Lele Pons is dating whom? Has she really got the one? Here’s the truth

Lele Pons is a famous American YouTuber and a renowned internet celebrity according to Wikipedia with 41 Million followers on Instagram. The relationship status of the celeb remains single until she starts dating a lucky guy Twan Kuyper. Let’s know more about the controversy.

Lele Pons dating to whom?

There have been various reports and theories that Lele Pons is dating Twan Kuyper, who is an individual YouTuber. She and Twan, regularly show up in one another’s recordings and parody plays.


In a video distributed in 2019 which was named “Meet our Kids”, the pair even kidded about having six-year-old twin little girls. In an ongoing Instagram post distributed on Lele Pons handle on June 15, 2020.

Lele is seen moving in a swimsuit with Twan Kuyper close by, in a spot that has all the earmarks of being a private retreat in Miami Beach in Florida. YouTuber Twan Kuyper additionally distributed a video on his Instagram handle including Lele Pons it on June 9, 2020.

Who proposes whom, Lele Pons or Twan Kuyper?

I would really love to answer this and wants to clear that they are not actually dating each other. They are best friends and that’s why they are comfortable in intimidating.


Twan also confirms that he features many girls in his skits for his Youtube and that makes an illusion that he and she were dating. Lele also said they both were creating content pleasant for the audience and finally prove a good source of entertainment.

Is that mean Lele Pons single?

We don’t think so as she is very active on her Youtube and Instagram as well but posts about her personal life from little to nothing. Another evidence is from Twan Kuyper’s account, he is super active on Instagram but occasionally post short comedy videos.

Probably, She is hiding something behind the scenes, that’s why she had released a short film on her youtube channel, The Secret Life of Lele Pons as the title. With this medium, her fans become able to have a closer look at their favorite personality.

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