Fan Theories: Why The Federation Didn’t Use Borg Nanoprobes

Borg nanoprobes are arguably essentially the most highly effective expertise in all the Trekverse. Though the Borg had been launched within the second season of “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” their nanoprobe expertise wasn’t defined till “Star Trek: First Contact.” “Star Trek: Voyager” established a lot of the “Star Trek” canon about nanoprobes, together with their wonderful makes use of.

These microscopic robotic units had been implanted into the bloodstream of any particular person the Borg assimilated. As quickly as they had been injected, the nanoprobes took over the host’s cells, basically reprogramming them. The nanoprobes had been able to creating cybernetic implants inside the physique. They additionally repaired broken tissue inside the host physique.

When Seven of Nine joined the Voyager crew, she regularly taught them concerning the nanoprobes and the numerous organic and technical duties they may carry out.

The Uses For Nanoprobes

Before the occasions of “Voyager,” the one time Federation officers noticed Borg nanoprobes was through the assimilation course of. However, when the crew of the Voyager received stranded within the Delta Quadrant — Borg territory — they’d loads of alternatives to see the nanoprobes in motion. The crew realized that they might be used for the whole lot from repairing the ship’s programs to actually bringing somebody again from the no longer alive.

The first time the Voyager crew use Borg nanoprobes, they created a organic weapon. In the two-parter “Scorpion,” The Doctor reprogrammed the nanoprobes to behave just like the cells of Species 8472, in order that they might be assimilated. However, the nanoprobes ended up killing the cells they invaded, killing the hosts.

Shortly after that, Seven of Nine donated her nanoprobes to convey Neelix again from the no longer alive. In the episode “Mortal Coil,” Neelix was killed throughout an away mission. As the crew mourned his loss, Seven revealed that the Borg often revived drones as much as 18 hours after their dying. She walked The Doctor by means of the method so they may revive Neelix.

Nanoprobes had been additionally helpful for ship repairs and enhancements. In the episode “Course: Oblivion,” Seven used her nanoprobes to strengthen the warp subject of the Silver Blood USS Voyager so they may make it again to their homeworld.

Additionally, Borg nanoprobes might be modified to deal with critical circumstances, like radiation poisoning. In the episode “Friendship One,” Seven and The Doctor modified her nanoprobes to deal with superior radiation poisoning. It proved to be far simpler than some other therapies beforehand employed.

The nanoprobes might be used for extra benign features as effectively. In the episode “Someone to Watch Over Me,” Seven modified her nanoprobes to metabolize alcohol quicker so the Kadi Ambassador may sober up.

Theories: Why Didn’t the Federation Use the Nanoprobes?

Once Voyager received dwelling, the crew nearly definitely knowledgeable the Federation of the myriad makes use of for Borg nanoprobes. However, there aren’t any canon mentions of the Federation utilizing the nanoprobes after the Voyager returned. So, why did not they use the Borg expertise for their very own development? There are a number of theories.

Marcus Fry from WhatCulture urged that the Federation had restricted entry to nanoprobes. The solely ones they’d ever used had been from Seven of Nine, and he or she may solely donate a restricted quantity. Her organic provide of nanoprobes definitely could not help using nanoprobes all through the Federation.

However, Fry additionally gives an answer to this impediment. The nanoprobes might be harvested from lately no longer alive Borg drones the Federation discovered throughout their explorations. This nonetheless may solely present restricted portions, however they might be saved and utilized in particular conditions.

Let’s assume that the Federation knew they may harvest the nanoprobes as a result of Seven instructed them. The undeniable fact that they nonetheless did not use the nanoprobes suggests there will need to have been another excuse they did not.

Another fan concept means that the Federation by no means used Borg nanoprobes as a result of they’d developed their very own model. Nanites had been first launched within the TNG episode “Evolution.” In that episode, Dr. Beverly Crusher revealed that nanites had been utilized in sophisticated medical conditions as a result of they may infiltrate the affected person’s cells and carry out repairs.

However, the Federation nanites had been extra risky than the Borg nanoprobes. In “Evolution,” the nanites interacted, which they don’t seem to be imagined to do, and took over the Enterprise-D. They finally gained sentience and negotiated with Captain Picard to be resettled on a close-by planet. So, although the Federation had its personal model of nanoprobes, the nanites introduced some critical problems.

It’s doable that the Federation continued to develop nanites to the purpose the place they had been as steady and helpful as nanoprobes. If that’s the case, then there would not be a necessity to make use of Borg nanoprobes.

The fan concept that makes essentially the most sense given the established canon concerning the Federation is that they’ve deemed it unethical to make use of the Borg nanoprobes. Using nanoprobes is extremely dangerous. There are unforeseeable problems that might show lethal. For instance, when the nanoprobes had been used to revive Neelix, he went insane and almost killed himself.

Nanoprobes will also be used for very harmful and questionable actions as evidenced by the truth that the Voyager crew used them as a organic weapon in opposition to Species 8472. “Star Trek” canon has established on a number of events that the Federation nearly all the time errs on the aspect of warning and ethics on the subject of expertise. So, it is cheap that the dangers of utilizing the nanoprobes had been too excessive for the Federation to tolerate.

Harvesting the nanoprobes from lately no longer alive Borg drones, which is likely one of the solely methods they may get a gradual provide, can be ethically doubtful.

So, there’s loads of data to counsel that the Federation merely did not wish to take care of the moral dilemmas posed by way of Borg nanoprobes.


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