One indicator of skillful animation on-screen is that if the faux meals seems tasty.

And, man, does it ever in Netflix’s “Over the Moon.” A Chinese household chows down firstly of the candy new CGI film, and the steamed crabs, dumplings, soups and pickles practically despatched me drooling to Grubhub. It’s an impressively practical contact from a studio that is neither Disney nor DreamWorks.

Longtime Disney animator Glen Keane’s film goes for the center fairly than the thoughts, the place Pixar has planted its flag for many years. A younger lady named Fei Fei (Cathy Ang) has been misplaced and listless for the reason that loss of life of her mother (Ruthie Ann Miles), and it is gotten worse since her dad has began seeing another person.

To reconnect to the reminiscence of her mom, who regaled her with tales of the Chinese moon goddess Chang’e, Fei Fei decides to construct a rocket and fly to area to show the deity is actual. The film can also be a musical, with songs by Christopher Curtis, who wrote Broadway’s “Chaplin.” The catchy lunar tunes leap round genres, from inspiring ballads resembling “Rocket to the Moon” to a high-energy dance-pop quantity referred to as “Ultraluminary.”

That sparkler of a tune is sung by Chang’e (Phillipa Soo) — spoiler alert: She’s actual! — after Fei Fei and her soon-to-be stepbrother attain their dreamy vacation spot. They say to by no means meet your heroes, and the younger lady quickly discovers Chang’e is a imply diva who anticipated a present upon arrival. Fei Fei is shaken, however she goes off in search of an acceptable current anyway.

The design of the moon is dazzlingly psychedelic, with neon pinks, greens and blues, and it is inhabited by smiley blobs that seem like a cult of marshmallow peeps. At one level, a pack of frogs swims by area. Why? Who cares?

Fei Fei (Cathy Ang) take flight in "Over the Moon."
Fei Fei (Cathy Ang) takes flight in “Over the Moon.”Netflix

As with many movies of this ilk, a solo expression of individualism brings on a newfound appreciation for Fei Fei’s household again on Earth. We’ve seen this journey earlier than, however, to its credit score, “Over the Moon” offers fleshed-out tales to only about everybody the lady meets, together with Chang’e, who’s impolite for a purpose, and Gobi (Ken Jeong), a doglike former adviser whom she exiled for singing.

The film can, at occasions, be too good. Just do not come searching for the darkish aspect of the moon.

The CGI food looks good enough to eat in "Over the Moon."
The CGI meals seems ok to eat in “Over the Moon.”Netflix