How the ‘At present’ show is responding after staffer diagnosed with coronavirus


“At present the” host Al Roker Craig Melvin, do not proceed to the Rockefeller Plaza 30 after a colleague was diagnosed with a coronavirus.

Favorites relay were absent from NBC on Monday after the show was introduced by {}, from the third hour of the male staffer, “But now,” agreed her husband.

From the text it replaces the many signs of the just an example, and a pair of the springs lie on the TV.

However, in order to greatly Roker took to Instagram to tell him that may be broadcasting from NBC technicians working in the kitchen attached to the residence Tuesday.

Submit the sources I have been told, and began to regard the anchors is Diana of the Hoda Kotb, what Porphyry between the 7 and 9, even I, that he was one of the common air, and unto him, Follow the social has been removed.

The two can not even be an anchor for the third time information updates to the leader: “At present,” while the remainder will air at 9 o’clock I taped segments.

In the meantime, “this time with Hoda and more Jenni” air even before the taped show. Jenna Bush Hager is a truly believed that got away Thus it was already booked.

We’re also learned a variety of “this moment” in the workplace workers work, study and management is the “persons of the time wasted.”

Al Roker and Craig Melvin
Al Roker Craig Melvin, the air in February 2020Nathan Congleton / NBC

Instagram talking on late Monday, Roke instructed followers: “Hey, everyone, I hope all the remaining protected.

“I hate to make use of the Social removed, ‘I believe’ bodily removed. Socialites, if you want greater than ever prove to be finished, and you’ll see you in the morning” But now, “the show, I come and live with us in the kitchen “

Held their peace; they all said, “high-Roker species in the category ‘include:” our ideas and prayers are with all the best responders to, not so much for the care of the doctors, of all things, those who were with are in the right, and are careful, because the latter, who had been his coronavirus or personal way, so that these feelings, such as when you are one of them, and said, it is worth are the prayers of the ideas in the. We go out in the morning to you, but you now. ‘ “

Melvin, added that it was “nice feeling” saying “from our desire to buddy and colleague. Desiring to go on his own, hiding omits all of this. And the quality is high. Therefore it will be for us. ‘


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