Geordi Tortured in Deleted ‘Star Trek: Generations’ Scene

The first TNG film, “Star Trek: Generations,” served as a passing of the torch from the cast of “Star Trek: The Original Series” to the cast of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” It’s the one “Star Trek” film that featured nearly all of the cast members from two completely different “Star Trek” exhibits.

In “Generations” Patrick Stewart’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard and William Shatner’s Captain James T. Kirk teamed up the vanquish the villain, an El-Aurian named Soran, performed by Malcolm McDowell. Soran did many villainous issues all through the film in pursuit of his purpose — discovering a manner again into the Nexus.

However, one in all Soran’s most heinous acts did not make the film’s ultimate reduce.

Soran Tortured Geordi La Forge

After the crew of the Enterprise found that the Romulans have been searching for trilithium, Captain Picard despatched Data and Geordi La Forge to look the observatory. While aboard, Soran attacked Geordi, knocking him out. Data surrendered, unable to regulate his concern as a result of his emotion chip was malfunctioning.

Soran held Geordi and Data captive on the observatory till Commander William Riker and Lieutenant Commander Worf got here to rescue them. Unfortunately for Geordi, Soran was in a position to seize him and transport off the observatory earlier than Worf, Riker, and Data may intervene.

Soran took Geordi aboard the Duras Sisters’ ship, the place he proceeded to interrogate him. The scene that made it into the film was solely an abbreviated model of the one which was truly filmed. The unique scene was about thrice longer and included Soran not simply interrogating Geordi, but additionally torturing him.

The video above is a really low-quality portion of the unique scene. The dialogue might be heard clearly, although, and it exhibits simply how a lot darker the scene was meant to be.

When Geordi did not give Soran the knowledge he wished, Soran knocked him out and implanted Borg nanoprobes into his bloodstream. When Geordi awoke and the interrogation continued, Soran defined that the nanoprobes had traveled to Geordi’s coronary heart. Soran then demonstrated how he may use the nanoprobes to cease Geordi’s coronary heart each time his reply was unsatisfactory.

Soran grimly knowledgeable Geordi {that a} human coronary heart might be stopped for greater than six minutes with out inflicting mind harm, driving residence the purpose that he may do loads of harm with out killing him. Eventually, Soran stopped Geordi’s coronary heart for a full 30 seconds.

The Torture Scene Editing Error

The interrogation scene that made it into the film’s ultimate reduce was a lot much less brutal. Much more was implied somewhat than proven. Notably, the scene that made it into the movie makes completely no point out of the Borg nanoprobes.

However, a later scene within the film did point out the nanoprobes. After the Duras sisters beamed Geordi again aboard the Enterprise in trade for Captain Picard, he was despatched to sickbay for an intensive examination. During that examination, Dr. Beverly Crusher instructed Geordi that she had eliminated the Borg nanoprobes from his chest.

Somehow, this line made it by the enhancing course of, though each different point out of the Borg nanoprobes was faraway from the movie. Fans who noticed the film in theaters have been very confused by the reference.

The complete deleted scene is obtainable on YouTube, break up into three completely different clips. The high quality is not good, however the dialogue is crystal clear.

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