Joe Gorga Dragged After Controversial Video Surfaces

Joe Gorga is being dragged on social media after a controversial video of him was shared by TMZ. The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star filmed himself evicting a tenant who “did not pay hire.”

The video was recorded a couple of month after Gorga filmed himself going off on a tenant for not paying hire.

“This is what occurs when you do not pay your hire,” Gorga stated within the video, maintaining his cellphone targeted on a sheriff who was with him. “You get locked out,” he added, saying that he wasn’t going to show the tenant’s face. Gorga had a locksmith come to the condo to vary the locks and he took the brand new keys.

“Now you gotta go away and your stuff is all caught within the condo,” Gorga stated. He later turned the digicam round in order that he could possibly be on the display. “That’s the way it goes,” he stated, smiling whereas holding up the brand new keys. Gorga stated that the tenant did not pay hire for 4 years. His lawyer instructed TMZ that the tenant has not paid hire since October 2018 and “nonetheless owes Joe…almost $50K.”

Here’s what you must know:

Gorga Was Criticized for Recording the Video

Shortly after TMZ shared the video on-line, followers took to Reddit to criticize Gorga for filming the enterprise he wanted to maintain. Most individuals agreed that Gorga had each proper to evict his tenant, particularly after not being paid for 4 years, however a number of “Real Housewives” followers did not agree with Gorga filming the ordeal.

“This man deserves to be evicted 100%, however the social media gloating about it simply makes Joe look even smaller than we all know he’s 😉 Joe has the ability to present the man a foul reference to any future landlords, and I perceive why he would do this…however publicizing it for the entire world? For what cause? To pump Joe’s ego? Major cringe,” learn one remark.

“He’s so gross for doing this. Sure, evict the man for not paying hire however what the f*** with recording it and being so giddy about it?” another person requested.

“Ew deserved or not, what an embarrassing energy journey. Look how a lot he was relishing in it,” a 3rd particular person added.

“What Joe is doing is appropriate (I’m assuming by US legal guidelines?) in the event you do not pay hire you get into bother, truthful, sufficient, a rule is a rule however what is not very good and makes him seem like a prick is that he is filming it and taunting these individuals,” one other remark learn.

Meanwhile, there have been some individuals who thought that Gorga’s choice to movie the eviction course of was warranted because the tenant beforehand filmed when Gorga was going off on him.

Gorga Defended Himself in a Video Shared to His Instagram Account

Gorga additional defined the state of affairs in a video he shared to his Instagram account. He stated that he knew the tenant and had helped him out by getting him into the condo. “And he screwed me,” Gorga stated.

“Four years later, due to Covid and all this nonsense, I obtained him out. I do not prefer to kick individuals out, no. I do not even become involved in my tenants. I do not know who owes cash, who does not owe cash,” he stated.

Gorga stated that he has “a coronary heart of gold” for letting his tenant keep within the condo for 4 years with out paying hire. He went on to say that he needed this story to get out as a result of he desires to lift consciousness for the landlords who truly cannot afford to have this occur to them.

The feedback on Gorga’s Instagram clarification have been much more constructive than those that appeared on the aforementioned Reddit thread.

“Ok… this was useful explaining. You did not should however I’m glad you probably did. I’m all the time rooting for you Joe… you appear to be a extremely good man,” one particular person wrote.

“Good for you Joe! My dad has tenants too and he is the exact same individual that would not have the ability to afford 4 years of no hire. The indisputable fact that renters have extra rights than householders its unreal and wishes to vary,” another person added.


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