Eric Stillwell on Star Trek 6 & Planet of the Apes Costumes

In 1974, the basic Charleston Heston moviePlanet of the Apeswas tailored right into a television series of the similar title. The show solely ran for one quick season of 14 episodes. One of the predominant characters in the collection was General Urko, one of the humanoid apes that had taken over Earth. Though the make-up and prosthetics made it arduous to see his face, the actor portraying Urko was a well-known one toStar Trekfollowers — (*6*).

Trek followers know Lenard as Sarek, the Vulcan ambassador, and Spock’s father. Lenard portrayed Sarek in Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS), Star Trek: The Animated Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG), and 4 of the TOS motion pictures, together withStar Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

However, Lenard’s look in each the TV collection and the film may not be the solely connection between Planet of the Apes andThe Undiscovered Country. In an unique interview withHeavy in February, Eric Stillwell, who performed a Klingon further inThe Undiscovered Country revealed one other doable connection between the show and the film.

Does That Klingon Look Familiar?

YouTubeMark Lenard as General Urko in the Planet of the Apes tv collection

Stillwell stated that the acquisition of the costumes forThe Undiscovered Country was haphazard. The costume crew principally went round to all the wardrobe suppliers in LA and borrowed no matter costumes they might that match with the Klingon aesthetic. They even borrowed some costumes that have been mendacity round the wardrobe departments at different studios.

The day that they went in for his or her costume becoming Stillwell and his buddies, who had additionally been cast as Klingon extras, have been dressed up in random bits of costumes from different tasks till they achieved a Klingon-esque look.

After their fittings, they went to lunch of their costumes. That’s the place they bumped into Lenard himself. He was additionally in the studio for a dressing up becoming. Stillwell and his buddies went over to say hi there to Lenard, and in line with him Lenard was “tremendous good.”

At one level throughout the dialog, Lenard advised Stillwell, “It seems such as you’re sporting a General Urko costume from Planet of the Apes.”

Later, Stillwell was chatting with one of the assistant administrators, who advised him that that they had, in truth, borrowed some costumes from the studio that didPlanet of the Apes. So, Stillwell thinks it is “very doable” that he and Lenard wore the similar costume for various tasks.

Borrowed Klingon Costumes

Klingon Courtroom scene from Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country


In the bonus features on the DVD particular version launch of The Undiscovered Country, Michael Okuda, one of the authors ofThe Star Trek Encyclopedia, revealed why many of the Klingon costumes have been borrowed and pieced collectively. The scenes of the Klingon courtroom the place Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy have been put on trial, featured extra Klingons than there had ever been in a single scene ofStar Trek. The rafters of the theater-like set have been stuffed with dozens of extras, all in Klingon costumes.

The costume division had some Klingon costumes leftover from earlier Star Trek movies, however there weren’t practically sufficient to decorate all the Klingons in the courtroom scenes. So, the extra outstanding Klingons in the film bought new costumes designed by Dodie Shepard. The Klingon extras got the old uniforms and no matter bits of costumes they might put collectively from different wardrobe suppliers and studios.

So, that is how one of the Klingons in the rafters of the courtroom scene ended up wanting suspiciously like a personality one of his colleagues performed in one other franchise.



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