Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ Has New Meaning in PSA Video

Katy Perry’s 2010 music “Teenage Dream” sometimes conjures up rosy photos of a love that makes you’re feeling younger once more.

But a brand new PSA video launched by Sandy Hook Promise is utilizing the music in a brand new approach: to make clear the horrors of college gun violence and the way it has affected youngsters throughout America. In the video, actual younger individuals who have been affected by faculty gun violence sing a sluggish model of the music, accompanied by solely a piano.

“The teenage dream isn’t what it was once,” the video states within the center. Certain lyrics from the music, sweetly innocuous when a few romantic accomplice, turn into hauntingly poignant when utilized to teenage victims of gun violence. “You and I will probably be younger ceaselessly” and “let’s run away and do not ever look again” are significantly efficient.

Among the survivors within the PSA video are Aalayah Eastmond who hid below her expired buddy’s physique within the Parkland, Florida taking pictures and Nick Walczak who’s paralyzed after a bullet struck his backbone within the 2021 Chardon, Ohio taking pictures.

Perry Shared the Video on Instagram

Perry took to Instagram to share the video in addition to some phrases on the subject of college shootings.

“For too many youngsters, The Teenage Dream is shattered by faculty shootings. Gun violence should not be a part of rising up. Please share this vital PSA [email protected]#TheTeenageDream 💔,” Perry wrote within the caption.

According to Statista, 2019 had essentially the most faculty shootings within the United States since 1970, a complete of 118. As of June 2021, there have been 79 faculty shootings.


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