Knightfall Season 3 Release Date on Netflix, Who will Cast?

Knightfall is a historical TV show which has been shot in Croatia and the Czech Republic maybe release season 3 on some date. The show describes the achievement, fall, abuse and concealment of the Knights Table, as organized by King Philip IV of France on October 13, 1307.

The series centres around the anecdotal Templar Leader, Landry du Lauzon, a fearless warrior who is debilitated by the Templars’ disappointments in the Holy Land.

Knightfall Season 3 Release Date

The arrangement originally propelled itself in December 2017. Till now it has two seasons, nonetheless, both the seasons didn’t get great criticisms.

In this way, in May 2020 it was declared that the show isn’t getting reestablished for a season 3 at this point. The choice appears to be reasonable depending on the crowd impression of the show.

Be that as it may, as time is basic with the worldwide pandemic, nothing unequivocal can be said about it. Odds are the arrangement can rebound too during a progressively reasonable time and with an increasingly hearty content.


  • Tom Cullen as Landry de Lauzon
  • Padraic Delaney as as Gawain
  • Jim Carter as Pope Boniface VIII
  • Olivia Ross as Queen Joan
  • Simon Merrells as Tancrede de Hauteville
  • Julian Overden as William de Nogaret
  • Sabrina Bartlett as Princess Isabella in S1 and Genevieve Gaunt in S2

Plot for Knightfall Season 3

On the off chance that season three happens, we anticipate that the storyline should concentrate on the quest for Pope Clement for the most part. Star Tom Cullen likewise appears to impart his insight as he once referenced that he additionally anticipates that a season 3 plot should focus pope Clement.

Knightfall season 3 plot cast and storyline

How knights will need to render retribution as they feel double-crossed. Ed Stoppard expressed that on the off chance that one needs to wager on the plot of Season three, one may glance in the library so may characters depend on individuals.


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