Hatched have a stephen king connection

Everyone can recognize RatchedReference to a particular major horror story. Ultimately, the entire series is dedicated to the original story Flew over a cuckoo’s nestNurse Mildred Ratched. But if you look closely there is a hint to another beloved piece of horror history: Stephen Kings the green Mile.

Node doesn’t happen until the first moment RatchedLast episode. “Mildred and Edmund” follows his two titular siblings as they flee Lucia State Hospital, literally in the case of Edmund and more metaphorically in Mildred. But before Edmund (Finn Wittrock) breaks free or Mildred (Sarah Paulson) flees to Mexico with his girlfriend, the show’s corrupt governor tries to kill the patient who is giving him problems every season. .

In the first moments of this episode, Governor George Wilburn (Vincent Deonfrio) appears as presiding over an execution. “When I was informed that you are facing death by lethal injection to kill a seven-year-old child, I said to myself, ‘Well, he doesn’t deserve this,” Wilburn tells Edmond of a young man Says about age. He then rips off a sheet, revealing an electric chair. “You are worth it.”

The name of that electric chair is Big Sparky, and it is implied that Edmund will be its next victim. Once a prisoner of death row is under his hood it is not long before things go badly wrong. Electric shocks, which are supposed to kill the victims immediately, appear to rip the prisoner’s body. It is not long before Governor Wilburn, this man was set on fire in front of reporters and spectators.

Although it is known by a different name, it is familiar with chair disturbance. One of the key scenes in both the green Mile The novel and adapted film revolve around an electric chair known as Old Sparky. The guards must wet the sponges before placing them on the prisoner’s head, ensuring that they are killed immediately. Despite being told that the entitled and sadistic Percy (Doug Hutchison) does not intentionally wet the sponge to get back at Eduard Delacroix (Michael Jeter). Instead of a painless, quick death he promised that Dale had been set on fire and was essentially obliged to death.

Killing another prisoner by not wetting a sponge? Is the public witnessing this terrible death? And did both of those death machines be named “Sparky”? This is also a coincidence.

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