HBO’s ‘Beartown’ Is a Stunning Examination of Rape and Toxic Masculinity

On the heels of the wildly entertaining 30 Coins, HBO Europe continues to ship strong early-year dramas with Beartown, a five-part Swedish adaptation of creator Fredrik Backman’s novel of the identical title about a small city whose infatuation with youth hockey is put to the take a look at when a horrific crime takes place, and everybody in the neighborhood is compelled to take sides. Icy and enraged, it is a sobering portrait of tragedy wrought from not solely poisonous masculinity, however from the equally noxious—and probably extra lethal—programs that nurture, amplify, and protect it.

Directed by Peter Grönlund and written by Anders Weidemann, Antonia Pyk and Linn Gottfridsson, Beartown (premiering Feb. 22 on HBO) teases a thriller from the outset, by way of a prologue wherein an vague determine chases one other by way of the snowy forest exterior Beartown, culminating with the pursuer aiming a gun on the fallen-to-their-knees goal. The query of who these people are is answered on the finish of the primary chapter. However, discovering out why they’re on this scenario is not revealed till the climactic moments of episode two, at which level the story comes into complete focus. Yet even when readability is not instantly forthcoming, the collection proves immediately gripping, because of vivid storytelling that lays out the interpersonal dynamics of its many gamers.

At the forefront of the motion is Peter Andersson (Ulf Stenberg), a former NHL star who returns to his frostbitten hometown to educate the native grownup staff. Recognizing that they are all washed-up “geriatrics,” he swiftly opts to take the reins of the extra promising youth membership led by star-in-the-making Kevin Erdahl (Oliver Dufåker). This ruffles the feathers of prior coach David (Tomas Bergström), who’s relegated to working as Peter’s assistant, in addition to grates on Kevin’s businessman-father Mats (Tobias Zilliacus), a former teammate of Peter’s who holds a grudge for having his personal taking part in days reduce quick by an adolescent prank pulled by Peter and his mates. Complicating issues additional, Peter continues to be grappling with alcoholism and the loss of life of his younger son, to not point out the strain of having to win immediately along with his new staff, because the whole future of the membership—and the city—hinges on their success this season.

Peter is a mess, and he is neatly portrayed by Stenberg as a man whose blunt, no-nonsense strategy to teaching is each warranted by the circumstances (and efficient), and additionally greater than a bit disagreeable. Just as a result of Peter is correct doesn’t suggest he is at all times in the proper. The refusal to cast him as merely a noble tough-love savior is central to Beartown, particularly as his clan settles in and his lawyer-wife Mira (Aliette Opheim) decides, with out discussing it along with her husband, to show down a new job as a result of she is aware of—after years of being an NHL star’s spouse, and shouldering the burden of familial grief over their deceased son—that she comes second to her partner. Even because the show goes by way of routine plot motions, most of them having to do with the one-dimensional Mats, Grönlund and firm lay a basis of ubiquitous male privilege that can quickly grow to be its guiding concern.

[Inevitable spoilers follow]

While Peter’s efforts on behalf of the membership take early middle ice, Beartown quickly divides its consideration between the coach and his teenage daughter Maya (Miriam Ingrid), who can see next-door-neighbor Kevin working towards hockey exterior from her window, and who quickly develops a reciprocated crush on the athlete. At a post-win celebration at Kevin’s home, they’re set to consummate their emotions for one another, however Kevin violently oversteps his boundaries, perpetrating an assault that is witnessed by Amat (Najdat Rustom), a speedy younger staff recruit whose mom is the janitor on the enviornment wherein all of them observe. On the eve of the championship recreation, this horrible incident involves public mild, and issues nearly explode in Beartown, given that everybody—gamers, coaches, officers, and dad and mom—all have a vested curiosity in defending the hockey squad and, by extension, Kevin.

Beartown’s subplot about Amat’s uneasy try and curry favor along with his boorish, illiberal white comrades is complemented by a secondary thread involving Kevin’s teammate/buddy Benji (Otto Fahlgren), who secretly pines for Kevin and is carrying on a clandestine romance with a boy in a close by city. The corrupting penalties of energy buildings like Beartown’s hockey program—which teaches boys that they are all-important, that profitable is every part, and that being massive, powerful, profane, and imply is the way in which to perform one’s objectives—are seen in all places, together with in Kevin. To its credit score, the collection sharply faucets into the combination of entitlement, embarrassment, egotism, and anger that Kevin has been imbued with by his father, all whereas refusing to let him off the hook for his heinous conduct.

“The corrupting penalties of energy buildings like Beartown’s hockey program—which teaches boys that they are all-important, that profitable is every part, and that being massive, powerful, profane, and imply is the way in which to perform one’s objectives—are seen in all places…”

In its later installments, Beartown takes a few contrived melodramatic turns designed to arrange its neat-and-tidy conclusion. Still, it is arduous to quibble an excessive amount of about that comforting wrap-up in mild of the truth that the fabric so perceptively will get to the actual coronary heart of the sexual-assault difficulty. With blood-boiling accuracy, it takes direct intention on the types of environments that domesticate and embolden ugly male concepts about their very own preeminent self-worth, and the inferiority of these not like them. The bros on this sordid and anguished story are a acquainted bunch, but Weidemann, Pyk, and Gottfridsson are much less desirous about critiquing one specific sort of abusive cretin than in censuring the world order that lets them function with reckless abandon and little worry of repercussion.

In that regard, Grönlund’s collection solely seems standard-issue on its floor. Courtesy of touches massive and small, in addition to sturdy performances from its leads (particularly Stenberg and Ingrid), it damns intertwined social, financial, and authorized programs for his or her warped priorities, which beget crimes, permit for victim-shaming, and persuade everybody to let culprits off the hook. “Can you inform the distinction between predator and prey?” Maya’s buddy Ana (Sanna Niemi) asks her early on, and Beartown poses this question not as an invite to guess the identification of its story’s Big Bad, however to encourage viewers to see simply what number of potential monsters are in our midst.

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