspaw,” or virtually.

“So, I went up for ‘Catspaw,'” Martel informed the official “Star Trek” web site. “I heard the buzzing and whispering and somebody saying, ‘Well, let’s save her for that.’ I did not know what they had been speaking about, and what I did not know was they had been speaking about ‘Amok Time.’ So, when that got here up and I learn for it, that was it. I believe there have been eight decision-makers within the room – Gene Roddenberry and Herb Solow and Robert Justman and others. And I bought the half.”

Gia Sandhu Played T’Pring on ‘Strange New Worlds’

Martel stated that she liked every part about T’Pring, whom she known as a “flawlessly logical unique” who bought what she wished, “not as a result of she was calculating and manipulative, however as a result of she was good.” The character orchestrated her personal future to such a level that Martel thought of T’Pring “one of many first actually highly effective feminists to emerge out of the sci-fi world.” The shoot itself was “a hoot and a howl” due to William Shatner’s “proclivity for colorizing phrases together with his personal inimitable, risqué humor.” Leonard Nimoy, however, “was very remoted and really to himself, in all probability maintaining in character.”

Martel shared one, and just one, remorse in regards to the episode that made her a beloved “Star Trek” conference visitor for many years and a long time after it aired in 1967. “I used to be completely stunned that they did not convey her again,” the actress stated. “To simply dispense with a personality that was so iconic did not make any sense to me.” Post “Star Trek,” Martel appeared in “The Monkees,” “Hogan’s Heroes,” “The Six Million Dollar Man,” “Battlestar Galactica,” “The Love Boat,” the unbiased “Star Trek” movie, “Of Gods and Men,” and “Brothers & Sisters.”

Nimoy Remembered Martel as “a Lovely Talent’

Upon her demise, Leonard Nimoy – who himself would cross away six months later — tweeted, “Saying goodbye to T’Pring, Arlene Martel. A stunning expertise.”

Decades after “TOS” and eight years following Martel’s demise, T’Pring did return to “Star Trek.” Actress Gia Sandhu performed the character in three episodes of the latest “Star Trek” collection, “Strange New Worlds.” According to Memory Alpha, she appeared within the episodes “Strange New Worlds,” “Spock Amok,” and “The Serene Squall.”


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