Following the Path of the Warrior: The Best Worf Episodes of ‘Star Trek’

Thanks toRonald D. Moore, followers obtained to see what occurred on a Klingon ship and in Klingon society. Many followers cite the “Klingon” episodes as their favourite within the franchise. Some say that the Klingon tales advised on “Deep Space Nine” have been pretty much as good as —or higher— than those on “The Next Generation.”

Moore, identified by some because the “Klingon Guy” throughout his time on Trek, needed to really battle with creator Gene Roddenberry to get a few of these episodes made. In a latest interview withThe Hollywood Reporter, Moore shared what occurred behind the scenes.

“He did not actually see Worf as a major character,” Moore stated ofRoddenberry within the interview.“[The Next Generation] was about Picard. He was the Captain. This was the primary time that Next Gen — that ‘Star Trek,’ actually — had ever completed a giant struggle story like this. And this was going to be the collection’ one centesimal episode on high of it. So, we needed to battle considerably to get the episode going.”

Moore helped make Worf one of many focuses of “The Next Generation,” a lot in order that Michael Dorn desires to make aWorf-centric show. Dorn portrayed Worf in 272 episodes of Trek and 4 characteristic movies — the document for any “Star Trek” actor. He lately obtained a vote of confidence from one in all his fellow TNG castmates Marina Sirtisfor a Worf show.

There are many lists of favourite “Star Trek” episodes on the market. Heavy put collectively a listing of the perfect Worf-centric episodes, which followers can now binge on Netflix, Amazon, Paramount Plus, or different streaming platforms.

“Heart of Glory” TNG: S1 – Episode 20

With a narrative by Maurice Hurley, Herbert Wright, and the legendaryD.C. Fontana, Worf is united with three different Klingons. They attempt to persuade him to hitch up with them. This show will get to the guts of Worf’s loyalties and who he really is — a Klingon warrior or a Starfleet officer. Note that frequent Trek visitor star,Vaughn Armstrong, seems as one of many Klingons.

“Sins of the Father” TNG: S3 – Episode 17

Worf stands earlier than the Klingon High Council and takes the dishonor meant for his father. He is shamed and works for one of the best pursuits of the Klingon Empire by taking the blame. He carries this dishonor for years, and it performs a large half in how Worf operates from this level ahead.

“Reunion” TNG: S4 – Episode 7

Worf should play host to an acquaintance of his, K’Ehleyr (Suzie Plakson). It seems that K’Ehleyr had Worf’s child, and he or she brings “Alexander” to satisfy his father for the primary time. That assembly was tough and is a part of why some Trek followers rankWorf because the worst fatherwithin the franchise. Meanwhile, Picard should function an arbiter, deciding who the following chief of the Klingon Empire ought to be. Bombs, battles and Gowron (Robert O’Reilly) are concerned. This is a superb story, which continues into the two-parter — “Redemption.”

When K’Ehleyr is killed, Alexander (Brian Bonsall) will get shuffled off to Worf’s adoptive mother and father on Earth for safekeeping. Worf’s mother and father, who’re Russian, love Alexander as their very own. But the entire state of affairs brought on some followers to surprisewhy Worf did not converse with a Russian accentlike his mother and father.

“Redemption” TNG: S4 Episode 26 and S5 Episode 1

This was thestoryline that Roddenberry objected to, which made Worf such a spotlight. Thanks to occasions on Kronos, Worf was in a position to regain his honor and acquire the belief of the Klingons’ new chief, Gowron. The Enterprise crew additionally learns that the Romulans are concerned with the Duras Sisters, and a Klingon civil struggle erupts.

“Ethics” TNG: S5 Episode 16

Worf is severely injured and asks for assist in ritual suicide. Dr. Crusher (Gates McFadden) is ready to create a brand new backbone to exchange what had been crushed within the accident, so all ends effectively. But Worf should additionally take care of Alexander once more.

“Firstborn” TNG: S7 Episode 21

Alexander returns, and in contrast to earlier episodes, he really desires to be a Klingon warrior (at first). Worf and Alexander attend a Klingon pageant the place they seem to bond a bit. Alexander decides that he isn’t keen on simply turning into a warrior after working with a Klingon instructor named K’mtar. And then they discover out that K’mtaris definitely Alexander — in disguise and from the longer term. This is an fascinating episode, which will get followers deeper into Klingon lore and custom.

“The Way of the Warrior” DS9: Season 4 Episodes 1 and a pair of

Worf joins the crew of “Deep Space Nine” with an thrilling two-part episode. WriterJamahl Epsicokhanstated that this introduction of Worf to the DS9 crew was “terrific” and “bold.” The story facilities round why Worf is assigned to DS9 and the way the Klingons return to enemy standing towards the Federation. “The Way of the Warrior” options a few of the greatest motion in DS9. This episode would ultimately be launched as a novel, writtenby Diane Carey. As Worf sides towards Gowron and with the Federation, he’s stripped (once more) of his honor.

“Sons of Mogh” DS9: Season 4 Episode 14

There’s numerous floor lined in “Sons of Mogh.” The fundamental crux of the episode is that Worf’s brother, Kurn (Tony Todd), returns to the scene and asks for Worf to kill him, due to the lack of honor in “The Way of the Warrior.” Worf tries to assist Kurn make a life for himself on DS9 as a safety officer, however Kurn tries to get himself killed. Eventually, Worf will get a good friend, Noggra, to undertake Kurn as his son. Kurn then turns into ‘Rodek,’ and his reminiscence is wiped.

“Rules of Engagement” DS9: Season 4 Episode 17

Worf should stand towards a Klingon ‘lawyer’ Ch’Pok (performed by Ron Canada), whereas Sisko watches. Ch’Pok accused Worf of homicide, however the Klingon warrior loses his cool within the proceedings and assaults Ch’Pok. Written by Moore and directed by LeVar Burton, the story is harking back to many Trek courtroom dramas — together with “Court Martial.”

“Soldiers of the Empire” DS9:Season 5 Episode 21

The Federation and Klingon Empire at the moment are mates once more. Dax and Worf be part of General Martok on a secret mission for the Empire towards the Dominion. Worf should serveMartok once more, although he disagrees with the overall’s worry of battle towards the Jem’Hedar.Ron Canadaseems once more as a Klingon crew member.

“You Are Cordially Invited…” DS9: Season 6 Episode 7

Everyone loves this episode. Dax and Worf lastly tie the knot, and followers in every single place get to see what a Klingon becoming a member of ceremony is like. Fans additionally obtained an eyeful of the Kal’Hyah, which is sort of a Klingon bachelor celebration. But in contrast to the human model, the Kal’Hyah lasts for days.

“Once More Unto the Breach” DS9: Season 7 Episode 7

As author Jamahl Epsicokhan brilliantly summarized, “Once More Unto the Breach” was not about Worf, per se. Still, itwas about uselessness, which is the final word worry of all Klingon warriors — as we discovered in “Firstborn.” Worf joins with Kor, they usually battle collectively towards Martok — and obsolescence. Kor was portrayed by actor John Colicos and appeared within the traditional TOS episode, “Errand of Mercy.”


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