Is David Cronenberg’s Character Daniels From Enterprise?

David Cronenberg’s Star Trek: Discovery character, Kovich, has been the topic of a lot hypothesis. Since he first appeared within the third season of the show, followers have suspected that Kovich has some secret id or function within the Federation.

His in depth data of time journey and the Mirror Universe, his entry to categorised data, and his unwillingness to debate his function within the Federation, all counsel that Kovich is not only a daily Federation agent.

Theories About Kovich’s Identity

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There are a number of fan theories about Kovich’s true id. Many fans think he is an agent of Section 31, Starfleet’s notorious secret intelligence company. This idea is sensible given his data of extremely categorised data. It might additionally clarify his in depth data of alternate timelines and the Mirror Universe.

Other fans have posited that Kovich is definitely the President of the Federation. This idea appears to be supported by the truth that Kovich was part of the battle between the Federation and the Emerald Chain within the season three finale ofDiscovery.

One fringe fan theory proposed that he is really a Dominion changeling. Even the Redditor who got here up with this one admitted it was a “crackpot idea.”

Yet one other fan idea that really makes quite a lot of sense would arrange a wonderful tie-in with certainly one of Star Trek’s most controversial reveals —Star Trek: Enterprise.

Kovich is Daniels

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One Redditor recently proposed that Kovich might be a a lot older model of Enterprise’s favourite temporal agent, Daniels. In Enterprise, Daniels interacted with the crew of the Enterprise, particularly Captain Jonathan Archer, a number of occasions as a way to protect the timeline.

The character first appeared within the episode “Cold Front.” Daniels posed as a member of the Enterprise crew so he might seize the Suliban alien Silik. He tried to finish his mission with out revealing his true id to the crew however ultimately needed to inform Archer. Silik killed him on the finish of that episode.

However, his capacity to time-travel and affect timelines meant that he might right his personal dying, although he by no means defined how.Daniels labored with Archer on a number of events to make sure that the timeline unfolded in a approach that ensured the founding of the Federation and the survival of Starfleet.

Daniels’ in depth work as a temporal agent required him to journey to a number of totally different cut-off dates inside a number of totally different timelines. It additionally gave him entry to details about Starfleet and the Federation that must be categorised as a way to protect the integrity of the timeline.So, Daniels would have all the knowledge that Kovich has demonstrated his experience in.

The Redditor who proposed the speculation acknowledged that Daniels could be very old, maybe too old to be alive, by the thirty second century. However, they argued that Discovery has not established how lengthy people stay within the thirty second century. By then, know-how might enable people to stay long gone what’s at the moment thought-about a standard human lifespan.

Another Redditor did the math and estimated that Daniels must be round 170 years old by the pointDiscovery takes place. Though that is clearly inconceivable by present requirements, it is not out of the realm of chance for greater than 1,000 years sooner or later.

Another attainable clarification for Daniels/Kovich’s age might be that Daniels traveled to the long run whereas he was nonetheless youthful. If Daniels went to the thirty second century shortly earlier than the Temporal Accords banned time journey within the late 2700s, he might have lived the remainder of his life within the thirty second century.

How Could Daniels Become Kovich?


Daniels must conceal his id to protect the timeline. If he stayed in his personal time, he might have enlisted the assistance of Starfleet to alter his id. The Redditor who proposed the speculation prompt that Daniels may need retired after the Temporal Accords had been signed and altered his id then. He might have come again after the Burn or stayed on as a Federation advisor.

If he traveled to the thirty second century on his personal, it will be comparatively straightforward to start out over as Kovich. However, this begs the query of how he acquired the extent of entry that he has inside Starfleet and the Federation. He may need created new credentials for himself alongside along with his new id. Or maybe he had some trusted contacts throughout the Federation who helped him get a job along with his new id.

Of course, that is all hypothesis sparked by the speculation that Kovich and Daniels are the identical particular person. Though it is a stretch, it is not an enormous one. Fans should look forward to Discovery’s fourth season to seek out out extra about Kovich’s true id.



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