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Sees at least a few new climate change documentaries every year, and the latest is Ground kisses On Netflix, narrated by Woody Harrelson. Last year, it belonged to HBO Ice on fire, Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio. Coming up, Hulu is releasing its documentary, I am Greta, On young climate activist Greta Thunberg. Because until people start listening, what other option is there to keep screaming climate activists?

Josh and Rebecca Tickel from the directors, Ground kisses The role zero can play on soil as a solution to climate change. Those who have been raising the issue will be aware that despite the promos of the film, there is nothing new from the idea that soil plays an important role in the “drawdown” by which the term climate change is coined. Environmentalist Paul Hocken It refers to the act of returning carbon that was put into the air (by things like burning oil) and putting it back into the earth. Most environmentalists look forward as the only path to our planet to solve climate change because renewable energy solutions are just not enough. Plants are, of course, a method for pulling and storing carbon, but Ground kisses They believe that it is more important than planting trees to take care of the soil in which they are planted.

Originally, soil can store a lot more carbon than plants, but the way modern agriculture operates – especially in the United States, where agriculture is one of our largest industries – is because we use that soil And weaken it with pesticides, GMOs, and synthetic chemicals.

Solution proposed by Ground kisses There is a large part of the agricultural industry called “regenerative farming”. Much of it involves changes made by farmers and the US government – such as “no-till” drilling, open-pasture grazing for “crowded” cows, growing cover crops in the off-season, and supporting programs provided by the government Repetition farmers, which currently discourage farmers from implementing healthy soil practices.

Ground kisses
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but Ground kisses One key consideration is what audiences can do to address climate change: composting. Composting not only reduces wastage, but is an easy way for farmers to get rich, sponge-y soil. An interview with California Governor Gavin Newsom reveals that it is not possible to waste food – just look at San Francisco’s incredible city-wide program, where residents are actually fined No Compost.

“We encourage people to keep out of the black box,” Newsom explains. “When you don’t have anything in a black bin, we don’t charge you. If you have a ton of stuff in a black bin, we charge you a lot more. So your goal is to make it green and blue boxes. Mix in – compost and recycling bins. You want to move the mouse? Cheese has to be moved. ”(For those of us not in San Francisco, Ground kisses The film has resources and tips for composting at home official website.)

Ground kisses Time is scattered. The presence of actors and musicians such as Jason Mrig, Ian Somerheld, Gisele Bundchen, Patricia Arquette, and David Arquette do not connect to the film’s thesis to a great extent and instead turn it in random directions. The exception is Somerheld. the former Vampire Diaries Starr makes his segment memorable when he says, “Cows … can be good!” This is one of the most controversial statements of mankind. “He is referring to the concept of” crowd-grazing “livestock, or strategically allowing cows to eat and defecate on parts of pastures to encourage defecation and growth and fertilize the soil, May help create more degradation. We follow Somerheld to Zimbabwe, where he meets with Alan Savory, who has successfully used cows to revive the land. Somerheld is greatest in his reverence for the land that he calls “Eden”, but is patient to see how much he cares.

Unlike some documentaries dealing with the subject, Josh and Rebecca Tickel have focused almost entirely on hope for a solution, rather than despair for the damage we have done – because they know that we How many of them have already given up.

“I’ll make you a deal,” Harrelson says in his narration, cleverly shown on screen in a recording studio for maximum effect. “I will not give up. Neither do you need to. “

The clock Ground kisses On netflix


Source: decider.com

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