Kailyn Lowry’s Video With Boyfriend Elijah Sparks Concern

“Teen Mom” alum Kailyn Lowry celebrated the twenty fourth birthday of her new boyfriend, Elijah Scott. Lowry posted a sequence of movies to Instagram tales on June 22, the place she held palms, kissed and swooned over Scott.

Fans took recordings of Lowry’s movies and shared them on Reddit, the place followers observed Lowry had blurred out a element on Scott’s hip. She beforehand mentioned she light Scott’s work emblem on his sweatshirt so folks on the web would not know the place he labored, however some eagle-eyed followers claimed Lowry additionally tried to obscure a gun sitting on Scott’s hip.

“The indisputable fact that she’s blurred out his gun can also be laughable. I am unable to look ahead to this to finish up in one other undesirable being pregnant lol,” they mentioned.

“Of the 100’s of pics & movies she’s most likely taken of this dude she simply has to put up the one in all him with a gun,” they wrote.

Did she blur out a gun on his hip in that shot of them in her kitchen? You stay in a pleasant neighborhood, why you gotta be strapped in your kitchen sir?” a 3rd particular person observed.

Lowry Bragged About Scott on Her Podcast

Lowry professed her adoration for Scott on the June 21 episode of “Baby Mamas No Drama” podcast with co-host Vee Rivera.

“Baby ‘Lijie. I like him a lot,” Lowry mentioned. “I have to brag about him for a second as a result of he works his f****** a** off.”

“I do not wish to glamorize this burnout work tradition the place we identical to overwork ourselves — hustle tradition, thanks —I do not wish to glamorize that, nonetheless, this man is the toughest working man that I’ve ever been with in my life,” she mentioned.

Lowry famous that her ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera, who’s now married to her co-host, did not rely. “Obviously, Jo’s completely different as a result of I used to be with him after we have been infants,” she mentioned, and Rivera agreed.

“But he busts his a** all f****** week and you understand what this man did this weekend? On Saturday and Sunday, he set his alarm for six a.m. to go to accommodate stuff exterior,” she instructed Rivera. “And I’m identical to, the place did you come from?”

Scott Wants Lowry to Meet His Mom

Scott is able to take issues to the subsequent degree with Lowry, however the “Teen Mom” alum is hesitant to satisfy his mom.

Lowry mentioned she’s afraid his mother will not approve of her.

“I do not know what it’s, however I do not wish to clarify myself and I’m certain that — and possibly that is projection — like I do know as a mother, she could not have wished him to be with somebody that has 4 youngsters,” she mentioned.

The mother-of-four mentioned Scott’s mother can watch her old “Teen Mom” episodes.

“She can watch my complete life and all of my errors on TV. She cannot need that for her son, particularly as a result of he’s such a very good man,” Lowry mentioned.

“If we do not find yourself collectively, he is such a very good man that I need the perfect for him it doesn’t matter what, and I hope his mother sees that a part of it,” she continued. “But it is actually scary to consider.”


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