Jimmy Kimmel Shades Donald Trump Over Campaign Rallies

Jimmy kimmel Swiped on Donald Trump At the recently concluded 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards. The comedian overshadowed the president not only once, but several times during the virtual ceremony, which took place on Sunday, September 20.

When he was hosting from an empty Staples Center, the 52-year-old mentioned how the unorthodox ceremony was different from Trump campaign rallies. “Welcome to Pand-Emmis,” he said in his monologue. “You can’t have a virus without a host.”

“It may seem trivial and unnecessary to do so during a global epidemic, but you know what else seems trivial and unnecessary? Doing it every other year,”Jimmy Kimmel Live!“The host quipped.” Now we need to have fun. My God, we need fun. It has been a year of division, injustice, disease, zoom school and death. ”

“The world may be terrible, but TV has never been better,” continued Kimmel, before showing an empty theater filled with life-size cutouts of celebrities, Meryl Streep, Hugh jackman And Sandra Oh. He then went on to say on Trump, “Of course I’m the only one here. Of course we don’t have an audience. It’s not a mega rally – it’s an Emmy.”

Trump is surprised despite criticism from his campaign rallies that attracted large numbers of viewers amid the COVID-19 epidemic. After holding a controversial indoor rally in Tulsa back in Oklahoma in June, his re-election campaign team continues to hold outdoor events.

Defending the rallies, Trump campaign spokesman Tim Muerto told reporters last week, “If you can join the thousands of people protesting on the streets, gambling in a casino, or small businesses in riots Burn, then you can gather peacefully under the 1st Amendment. To hear from the President of the United States. ”

But Kimmel’s jaws at Trump did not stop at his rallies. After “Shit creek“Swiped the Emmys in comedy categories, Fernman returned to the stage and joked,” Building that wall on Trump’s northern border! “The show is set in Ontario, Canada’s small town of the same name.

Expecting a response from Trump, he asked, “Has the President tweeted us yet?” He said, “Well, it’s Sunday, he’s probably in church.”

Later, before the winner was announced for outstanding direction in the comedy series, “Barry“Actor” Anthony Carrigan He appeared in character due to being a bit busy with Kimmel. Carrigan pretended to be a Russian operative employing a mail operator to steal mail-in-voting ballots.


Source: www.aceshowbiz.com


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