Jack Pearcy Accused James Dailey of Murder Then Said He Lied

Shelley Boggio was solely 14-years-old when she was murdered in Indian Rocks Beach in Florida in 1985. Two males she’d spent the final night time of her life with — males of their 30s — had been convicted of killing her — Jack Pearcy and James Dailey.

Pearcy initially plead not responsible, however ultimately modified his plea to responsible and testified in opposition to Dailey to keep away from the dying penalty. Dailey has maintained his innocence for 3 and a half many years.

Dailey’s case was picked up by the Innocence Project who’s working to show he didn’t kill the teenager. According to the Innocence Project, “no eyewitnesses or forensic proof has related Dailey to the crime.

“The case in opposition to him depended largely on unreliable jailhouse informant testimony, together with that of Paul Skalnik who has confronted costs of fraud, grand theft, and little one sexual abuse himself.”

But jailhouse informants weren’t the one ones who mentioned Dailey stabbed and drowned Boggio to dying. Pearcy additionally informed prosecutors it was Dailey.

Pearcy is the one different individual recognized to be alone with Boggio when she was killed within the early morning hours of May 6. Yet years later Pearcy retracted, saying he was the one who murdered Boggio…after which he modified his story once more saying it was Dailey.

Boggio had been with Dailey and several other others that night time because the group drank and smoked pot, bouncing round from the seaside to a bar the place Boggio her twin sister, Stacey and one other buddy, Stephanie Forsythe had been turned away for not having i.d. They ended up at Pearcy and Dailey’s residence for a short while earlier than going again out.

Stacey and Stephanie had gone residence later within the night, however Boggio stayed with the group, borrowing a faux i.d from Pearcy’s girlfriend, Gayle Bailey, in line with courtroom information. Boggio, Bailey, Pearcy and Dailey went to Jerry’s Rock Disco, the place Bailey would inform investigators that Boggio danced with Pearcy.

It was round 2 or 3 a.m. when Boggio discovered herself alone with Dailey and Pearcy parked at Indian Rocks Beach, in line with courtroom information. Yet whether or not Dailey was actually there at that time in any respect is up for debate, and those who imagine Dailey wasn’t there are working to show his innocence.

There was a window of time through which Pearcy and Boggio took a buddy to a payphone and dropped him off there, in line with court records. He walked residence after about an hour on the telephone, he mentioned, so Pearcy would’ve been alone with Boggio throughout that point.

Sometime later Pearcy went again to the home and awoke Dailey to return out and have some extra drinks and hang around. It was Pearcy’s testimony that Shelley was nonetheless with them.

Pearcy Told Police The Entire Murder Was Dailey’s Doing

According to Pinellas County courtroom information, Pearcy informed police in 1985 that Dailey was “necking” with Boggio within the backseat of his automotive previous to her brutal homicide. According to Pearcy:

“When we left the Beach Pub, each of them bought within the again seat. He informed me, “Let’s go down there.” They had been necking. Then we pulled down in there after which they bought out of the automotive. And I bear in mind I simply sat there ingesting a wine cooler and kicked my seat again and was listening to the radio and ultimately bear in mind listening to a noise.

I bear in mind listening to any person and looking out over and Jimmy D. was sitting on high of Shelly. And it regarded like Shelly, she was face down. I bought out of the automotive. I may see Jimmy D’s again and I may see his proper arm making an up and down movement. And he was simply kinda on his knees or sitting on her again or one thing like that.

At this level I seen he was holding her up, sitting on her again. She was dealing with down. He had a maintain of her hair. I may see him making a stabbing movement. I may see the knife in his hand. She was holding onto his hand or to the knife.

I went up and tried to seize him. I bear in mind attempting to seize him and someway went off the financial institution in entrance of him and into some bushes. Then crawled up out of there and by this time she was turned over and I attempted to achieve for her however he grabbed her, grabbed her ft and began pulling her away, again behind the automotive.

I may see she had denims on however they had been pulled down round her knees. I come again up and bear in mind attempting to seize her and that’s when he tried to drag her as a result of she was just a few ft from the sting of the financial institution the place I had fallen over. And he was dragging her off by her ft.

And I come up over the financial institution and bear in mind seeing her. She was all bloody. Her complete face and neck and the higher half of her physique was lined with blood.

That is after I began throwing up. I bought sick. It took me a pair of minutes to get executed vomiting. I did see him stick her physique someplace at that time after I used to be throwing up when it began over there once more.

Then he began dragging her once more and fell down to 1 knee or one thing like that — simply tripped and fell down. I used to be nonetheless having convulsions, dry heaves. I used to be nonetheless throwing up or no matter.

They had been already within the water. I may see him waist up or see him within the water. I may see one thing by him within the water which was her, I’m positive.

And then at this level went round and bought in my automotive. I believe might need thrown up proper by the automotive earlier than bought in it. I used to be nonetheless being sick — could not get in but. Then I bought in and began the automotive. The approach I had pulled in could not drive on straight out. You need to again up in direction of the place he had drug her to the purpose and bear in mind backing up and I, suppose he might have jumped in when backed the automotive up there.

When we had been driving away, he had a knife and a shirt one in every hand. I simply began driving out of there. I cursed him and stubborn at him…I simply referred to as him a son of a bitch or one thing like that and he simply mentioned, “Sorry, Jack.”

I bear in mind saying one thing about, “You know, you killed her, and so they electrocute folks down right here for that.” I mentioned, “You know, you killed me, too.” And he simply was sorry. It was like sorry I bought you into this.

In 1993 Pearcy Gave a Sworn Statement Saying He Lied About Dailey Killing Boggio Only to Retract That Statement in 2020

In a case that’s already muddied by rumour and an absence of forensic proof, Pearcy modified his story and admitted that he lied a number of occasions.

In 1993 he gave a sworn assertion saying that he lied about Dailey killing Boggio saying:

All the info are the identical apart from in my assertion I mentioned Shelly was current within the automotive when got here again and picked Jim up, which she wasn’t, and I mentioned Jim, her, and I left after which mentioned made an announcement as to what Jim had executed, exonerating myself, which all of it, it was only a self-serving assertion to exonerate myself…at the moment, Jim wasn’t even in custody. I used to be in custody and so they had been shifting to cost me and was simply attempting to qet round all of it, lay the blame someplace else.

Those who’re attempting to show Dailey’s innocence or a minimum of get him off of dying row are working to compel Pearcy to testify to that 1993 change of story, however he has persistently refused.

In December 2019 Propublica reported that Pearcy signed an affidavit which acknowledged, “James Dailey had nothing to do with the homicide of Shelly Boggio. I dedicated the crime alone. James Dailey was again on the home after I drove Shelly Boggio to the place the place I finally killed her.”

In February 2020 Pearcy attorneys interviewed Pearcy once more to have him state he killed Boggio alone. This time, he mentioned, “I did not kill Shelly. I did not stab Shelly. did not know Shelly was going to be harm in any approach, form, or kind. I did not transfer Shelly’s physique,” in line with courtroom information.

Pearcy informed attorneys, “Yeah, I lied a lot of occasions however informed you why did it, to maintain y’all working, digging up stuff.”

Pearcy claimed he modified his story in order that investigators would preserve on the lookout for clues that may assist his personal case. Other occasions he mentioned he recanted that Dailey killed Boggio to get him off of dying row.

When pressed to testify concerning the reality of what occurred to the seventh grader in 1985 he mentioned, “The reality that he did it, yeah, I’ll give that testimony. No, would —— actually would not even do this. I’m not going to testify in opposition to him. Once they convicted me of against the law did not commit, I’m not testifying in opposition to him to get any person else for a similar crime.”

Pearcy is now 65 and serving a life sentence on the Sumpter Correctional Institute in Central Florida.

Dailey, now 74, stays on dying row at Florida’s Union Correctional Institute after his November 7, 2019 execution was stayed, Propublica reported. His protection group continues to be working to get his sentence overturned.

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