Friends’ Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow Reunite


Always friends! Jennifer Aniston; Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow that proved that it is always a strong connection with the 2020 Emmys again.

Aniston, 51, became the man in particular, Los Angeles Staples Center on top at the awards show on Sunday, September 20, but later in the night, checked out of the home. Shortly before losing by an actress in a drama series award for Outstanding lead Zendayait is, show up early to the host of the star is called a chat with the Jimmy Kimmel – Two reinforcement and familiar faces.

“I’m here live at the course!” Cox, 56, as she teased popped up beside the former friends Costar. Aniston were delighted with the joke, adding, “We were roommates since 1994, Jimmy.”

And not only, Monica Geller and Rachel, and to rejoice with the green foliage of the unity of the fans more easily, and to entice them any more, but that these are, on the third, for the most strange, Kudrow, 57, and rejoiced to see with a cotton. “Oh, this is live TV?” and revenite star said Teasing they’d be nowhere else than in the Aniston and Cox.

Jen Aniston Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow Reunite for 2020 Emmys
Lisa Kudrow, Jen Aniston and Courtney Cox ABC

The trio of ’90s TV star – who has worked with Matthew Perry; David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc in friends – There were thick as thieves with fruit since the sitcom ended in 2004. Earlier this year, Charles, HBO confirmed that the public works Unscripted reunion in a special streaming into the office, more than 15 years after the NBC series on the air in the home.

“We’re going to be the best time to Perkins on the issue of February upcoming TV. ”Re going This is great. We were not really all that is in its operation and stayed there talked about reminisced and around this incredible experience that we had. … and it’s going to be fantastic. “

unfortunately friends fans, for the production of a special delayed the coronavirus pandemic. Augustus Aniston tested positive spin unexpected bump in the best way.

“On top of that it’s going to be,” she told deadline Live carrots in front of the studio audience the opportunity, if it’s still safe. “You know what? This also gave us at that time than it fun and exciting even greater. We may think that is an intermediate glass, which got full defer it. Look, we’re not going anywhere. You’re never going to get rid friends, I’m sorry. When we’re stuck our life, guys. “

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