Why Good Girls Season 5 will not happen on Netflix?


Good Girls season 5 is in excessive talks. We haven’t heard a lot from the authorities. Looks like there will not be one other season of the show!

We not too long ago witnessed Good Girls season 4. It isn’t formally introduced however we do suppose that was the finale season of the show.

As per our internal sources, the show was scheduled for less than 4 seasons. We would certainly miss Ruby, Beth, and Annie.

Why was Good Girls series cancelled

But do now we have any probabilities for Good Girls season 5? The show has not too long ago shifted to Netflix. Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, simply down right here!

Good Girls stays probably the weirdest conditions in tv because the beloved show was canceled after season 4, earlier than it had an opportunity to finish with a conclusive finale.

Today, Good Girls season 4, ostensibly its remaining season has already risen to be Netflix’s #2 show in its prime 10 records, elevating questions but once more about why precisely it was canceled like United We Fall.

The Real Reason Why Good Girls Season 5 won’t happen

One of the lead star, Retta has revealed that the show wasn’t renewed for a fifth season due to a variety of factors. She has mentioned that the show’s ratings were not good enough to earn a renewal.

Good Girls season 5 cancelled

In an interview with Vulture in July 2022, Retta stated that the show wasn’t cancelled due to a single person, but rather a combination of factors were responsible behind the show’s cancellation like the departure of key creative personnel and issues with the show’s direction.

Retta also mentioned that there were rumors that Manny Montana, who played Rio on the show, was the main person behind show’s cancellation, but she has continously denied those rumors, saying that they were “untrue and unfair.”

Therefore, the cancellation of Good Girls season 5 was due to a combination of factors, including low ratings, creative differences, and conflicts behind the scenes. There is no indication that any one person was solely responsible for the show’s cancellation.

Why was Good Girls Season 5 cancelled?

There appear to be a number of factors but the main reason behind the show’s cancellation is low ratings. Even though the show is well-loved among the viewers but the ratings didn’t meet the creator’s expectations.

The show is believed to be a hit for Netflix, with every season turning up on the streamer’s prime 10 lists worldwide after it’s launched. However, it didn’t match that success on NBC.

Multiple causes have been given for this, from producers being unable to make the ultimate season financially viable to NBC, to inventive variations and the rumored feud between Hendricks and Rio star Manny Montana, who’ve each mentioned the frosty working relationship they’ve onset.

Good Girls season 5 netflix

In the 2020-2021 season, NBC delivered 19 reveals, amongst which ‘Good Girls’ positioned on the very backside. It additionally acquired the bottom rankings within the 18 to 49 age demographic, which the advertisers normally goal.

Compared to the 5.98 million viewers of the pilot, the fourth season premiere, ‘One Night in Bangkok,’ attracted solely about 1.68 million, which didn’t look good for the show. But the excellent news is that the sequence is accessible to observe on Netflix, so you may relive your favorite moments with the characters.

Many viewers started calling for Good Girls to maneuver networks and used the hashtag #savegoodgirls. “We want an s5 to wrap the tales up!!! @nbc @Netflix @hulu @PrimeVideo @IMDbTV @hbomax @HBO #SaveGoodGirls,” one other wrote. “We want solutions! We want SEASON 5! #saveGoodGirls #GoodGirls,” another person mentioned.

NBC and its studio Universal Television had been planning for the dramedy to finish with a fifth and remaining season consisting of eight episodes.

There was even a phrase that the community had “unofficially signed off on a plan” in late May and manufacturing was aiming to start in spring 2022. But then a month later, cash points reportedly led to the cancellation information.

Will Good Girls season 5 ever happen on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Good Girls season 5 is not happening at all, whether on NBC or on Netflix or any other network.

The show was canceled by NBC after its fourth season, and despite online campaigns by fans and suggestions of interest from other networks such as Netflix or Hulu, there has been no indication of a revival or continuation of the show.

While it is always possible that something unexpected could happen in the future, at this point there are no plans for a fifth season of Good Girls.

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