Jennifer Aniston Vocal Habit From Friends

You will not have the ability to unhear this.

If you’ve got watched Friends at any level over the previous 20 years you could have observed among the character’s distinctive quirks.

But a fan of the show on TikTok simply identified one thing about Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel that you just in all probability did not discover…and you will not have the ability to unhear.

And earlier than you watch, I’d like to increase a warning that you will now in all probability discover this each single time you watch the show. So proceed with warning.

TikTok consumer @cts.trphe revealed that Jennifer has a “vocal tic” that entails clearing her throat virtually each time she speaks.

David Hume Kennerly / Getty Images

“Jennifer Aniston has this vocal tic that she does at the start of each single sentence that she begins on any show that she’s in. It’s very particular and it’s very onerous to unsee when you discover it,” they mentioned.

And there’s video proof to again it up:

The revelation obtained a combined response on TikTok, from followers who had already picked up on the behavior to others who had been too scared to even watch:

And whereas it isn’t tremendous clear simply why Jennifer did it on the show, it’s obvious she did it lots. Please take pleasure in this intensive compilation of the occasions she did it:

View this video on YouTube

Friends / NBC / Via

And to these of you who had by no means observed, I apologize for any future “Friends” binge periods which have been impacted.

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