Hollywood Unions Reach Deal With Studios on Safety Protocol


Of protocols by the college was reached by the major studios of Hollywood to allow the industry to the production of with the, so that they feared not: I am silent, by any means, between the ongoing, 19 COVID pandemic.

The agreement announced Monday, three and a half months after the unions issued the “only safe gas” guidelines by June 12 this contest 1 ‘white paper’ on Industry Wide Labor-Management Safety Committee Task Force agreed with unions and students.

“Absolutely essentially the same guiding principles include testing and safety measures Protocols, and the zone, according to the system, and the diligent use of personal protective equipment,” the unions said. “That is byemployers implemented new measures to minimize the risk of the transmission. For workers, adding uncertainty to the maintenance of a pandemic notburdened the agreement also includes COVID 19sick leave and pay in quarantine. “

The agreement signed with the Forum Directors of America, a theatrical stage Employees International Alliance International Brotherhood the teamsters and the Community of the same SAG, AFTRA Motion Picture and Television Alliance with a lorem.

“The health and safety of those who work in the motion picture and television industry will remain our highest priority. For employers to provide workplace health and safety, the industry – representatives of fromAmazon: Apple, CBS, Disney, took on HBO, NBC Universal, Netflix, Paramount, Sony, Warner and four months, the students undertook Bros.- dialogue in multi- will negotiationswith the trade union committee, “the president said AMPTP born Lombardini.

“It Weare toannounce the process knowledge, so far today culminated in a pact Employers between the union and the multi-income committeeon work-at-protocolsfor Usein coronavirus that era. The hallmark of the agreement makes employee safety intimam prefers tests by introducing protocols forstrict, cleaninganduse protective armor of God, “he added. “In the agreement, which could make studioswill asubstantialinvestment to be investigated, redesigned workplaces, 19 COVID sick leave and other safeguardsdesigned tofacilitate quarantine pay for the production and maintaining a safe state enable theindustry to recover and grow.”

Furthermore, the union groups have joined employers and many of those discussions ongoing protocols allowing parties to try and force production effectiveness of the operation is to repeat on a larger scale, “concluded Lombardini.” The AMPTP wishes to express its sense not only unions, but up to a hundred others who became involved with return-to-work effort to resolve to cooperate in difficult workplace issues reported that a coronavirus operating in the world. ‘

Highlights include the key under which each film regimens experienced crew member and that the daily cast before the first day of work, they are not actively infected toensure that the new coronavirus causesCOVID crew members, 19.Cast in a production environment will subsequentlyundergo theproduction during the course of his proof as just the protocol in the.

variety June 17 points, which is quoted above were to be a sick person in the wages of them, and each of the times, to know him that clings to the shoulders of thetoughest off and liability crew members, have already restarted, and if the same fall primetime cast ill.The of God, a series of studios apart, and the number of our customers to engage in the negotiations between the stylus in the project- by-project basis with unions. More easily to everyone in the advance of new projects, the conclusion of AMPTP the covenant is superior to another.

Is to provide for the implementation of the norms of the new specialized “Zone” has now been expounded testifying that the limits of PPE within which the degree of a certain number of darts, and as much as he can draw up from the closeness of the remote can be kept in their place, and the body of the work.

“Given that the performers uniquely vulnerable because they will not be able to use PPE and physical removed when the cameras are rolling waves, the agreement requires more frequent testing – On at least three times a week – for performers and those with whom they come into close contact, referred to as’ A Zone, “the announcement said.” all the other human body removed from the production environment and the use of PPE at all times. in the working set, but that was not present performers PPE ( “Zone B ‘) is tested at least once aweek.”

Production areas among artists who will specify the rules other than those set as the production office ( “100 Zone”), at least once proven weeks.Remote two workers associated with the production, but they do not need to theproduction consumer ( ” zone 500 ‘) can not be tested before ofemployment.Additionally daily production will be called COVID supervisorresponsible 19 hours during any time of the service of health compliance enforcement access tocast arrived.

All employees get 10 paid sick days and 19 COVID leave, the producer. 19, that is to say those who havebeen in a great COVID sick leave while he is standing be restored to be able to immediately go to the work of the professionals we are still limited exist.With quarantine orisolate, I say to request, or in place of the exceptions from the right of the things that are required, it is required, receivequarantine from which to pay.

“SAG, AFTRA members, together with your colleagues, their unions, on the entertainment; they want to return to their work, but in order to have their origin in the top priority of safety,” he said, AFTRA SAG President Carter, Gabrielle. “This agreement establishes sensible, science based on protocols that allow members to do the work that he loves managing risk.”

Matthew D. Loeb IATSE president said: “Although this process is not easy, unprecedented runs the solidarity and co-operation between the union-enabled to achieve a strong COVID our unions, which translate into a charge of 19 appearances totally safe workplaces.”

DGA President Thomas Schlamme said, “getting all reached the sets and the true story in this crisis has been difficult for all of us.”

Schlamme efforts singled out by the “contagion” filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, who was chosen to head up efforts in April DGA and to develop protocols, a former chairman of the DGA Paris Barclay sentiments DGA’sCOVID-19 to WorkCommittee, Executive Director Cicero and National Dutchman.

Source: variety.com

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