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Elizabeth Marvel as Victoria Helstrom in Helstrom. Pic credit score: Hulu

While it may not appear to be it, the new Hulu horror series Helstrom is a Marvel Comics adaptation.

Helstrom is predicated on the Marvel Comics character Damion Hellstrom, who can be identified within the books as The Son of Satan. However, within the series, there have been some modifications made and what resulted was a stable horror series this Halloween for Hulu.

Here is a take a look at our assessment of Helstrom on Hulu.

Helstrom on Hulu assessment

Helstrom is a 10-episode series based mostly on the Marvel Comics character Damion Hellstrom.

For those that do not learn comics, Hellstrom’s father is Satan – the Satan from Hell. While Marvel has loads of demonic entities, together with Mephisto, who many contemplate Marvel’s model of The Devil, it additionally has a Satan and Damion is his son.

However, for a lot of his comics’ existence, Hellstrom is a superhero and has been a member of the staff The Defenders on a number of events.

The Hulu show Helstrom modifications issues.

First, Hellstrom is modified to Helstrom. Second, Damion’s dad was an unnamed demon who was additionally a prolific serial killer. Living in Portland, Damion’s mother had no thought he was possessed and allowed him to have what resulted in a horrific presence in his children’ lives.

One fateful day, Damion’s dad used a particular knife to carve a pentagram into Damion’s chest after which ran, taking Damion’s little sister Ana with him.

Damion’s mother, Victoria, went loopy and ended up possessed by a demon herself. At the younger age of 12, Damion had her institutionalized and watched over her for the subsequent twenty years. Ana ultimately escaped from her dad, however by no means returned residence, transferring to San Francisco.

The two children, born to a demon and a human, had been very highly effective in their very own proper. Damion now works as a professor whereas going out and performing exorcisms for the Church. He additionally exhibits within the first episode to have powers of telekinesis in addition to the flexibility to cast what is understood within the comics as Soul Fire.

Ana additionally has powers. She can take the soul from a human and might see an individual’s darkest secrets and techniques by touching them. She additionally has a type of telekinetic powers, however to not the extent of Damion. While Damion exorcises demons and saves individuals, Ana makes use of her powers to kill males who damage ladies.

While Damion and Ana stay estranged, there’s a clue that their dad may nonetheless be alive when a crypt is robbed and a cranium of what’s referred to as a Keeper is taken. They find yourself teaming up in Portland with the 2 individuals who raised them (a psychological hospital physician named Louise and a hunter referred to as the Caretaker) and a nun in coaching named Gabriella to attempt to discover and cease him as soon as and for all.

From high to backside, the cast is spectacular.

Tom Austen is Damion Helstrom and he carries the guilt and pathos of twenty years of feeling guilt for committing his mom masterfully. On the opposite finish of the spectrum, Sydney Lemmon is nice as Ana, an aloof socialite who’s self-centered and solely thinks of herself.

These two actors remodel their characters into one thing utterly totally different by the tip and the complete journey to their inevitable vacation spot was plausible and completely executed.

June Carryl as Louise, the physician who raised Damion, and Robert Wisdom as Caretaker, the person who protected Ana, had been additionally nice as two parental characters with darkish secrets and techniques of their very own.

Helstrom on Hulu: Final ideas

Helstrom is a horror series that takes just a little from what got here earlier than (The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby) and merges them right into a satisfying and disturbing new Hulu series.

Showrunner Paul Zbyszewski was capable of take the comedian characters of Damion and Satana Hellstrom and switch them into one thing higher in Damion and Ana. He took what labored concerning the unique characters and made one thing that labored so effectively on TV.

There are additionally a ton of Easter eggs within the first season of Helstrom for followers of the comics and this can be a series that might have legs if Hulu orders any future seasons. It additionally has a connection, within the comics, to Ghost Rider, so it might begin its personal shared universe on Hulu with darker Marvel Comics tales that would not match on Disney+.

The twists and turns of the series had been effectively executed, and whereas it might have used just a little trimming, and may need been higher at eight episodes, it was an ideal trip from starting to finish and instructed a stable and memorable story.

The excellent news is that, in contrast to many Netflix series like Warrior Nun and Cursed, Helstrom tells an entire story in its first season, and the ending simply hints at what might come later.

This is a self-contained story, and even when there may be by no means one other season of Helstrom, the story it tells right here is satisfying and effectively definitely worth the watch this Halloween.

Helstrom is presently streaming on Hulu.

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