Jaden Smith demands action against Shane Dawson for sexualizing his sis

Jaden Smith wants action against youtuber Shane Dawson for sexualizing his young sister. And doing blackface on the regular, as we needs support creators.

Whatever the man is doing is not good and he has to apologize for his wrong deeds.

That’s why Shane uploaded a youtube video apologizing for his deeds and is also saying sorry to all.

Viral Twitters of Jaden about Shane


His sister also tweeted a little message in which she wrote that she had done with the excuses.

Then, Jaden adds more to his words and tweet another message.


After this message of Jaden, Dawson uploaded an apology video of himself wearing blackface. He reveals everything what he did and accepting his guilts and wrong deeds.

Shane Dawson apologizes for his wrong deeds

He proceeded: “In light of the fact that my ‘pardon’ was ‘I was simply being interesting, I love individuals of color, I’m not a supremacist. I was attempting to be funny.’

All of that is inept and wrong. Furthermore, I put that onto the web as a grown-up, and that is crazy. I’m so grieved.” Shane Dawson has not yet reacted to the Smiths’ judgment of the video.

“I’m sorry James, I’m extremely grieved. No one merits what occurred. No one,” Dawson said. “The entire web picking on someone, no one merits that.

Also, why should I say that someone should be lowered? Me, why should I say that? I have truly put so much despise onto the web over my 15 years in the YouTube world.”

This was because of gossipy tidbits coursing that Shane Dawson engineered a year ago’s dramatization encompassing Charles and individual magnificence master Tati Westbrook. Dawson denied this case in the video.

Jada Pinkett Smith and Jaden Smith both got out Dawson on Twitter after he posted his conciliatory sentiment.

A previous video of Shane Dawson where he claimed to stroke off to a banner of Willow Smith reemerged on Twitter, inciting the tweets from her relatives.


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