Guarding the Galaxy Is Nothing New for William Shatner

As Heavy has famous and as written about a number of instances, William Shatner is actually a power. Despite his age (he is 90 years old now), he all the time appears to have a brand new mission making headlines.

He introduced that he’d partnered with a synthetic intelligence agency to create aresiding hologramin April. Then, his newest movie, “Senior Moment,” got here out tolargely constructive viewers evaluations. The film additionally starred Christopher Lloyd, who Shatner fought towards on the Genesis planet in “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.”

After that, Shatner confronted Mike Tyson within the boxing ring (and in an arm-wrestling match) in asequence of promotions for Coppergel. But “Bill” discovered himself embroiled in scorching water as his new show, referred to as “I Don’t Understand,” was picked up by the Russian-owned community, RT.

“I Don’t Understand”

Somehow, at-shirt designer thought Mr. Shatner was deceasedand began making t-shirts to recollect him by. This weekend, Shatner will show that he’s certainly very a lot alive, as he’ll seem on the “Star Trek Original Series Set Tour” in Upstate New York fora couple of days of pictures and autographs.

If that was not sufficient, Mr. Shatner will probably be headlining thefifty fifth Anniversary “Star Trek” conferencein Las Vegas in August. He just lately informed the British journal, The Big Story, that his new album, “Love, Death, and Horses,” will probably be out quickly. Oh, and he starred on Discovery’s “Shark Week,” too.

Shatner in “Guardians of the Galaxy 3?”

An common individual would possibly take it simple of their golden years, however Shatner is completely different. He clearly doesn’t need to wind up like his counterpart — Captain James T. Kirk — mendacity deceased beneath a bridge. Shatner resides life to its fullest.

Sincehe is finished enjoying Kirk, he is set his sights on saving a distinct universe — the Marvel Universe.

In an interview, the actor stated he can be up for a job within the upcoming “Guardians of the Galaxy 3.”

“Yeah!” hestated within the interview. “I’ve guarded the galaxy many instances.”

Dave Bautista in “Star Trek?”

There is perhaps a gap for Shatner on the Guardians. The man who portrays “Draxx the Destroyer,” Dave Bautista, says that he was “born a Klingon.”

Bautista has additionally stated that his time within the Marvel Cinematic Universe is coming to an finish. Draxx’s story will in all probability be over when “Guardians 3” is launched.

“We missed an enormous boat on that character, and I do not suppose it’s going to ever come again round,” Bautista informed Collider ina latest interview. “But I’m actually simply wanting ahead to ending out this entire journey.”

As famous, it may not be the strangest factor to see Bautista in a “Star Trek” function. His Marvel castmate, Zoe Saldana, has a boot in each worlds. In the “Star Trek” Kelvin movies, she’s the communications officer for the Enterprise, Nyota Uhura. In the Marvel movies, she is Gamora, the daughter of Thanos and a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

If the producers of “Star Trek 4” cast Bautista in a job, he’d be a part of a couple of others who’ve been stars for each franchises. Thischoose group containsAlfre Woodard (Lily in “Star Trek: First Contact”), Chris Hemsworth (George Kirk in “Star Trek” 2009), Neal McDonough (Lt. Hawk in “Star Trek: First Contact”), and Benedict Cumberbatch (Khan in “Star Trek Into Darkness.”)

Wrestling With Greatness

Shatner and Bautista even have one thing else in widespread — they’re each affiliated with the WWE. Bautista was askilled wrestler for over 20 yearsand have become one of many WWE’s largest stars by the top of his time within the ring. While not a wrestler, Shatner has lent his star energy and charisma to WWE on so many events that he was inducted into theWWE Hall of Fame in April. Bautista hasdelayed his entry into the WWE Hall of Fameas a consequence of scheduling conflicts.


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