Three members of the four remote India – left solely to 50 members – positive for coronavirus examined.

Nice three members of the Andamanese, who are able to off-Andaman Islands from the juncture of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea in a hundred years, they are only in a just examined.

Every male among the coral on the right hand, and one of the four who was situated among the island in the Archipelago, are a rock, and was confirmed to the son-of-a-bitch, keeping with the designated Dr. Av Roy, the principal who will struggle till 19 against the COVID in the islands.

They’ve been moved to the hospital, Le Roy said.

He came out of the island’s primary polluted Aarthika officials.

50 is only three hundred members stay behind to be killed by British colonizers died at age 19 after illness.

“It can be very nice Andamanese of terror which three members positive for reconnaissance and COVID 19,” which Sophie Grig, a senior researcher based in London-survival Worldwide.’Re going to be in all that has decimated the disease is aware that the view folks so devastating. “

India, 75,760 new reported Thursday coronavirus infections, especially in one day rise since August 7, in keeping with their Reuters tally.

India has seen about a million 3.Three coronavirus luck, behind the US and Brazil were almost 5.eight million from 3.7 million, but now the city of Yale College. And the nation is greater than 60,000 died in the 19-COVID folks.

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