Is Dancing With the Stars on Tonight? When Is the Next New Episode?


Rider 29 premiered on Monday in time, September 14, and the show Monday night to keep its majority in the timeslot at a time, no matter that the new night, Monday, August 21; out of the next episode in a dancing airs tomorrow, Tuesday, September 22. The rest of the time; new episodes Rider In the air Monday nights at 8 / 7c.

The results of the new Rider on this night, ABC and air for the NFL New Orleans Saints and the game between the Raiders Las Vegas.

ABC mourning press release explains that “after a special airing on Tuesday night, the show returns to Monday nights starting Sept. 28. “

The episode will be September 22 and spectators at the first opportunity to vote and to Favorites

Tuesday, April 22’s episode will feature for the first time, there are no fans, help to determine the first opportunity to vote for their favorites and they remain in the competition and who gets sent home. S ABC to the State description asks, “Glory, the 15 dancing couples compete for the first time in the second week of the 2020 season, no.

Second dancing websiteThis will be the voting rights, which operates;

“Voting begins on Tuesday, March 22 at 8 pm / 7 pm CT, where your votes will help determine which couples will continue dancing competition. This will vote online at and SMS it. And it will be like voting limit the final commercial break is to live and / CT broadcast shortly after married people and women played. ” For the remaining time, “online text SMS voting, then on again Monday to open the show, with starts at 8 pm / CT on 7 September afternoon in November 23 28, ultimately each Monday night, the ways are both at the office of the commercial break to end by and / randomly and shortly thereafter married people and women played. “

Elaborating voting rights on this structure, the ABC press release explained: “Be votes ( way through the ABC app and SMS / text) can not, by itself, spreads between eight live / time zones (by fans but every time zone as the US vote for the window). Move forward, and each subsequent episode, live in a combined vote by the judges, which shall not be revealed by the scores on the natives. “

Jackson, Faustina, the Maserati Quattroporte Week 2 skait Machado when they arrived at the Top of Leader Board

At the end of 29 seaosn Rider Sum skait Jackson and his partner Alan bersten earned a score of 21 out of 30, as did her partner actress Justina Machado and not Farber. For two contestants in the capital last week, were tied at the top of the leader board and Jackson Machado.

On the other hand, Mark Baskin, the lowest score of the night, and took the book out of her to earn for himself a participant in the pasha ‘s PASHKOV only 11 points on the illusion of a possible 30. He is the Former NBA star, Charles Oakley, who share with the second lowest score of the night, when he adjudged that Emma Slater received a 12 out of the 30.

new episodes Rider 29 seasons on the air Monday nights at 8 / 7c on ABC.

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