Everything Republicans say about SCOTUS ‘choice is’ clear bull —‘ (video)


Seth Meyers delivered one of his better “A Closer Look” segments of the episode “Late Night,” on Monday, when he reflected on the Republican Party’s hypocrisy of attempting to block another Supreme Court seat. Spent 15 minutes. Justice Ruth Beder Zinsburg dies

“I think exposing their hypocrisy is mostly futile. If you feel ashamed then only hypocrisy matters. He said, “said Meyers. “Mitch McConnell is certainly not able to feel shy, he looks like a haunted wooden doll that you would find in a property sale and has the same level of emotional complexity.

“Their bad faith justifications were obvious bulls – then, and their bad beliefs are clear bulls – now.” But it is still worth taking stock of how outrageous and transparent their lies were and remembering this for the future. Because it is not just hypocrisy – it is nihilism. They are moral black holes who only care about the raw exercise of political power. “

Also, Meyers said, “Late Night” staff “went to all the trouble of collecting the tape, so we’re going to play it,” especially promising a lengthy montage of clips of Republicans promising that they would be very They will not talk about what they are trying to do right now.

“And by the time we do that, I’m about to spend time on a project that means I’m ready to go around.” I’m going to wear a blanket, and I’ll try to go to at least one corner. ‘

After the clip, which lasted more than two minutes – an eternity for such a segment – Meyers grabbed the blanket she had prepared at Triumph and jokingly said that her hair had grown back again during the video.

And then he became serious.

“I think that is baked into hypocrisy. Pointing out it won’t change their minds,” Meyers went on. “Still, it’s worth pointing out how blatant and outrageous the lie was and the next time they pretend to care about some obvious bulls – like cutting losses or honoring the courts. Besides, it’s just that How specific his promises were. ‘It’s about the principle.’ ‘I would say that if there was a Republican President.’ ‘Use my words against me.’

“I am surprised that Lindsey Graham did not get up there and say, ‘Mark my words, if 45 days before the 2020 presidential election, a distinguished liberal justice is passed and it is requested as we wish to die that Will not be replaced after the election., Which is taking place during a century of pandemics, just two weeks after announcing that ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians is ending, you can use my words against me Are. I promise that President Donald Trump will not vote on justice named. “

As he approached the end of the segment, Meyers continued to try to understand it all.

“Seriously, though, when you see a montage like this and then quickly see all the people reversing themselves after four years, it’s almost like lies and hypocrisy,” he said. “Like they are trying to rub our nose how shameless and stupid they are.” They do not care about democracy. They can do whatever they want. “

And Meyers ended the segment with a call for Democrats who had actually come to grips with coming here.

“Democrats have to clarify the fact that it is not about doctrine – it is about raw political power. And they need to use every tool at their disposal to stop it, “he said, befo4re only noting how naïve it is that Republicans are doing things like they got mandates from people Ho.

“The Senate majority that wins by fewer than half the majority of the Senate wants to help establish an unprecedented conservative supremacy over a corrupt AutoCat Supreme Court, largely appointed by presidents who have lost the popular vote. Including, of course, the current chairman. “

You can see the entire “A Closer Look” section from Monday’s episode of “Late Night with Seth Meyers” in the embedded video at the top of this article, or Here on youtube.

Source: www.thewrap.com

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